Top Ten TV Character Meme

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Name ten of your favorite characters and tag ten people [one per franchise/series]

1. KIRK, Rory, Luke, Emily [Gilmore Girls]

2. Hook, Charming, Emma, Red, Elsa, Anna, Marian [Once Upon A Time]

3. Will, Alice, Jafar [OUATIW]

4. Ripley, Luther, Alice [Luther]

5. Jessica, Becky, Ian, Grant, Wilson, Dugdale [Utopia]

6. Brad, Max, Penny, Alex, Dave, Jane [Happy Endings]

7. Kelly, Jess, Greg, Simon, Nathan, Alex from the bar [Misfits]

8. Sayid, Mr Eko, Hugo, Jin, Sun, Miles, Desmond [Lost]

9. Laurel, Wes, Oliver [HTGAWM]

10. Troy, Abed, Shirley, Annie, Britta, Jeff, Dean, Chang [Community]


11. Peyton, Skills, Whitey (One Tree Hill)

12. Merlin, Gaius, Gwaine, Arthur, Gwen (Merlin)

13. Spike, Buffy, Giles, Joyce, Tara (BTVS)

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Nicknames: Nouna, Hanoune

Current Date and Time: Wednesday May 27, 10:16 pm

Birthday: November 29th

Average amount of sleep: 6 - 8 hours

Lucky Number(s): I don’t have one

Last thing I googled: Vocabulaire sur la discrimination en Espagnol ( Discrimination vocabulary in Spanish)

FirstWORD that comes to mind: Tea

One place that makes you happy: My bed

Favourite characters: Bonnie Bennett, Raven Reyes, Hinata Hyuga, Naruto, Arata Wataya, Brienne de Tarth, Sansaa Stark, Margery Tyrell, Stefan Salvatore, Bellamy Blake, The Martells Brother, Hannibal, Will Graham, Buffy, Jessica Pearson, Troy and Abed and so many more..

Favourite food: Tuna Samosa

Favourite drink: Lipton Ice tea and 7up Mojito

FavouriteBOOK: L’étranger by Albert Camus

FavouriteTV shows: Community, My mad fat diary, Hannibal, Revenge, AHS, Broadchurch, Empire

Last movie I saw in theaters: Avenger age of Ultron

Last holiday: like vacation? or holiday like Easter?? (wondering the same thing)

Dream holiday: My dream Holyday would be to go in a paradisiacal destination and just chill out.

Dream wedding: traditional arab wedding with the perfect man (for me)

DreamJOB(s): WELL

Zodiac: Sagittarius

Myers-Briggs: INFJ

Relationship Status: single lady

What are you wearing: Blue pajama short and a white tank

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I stole this pic from someone else, so I’m sorry. But can you stop toying with me Community? I need Trobed back and everytime I see things about Troy returning I get happy and excited even though I know it won’t happen. But like for those of you who saw the preview for next week didn’t it seem like they were listing off their perfect season 7s? What if Abed’s perfect season 7 was Troy returning home to him, and Donald made an appearance for the episode? What if a season 7 was filmed one day and Donald returned for it? Doesn’t it seem likely the perfect next season for Abed would be his friends returning to the group? Also, what about all the action his season would hold? I personally feel Abed’s perfect season would be Troy returning, and that’s probably the only way he’d ever return. (If it was Abed’s imagination). Unless they all left the study room and when they got back to their apartment they opened the door and Troy was there. Either way, imagine Troy and Abed’s reunion. The smile on Abed’s face that appears only near Troy, the hug, THE HANDSHAKE. Dear God imagine them doing their handshake because they’re finally together again.

katnerys 질문:

jeff and annie

-always wins when they play Trivia Crack: annie and it drives jeff crazy 

-laughs when their partner trips on something: both but then they make sure the other is ok

-would drop ice down the back of the other’s shirt as a joke: annie 

-spoils the ending of books/movies: jeff, usually by accident 

-always posts a picture of the other as their MCM or WCW: annie though jeff has been known to post about his girl friend on occasion

-eats the last piece of cake in the fridge before the other can have it: annie but jeff leaves it for her anyway

-obnoxiously celebrates Monday Punday every week: annie, along with troy and abed which jeff pretends to be annoyed by but obviously finds adorable

-makes loving hack posts on the other’s Facebook/Instagram/Tumblr/Twitter etc: both cause they always have each others phones

-has to beat their partner in every game: BOTH have you met them?? they get crazy competitive so now they only work as a team. 

-keeps their partner up half the night talking about random stuff: both, depending on who is having drama/issues at the time. they are always happy to listen to each other though.

-eats too much garlic and tries to kiss their partner anyway: jeff

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She was driving back home. What did he wanted to say before Britta came in. “Annie I want you to know that-”. This was important, right?

She went home and saw Abed staring at her like he saw Meryl Streep.
“Did Jeff talk to you?” he sat next to Annie like she was being interviewed.
“The truth is that he tried to but then Britta wanted to ask me something so he didn’t. Do you know what he wanted to tell me? I mean, not that I care, but…” she pretended to be cool like Britta had fought her to be when she first moved in with Troy and Abed.
“Come on Annie I know you care. And it’s important so I won’t tell you because Jeff has to tell you that. It will destroy the end”
“Abed we are not a movie” she complained as she wanted to know.
“Maybe you’re right” he looked at the wall like talking to a camera.
“Whatever” she said and went to sleep. “Sweet dreams Abed” she yawned.
“Sweet dreams” he responded without taking his eyes from the wall.

When Britta came Abed went to talk to her.
“You destroyed the romantic scene”
“What romantic scene? When?” she said without having a clue of what Abed was saying.
“Tonight we left Jeff and Annie alone because he finally decided to tell her the truth”
“Oh! That’s why I was looking for Annie everywhere and I found her with Jeff in the library” she said. “I’m sorry Abed. Goodnight” she said while lying down on the couch.

“I’m coming to continue the talk we left off half. Be down in 5 minutes, smiley face” Annie read out loud Jeff’s message. She got up and wore jeans with a t-shirt and a jacket.

She said goodnight to Abed. “I heard you when you were talking” she smiled at him.
He looked at her shocked. “Where are you going?” he said with his eyes wide open.
“Jeff is there. He wants to talk to me” she run and kissed him on the cheek. “Thank you”

“Good luck” he said and smiled but she was already outside the apartment. “I hope Jeff won’t regret it again” he said to himself.

“Are you talking to me Abed?” Britta said without opening her eyes.
“No” he said and turned to look at the wall again. “And they lived happily” he smiled to the ‘camera’ and clapped himself. “The End”

Review Community 3.17: “Basic Lupine Urology”

I had said that “Advanced Dungeons and Dragons” was the most obviously-named episode of Community. “Basic Lupine Urology” is its opposite, and is better known as “The Law & Order episode.” I love this episode because a) for once, I have actually been a regular viewer of the show they’ve chosen to send up this week, and b) because of this, I can attest to the extreme accuracy of this episode.

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