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As long as I remember correctly, you should name 5 Ships without looking at the questions and then answer the questions :)

I actually only ship the first actively buuuuut I guess I ship the rest haha

1. Sterek

2. Jydia

3. Troy/Abed (from Community, don’t even know if they have a ship name or not)

4. Destiel (from tumblr gifs^^)

5. Stucky

1. Do you remember the episode/scene/chapter that you first started shipping 5? 

Captian Ameirca ^^ the first movie. I loved their friendship, they were so close :D 

2. Have you ever read any fanfiction about 2?

Only where they were a side pairing :P

3. Has a picture of 4 ever been your lock screen/profile picture/tumblr id? 


4. If 3 were to suddenly break up today, what would your reaction be?

Well… Troy sailed away and left Abed and Abed escaped into a different reality cuz he couldn’t deal with it and I wanted to cry

5. Why is 1 so important?

Sterek is EVERYTHING, the sun and the moon, they save each other’s lives; Sterek makes me think of true love and mates and has opened me up to love again and makes me happy when I can’t deal with the world.

6. Is 4 a funny or serious ship?

Funny, I’m guessing but seriously a relationship haha

7. Out of the ships listed, which ship has the most chemistry?

Sterek for me :D

8. Out of all the ships, which ship has the strongest bond?

Always Sterek ^^ (I’m boring I know)

9. How many times have you read/watched 2’s fandom?

The fandom, like never… but their scenes in season two MANY times!

10. Which ship has lasted the longest?

Sterek :D

11. How many times has 5 broken up?

Um, I guess the one time Bucky was thought to be dead? :0

12. If the world was suddenly thrust in a zombie apocalypse, which ship would make it out alive?

Sterek xD Derek survives everything and he’d make sure to take Stiles with him :3

13. Did 4 have a reason to hide their realationship?

Dunno ._. but Dean hides his feelings anyway, righ?

14. Is 5 still together?


15. Is 1 canon?

I fully believe it will officially be so in the end! :D

16. If all five ships were put in a couples hunger games, which couple would win?

I would say Sterek again :0 a werewolf and a courageous quick learner

17. Has anyone tried to sabotage 5’s ship?

Yeah, put them up against each other

18. Which ship(s) would you defend to the death?

Sterek any time any place definitely! And I think I’ve seen enough gifs of Destiel to defend them ^^

19. Have you spent hours a day going through 3’s tumblr page?


20. If an evil witch descended from the sky and told you you had to pick one of the five ships to break up together, which ship would you sink?

:( gotta say Stucky since I’m not THAT big of a fan

I made it through!

My favourite bromances:

JD & Turk
Troy & Abed (♫ in the morning ♫) *
Tim Hautekiet & Jack Howard
Joey Tribbiani & Chandler Bing

* See in particular Community Season 1, Episode 17 end credits for Troy & Abed as Sesame Street’s Ernie & Bert.


community meme: seven relationships [7/7]  Troy & Abed

It’s not a game for me, Troy, I’m seeing real lava because you’re leaving, it’s embarrassing. I don’t want to be crazy but I am crazy, so I made a game that made you and everyone else see what I see. I don’t want it to be there either, I swear. I want you to be able to leave, but I don’t think the lava goes away until you stop leaving.

tagged by my friend fetchwalkr to post my top ten favorite characters. I’m just going to list the first 10 that come to mind so lets begin I guess.

  1. Bigby Wolf - The Wolf Among Us
  2. Leslie Knope - Parks and Recreation
  3. Joel and Ellie - The Last of Us
  4. Elizabeth Comstock - Bioshock
  5. Troy and Abed - Community
  6. Snow White - The Wolf Among Us
  7. Isaac Clarke - Dead Space
  8. Nathan Drake - Uncharted
  9. Lara Croft - Tomb Raider
  10. Corvo Attano - Dishonored

They are mostly video game characters because I couldn’t think of anything… Bigby Wolf is my favorite character tho.

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what a crazy ride! I’m so happy I got to work with such a talented group of nerds like this on such an amazing show. whether it was Troy and Abed in rehearsal, unplanned solos at the end of the finale, six hour rehearsals, missed cues, imitations of each other backstage, or long discussions of the failures of the How I Met Your Mother series finale’s failures, working with this group was never ever a dull moment. I’m sad to see it go, but happy to have been a part of this wonderful clusterfrick of a show. I’m gonna miss y’all so much, but you’ll always be in my heart.


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These were the first ones I thought of and clearly operate off a theme, I swear I like male characters I swear I do. 

  1. Abigail Hobbs (Hannibal)
  2. Clarice Starling (The Silence of the Lambs, Hannibal)
  3. Ellen Ripley (Alien, Aliens)
  4. Hermione Granger (Harry Potter)
  5. Dana Scully (The X-Files)
  6. Beatrix Kiddo aka The Bride (Kill Bill Vol. I & II) 
  7. Sansa Stark (Game of Thrones)
  8. San (Princes Mononoke)
  9. Keiko Yashiro (When a Woman Ascends the Stairs) (beautiful Mikio Naruse film I think about all the time, highly recommend ++)
  10. aaand let’s throw in Troy & Abed (Community) for some variety

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