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Do you have any 3-way ships? If so, what?


Sparks/Croach/Red is the prime, oh my lord, I will never be over those idiots.

Also I was pretty into Troy/Abed/Annie there for a bit, and obvs who isn’t into Chel/Miguel/Tulio, come on.

Shoutout to Nine/Rose/Jack, though I don’t think I shipped it deeply. But that’s honestly part of the reason I fell down this well.

And I recently watched Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and jumped down a Sloane/Ferris/Cameron well for a couple days, thankfully AO3 is there in those situations.

But honestly? I am more likely to read an OT3 fic of a ship I’m agnostic about than a pairing, and I tend to have a lot of pairings I like/support but my OT3s are truly One True Threesomes. (Unless they accidently turn i to OT4s whoops)

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Some of those video games are hard to work with for this unfortunately, heh. So I'm gonna say Community, 'cause I recently watched most of that!

❤ male: Abed
❤ female: Britta
✖ least favorite: Jack Black Cameo
✔ who resembles me: I am basically Annie’s anxiety + Shirley’s mom-ness
❤ most attractive: Both Troy and Abed
❤ three more characters that i like: Starburns, The Dean, Chang

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kinda weird question but, do you think is weird how they "introduce" new people to the study group? like until s3 i thought it was great the bond the seven had with each other but post s5 the whole thing of replace people irks me? like "new shirley", putting chang and duncan in the group, etc

yeah… im fully expecting abed to get an episode about the entire concept, lmao. because its just so TELEVISION. real friend groups dont work like that. that doesnt… happen…

yeah abeds gonna call them on their shit

the final straw will be when someone calls someone else “the new troy” or something

abeds just gonna look at them and blink slowly and look at the person who said it for an uncomfortably long amount of time and thenstand up and do one of his Really Long and Strangely Accurate Insults and walk away and the rest of the episode will be about abed dealing with this

i mean, its b-plot, but whatever

So I'm watching Community...

And I am on “The Art of Discourse” and Troy and Abed are wearing pledge shirts. I was trying to figure out the fraternity they were pledging when I realized: omega + theta + pi = OTP. Hahahaha it’s so true.

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  • Favourite character: Abed
  • Funniest character: Troy
  • Best-looking character: Troy
  • 3 favourite ships:  Troy/Abed.. Jeff/Annie is kinda cute, Jeff/Dean Pelton mainly for the humor factor
  • Least favourite character: Duncan
  • Least favourite ship: dunno…. maybe Jeff/Britta?
  • Reason why I watch it: Cause it’s funny and I love the characters :P
  • Why I started watching it: Not sure?? Maybe because I saw stuff about it on tumblr

i was tagged by thegaymerist :))) 

1. Why did you pick your url? i love troy, abed, and annie from community so i decided to use their ship name

2. What’s your middle name? rachel

3. If you could own a fictional pet, what would it be? this took me way too long to think of and im still not even sure if this is the answer i wanna go with but im gonna say shiva (ezekiel’s tiger) from the walking dead comics

4. Favorite song? breezeblocks by alt-j

5. Favorite fandoms? the walking dead, breaking bad, its always sunny, community, arrested development, orange is the new black, and like so many more tbh 

6. Why do you enjoy Tumblr? I like following people from different fandoms so i can see their opinions and headcanons on the characters/show, also it can help cheer me up sometimes when there are funny posts. i just like having a blog that no one in real life can see so i can rant about stuff. 

7. (tag) 9 tumblr crushes, faves or just awesome ass tumbloggers (YOU DO NOT HAVE TO DO THIS LOVELIES <3):

im not gonna tag anyone but if you follow me and want to do this go ahead!! 

Community Season 6 Trailer Arrives With Style

Community Season 6 Trailer Arrives With Style

When news first hit that NBC would not move forward with a new season of Community, fans of the series broke down & felt somewhat betrayed by the network. The show had birthed a huge follow that mainly circled around Troy & Abed characters.

The move to Yahoowas announced last year for season 6. News has slowly come from Yahoo about the upcoming season, but they’re not revealing the season 6…

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Rewatching Community Season 4 episode 11 - Basic Human Anatomy, (the one where Abed and Troy ‘switch bodies’) and I just have one question: