Pottery: red-figured hydria.
Depicted on this hydria is the rape of Kassandra by the lesser Ajax, son of Oileus, in Athena’s temple at Troy. In the centre, the Trojan princess Kassandra kneels on the base of the statue of Athena, the Palladion. Her hair is loose and her drapery hangs from her left shoulder, leaving her upper body bare. She embraces the statue with both arms. An oinochoe lies below her on the base. Pallas Athena is portrayed wearing a peplos and carrying a shield on her left arm and a spear in her raised right hand. She wears an elaborate helmet to which feathers are attached. At the left, the Greek warrior Ajax seizes Kassandra by her hair. Ajax is nude except for a chlamys tied in front with a bulky, round brooch. On his head is a crested Corinthian helmet with added large feathers. His left foot is on the base of Athena’s statue, and he raises a sword in his right hand. A phiale hangs above his head, part of the temple’s ritual equipment. Two other phialai appear in the field to the right and left above the subordinate figures.
To the right of the central group, the old priestess of Athena, Theano, with short white hair, runs away but looks back at the sacrilege about to occur. She still clutches the temple key in her left hand. Above her head, an owl, the sacred bird of Athena, flies carrying a wreath. At the far right a young girl in a peplos looks back as she turns to flee. At the left, above Ajax, a goddess is seated with a scepter in her left hand and a small round object in her extended right hand. It has been suggested that this is Aphrodite with the Apple of Discord, a reference to the origins of the Trojan War. Behind Ajax and much smaller in scale is another Greek warrior. He too wears a chlamys tied in front and an elaborate helmet, and he carries a shield and spear. 


340-320 BC

Source: British Museum

Achilles: So it’s gonna last forever
Or it’s gonna go down in flames

(just kidding, Troy, you’ll burn)
(and so will you, Agamemnon)

You can tell me when it’s over
If the high was worth the pain
Got a long list of ex-conquests
They’ll tell you I’m insane
But you know I love the players
And you love the game…