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Community (for the character thing)

(When you say character thing I’m guessing you mean this one?)
1). Favourite character: Annie Edison
2). Least Favorite character: Hickey I guess, I just find him most boring but I like everyone tbh
3). 5 Favorite ships (canon or non-canon): Jeff/Annie, Troy/Abed, Troy/Britta
4). Character I find most attractive: Jeff Winger
5). Character I would marry: Troy Barnes
6). Character I would be best friends with: Abed (we are equally as nerdy and have the same opinions on everything)
7). a random thought: When Jeff used his feelings for Annie to power the computer i exploded because FEELS
8). An unpopular opinion: urm personally I didn’t/don’t see any romantic chemistry between Jeff and Britta
9). my canon OTP: well Dan Harmon confirmed that Jeff loves Annie so… :}
10). Non-canon OTP: Jannie
11). most badass character: Chang lol.
12). pairing I am not a fan of: Jeff/Britta
13). character I feel the writers screwed up (in one way or another): Chang (he used to be waaaay funnier)
14). favourite friendship: Troy/Abed, Jeff/Annie or Annie/Abed
15). character I want to adopt or be adopted by: I wanna adopt Abed pls

Bethany liveblogs Community: Early 21st Century Romanticism


Haha, Troy and Abed going directly to the cute librarian to ask her to the dance was smart and ADORABLE, as was their high-five when she told them it was the cutest thing to ever happen to her.

Wow, Britta enjoys her “woman of the world” schtick just a little bit too much.

Ohhh, comeuppance! Haha.

Yep. Still not amused by Chang.

Ugh, this Britta/NotLesbian thing—that they’re both thinking the other is a lesbian—is really awkward.

Oh, hey, Magnitude! Who asked me if he’d shown up yet…42bottlesofbeer, I think it was you.

Not even surprised that Abed and Troy ended up hugging and ditching Mariah.

Aww, Annie’s so sweet to Britta. Ha, and really suggestible.

“Just a month! Three, tops. I mean…how long’s our lease?”

“What is it about me that makes broken people flock to me? Is it my height? Do huddled masses mistake me for the Statue of Liberty?”

Duncan’s a good friend. He’s helping Jeff clean up after the party.

Aw, Jeff doesn’t have any messages or texts. Sad panda. Now he might actually have to admit he misses his friends.

Hahahaha, he carried Chang into the apartment like a little kid.

HA! Right as Jeff’s text voiceover got to the “I love you guys”, the camera was on Annie. NICE. We all know editing doesn’t lie, kids.

festive-pixie-dream-girl tagged me to do 15 things that make me happy, a challenge that i’ve never heard of but am glad exists

  • ian gallagher from shameless
  • nico di angelo
  • running to the shops with no shoes on
  • when my hair is curly
  • strawberries with the holes in the middle
  • cherries and crostali at xmas
  • pushups
  • that bread from coles
  • making stupid edits for my friends
  • practising punching
  • pretty rocks and feathers
  • driving lessons with my dad
  • pigeons
  • playing hockey
  • troy and abed’s skits on community

i’ll tag context-in-a-boxtofuuimmafinnato, and hot-venomm for this thing, good luck and have fun

doing a rewatch of community from s1

the scene with abeds dad from s1e3 always tears me up a lil

also forgot how much i loved abed/troys friendship, and the end scenes with them. the two of them and jeff krumping tho.  this is a really solid series, i never think of how much i enjoy it but this is my 4th time seeing season 1 and its never less funny or enjoyable!

Bethany sorta liveblogs Community

So I watched the blanket fort episode and Troy’s birthday episode without liveblogging either of them, but they were both excellent episodes. Of course I liked the blanket fort one because of the Jeff/Annie stuff, although the whole thing was great, really.

And Troy’s birthday was fantastic throughout. I’ve seen a lot of moments in that one on Tumblr before—Troy realizing he’s actually 21, Abed talking endlessly to a guy about Farscape and then the guy throwing a drink in his face when Abed admitted he knew the guy was trying to pick him up but he really just likes talking about Farscape, and the guy walking off with a pissed-off, “Stargate’s better.” Ha!

The scene with Annie and Troy at her apartment door was really sweet. And I wonder what’s up with Shirley’s dark period? And Jeff and Britta seem like they’re going to implode in a not-fun way.

Abed’s, “Why’d you make out in front of me? I’m not a coat rack!”

Still really, really enjoying this show.

Bethany liveblogs Community: Epidemiology

GEORGE TAKEI! Already awesome.

Except…zombies. Not my favorite. I’m willing to overlook that for this show, though.

Hahaha, Troy’s wearing a toilet-seat cover around his neck!

Zombies attacking to the sounds of ABBA. Is that a movie reference I don’t know because I don’t watch scary movies?

“Guys, I hate to to be the ‘we’ve got company’ guy, but…”

Oh, jeez, Chang. CLOSE YOUR LEGS.

Aw, they left Annie behind!? Oh well, she’ll probably fix the problem while they’re farting around in the basement.

Ha! I knew she was Glinda. Oh, EW. EW.


Oh man, I love Troy and Abed so much, “Be the first black man to make it to the end.” and the “I love you”/”I know”!

“God, I hate this! STOP USING YOUR MOUTH!” Hahahaha, Troy is me if I were in that situation.

HA! Zombie!Jeff mashing the keys on his phone.

And when he cooled off, he just started actually using the phone, hahahaha.

Okay, that wasn’t terrible. But I still don’t like zombies.


It’s time to bring this back again