It is just my personal feeling, but many [U.S. citizens] are going to have to accept some blame too, because it’s THEIR federal government… the white Americans are guilty of apathy and self-indulgence to the extent that they have allowed inhumanity to thrive in this country.
—  John Trudell, AIM (American Indian Movement) National Chairman (1977)
We have to think about the terminology that we use. We must think about thoughts that go with that terminology….Because if we do not think about this struggle we are engaged in, if we do not use our minds to think about the coming generations, then [the invaders] will win their psychological genocide against us.
—  John Trudell (Santee Dakota)
The Great Lie is that this is civilization. It’s not civilized. It has literally been the most blood-thirsty, brutalizing system ever imposed on this planet. This is not civilization, this is the Great Lie. If it does represent civilization, and this is truly what civilization is, then the Great Lie is that civilization is good for us.
—  -John Trudell


"On November 9, 1969, about 250 Indians gathered at Fisherman’s Wharf to boat over to Alcatraz, formerly a federal penitentiary, and claim it for the Indian people. The arranged boats never appeared, however, and the plan was scuttled. Later that night, though, a group of fourteen Indians successfully landed on Alcatraz Island. It was the second attempt to "take" Alcatraz for the Indian people, but after a day of frantic searching by government officials and the media, they gave themselves up and left the island, planning to negotiate their now-established "squatters’ rights." There ensued a government run-around, and by November 20, the Indians were ready to occupy again. About 100 landed on Alcatraz, and this try was to last about 19 months, until June 11, 1971."

Space Exploration: An Infographic History

OMG SPACE: Our exploration of the Solar System illustrated (with an extra-special treat)

Most people would be surprised to discover the extent that the world’s space-faring nations have explored the various bodies of our Solar System. In the more than half century that we’ve been sending probes and people into the cosmos, we have observed almost every major (the planets) and minor member (like Ceres, Eris and Pluto) that share our sun.

Margot Trudell, a designer based in Toronto, assembled every mission from every country into a fabulous collection of infographic maps in her OMG SPACE project. Landings, fly-bys and return trips are all labeled clearly and chronologically. It’s instantly understandable and accessible.

And, as if that wasn’t enough, she gave us an extra treat. This may be cooler than the posters themselves, actually. The OMG SPACE interactive webpage assembles the Solar System as a single scrolling page … to scale! Just see how long you have to scroll to get to Pluto.

Cool stuff. Go check it out, you won’t be sorry. You can purchase prints from this project here, and help support some fine science art.

See, when they got off the boat, they didn’t recognize us. They said who are you and we said we’re the people, we’re the human beings. And they said, oh, Indians, because they didn’t recognize what it was to be a human being.
I’m a human being, this is the name of my tribe. This is the name of my people. But I’m a human being.
But then the predatory mentality shows up and starts calling us Indians and committing genocide against us as a vehicle of erasing the memory of being a human being. So they used war textbooks, history books, and when film came along, they used film.
You go in our own communities, how many of us are fighting to protect our identity of being an Indian. And 600 years ago, that word Indian, that sound was NEVER made on this hemisphere. That sound, that noise, was never ever made, ever. We’re trying to protect that as an identity, see, so it affects all of us. It’s reached the point evolutionarily speaking, we’re starting to not recognize ourselves as human beings.
We’re too busy trying to protect the idea of a Native American or an Indian, but we’re not Indians and we’re not Native Americans. We’re older than both concepts. We’re the people. We’re the human beings.

—John Trudell, Lakota Activist/Poet

From the incredible documentary “Reel Injun.”

The great lie is that it is ‘civilization’. It’s not civilized, it has been literally the most bloodthirsty brutalizing system ever imposed upon this planet. That is not civilization that’s “the great lie.” The great lie is that it represents ‘civilization.’ That’s the great lie, or if it does represent civilization and it’s truly what civilization is; then the great lie is that civilization is good for us.
—  John Trudell
We must go beyond the arrogance of human rights. We must go beyond the ignorance of civil rights. We must step into the reality of natural rights because all of the natural world has a right to existence and we are only a small part of it. There can be no trade-off.
—  John Trudell, Stickman (1994)

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