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Ah! Je vais mourir… Adieu, fière cité from Berlioz’s Les Troyens, sung by Jennifer Larmore.

"For years, wherever I was,

I generally did contrive to play some. But when I began to get rid of devices I had to give up the music as well.

Baggage, basically, is what I got rid of. Well, things.

Now and again one happens to hear certain music in one’s head, however.

Well, a fragment of something or other, in any case. Antonio Vivaldi, say. Or Joan Baez, singing.

Not too long ago I even heard a passage from Les Troyens, by Berlioz.

When I say heard, I am saying so only in a manner of speaking, of course.

Still, perhaps there is baggage after all, for all that I believes I had left baggage behind.

Of a sort. The baggage that remains in one’s head, meaning remnants of whatever one ever knew.”

- Wittgenstein’s Mistress, David Markson (p. 15)