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American Sword Cooks is a reality show in which contestants compete by cooking different dishes. The contestants themselves do not use swords in their cooking. Only the judges do. Every week, the judges disagree about which contestant cooked the best thing. And to settle their disputes, they must sword fight each other. The swords are real, and there is a real element of danger in this. The producers of American Sword Cooks (Trobed) feel this is what differentiates their show from all other reality cooking shows.

Blind/Blonde is more or less what you see is what you get. Annie Jenkins was born blind, but was raised to believe there’s nothing she can’t do. She enrolled in surgery school and was the top of her class. She does surgery by feeling the organs. The problem is her hospital, Greenhealth Main, can’t insure her unless they pair her with a sighted surgeon. Enter Britta Portnoy, The worst surgeon in surgery school. Now the two of them have to navigate surgery - and dating - together. Annie has never dated (she’s blind, duh). So in addition to helping her with surgery, Britta also helps her go on dates. There is a kiss in episode 12. [x]