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She doesn't really notice until her hair is long enough to flop into her eyes and she stares at herself in the mirror. It's dark and thick like it used to be. Before. Her whole life is divided into Before and the Winter Soldier. Except now one of the marks they left on her is fading. Her hair is growing back, she looks like a person again. A knock on the bathroom door interrupts her train of thought and Steve sticks her head in. "Hi, gorgeous." Bucky smiles shyly but doesn't argue for once.


fic time: because i promised i would.

There. Cap: Man Out of Time future fix-it and fucking fluff. I hope you’re happy, haipollai and sniffleheim and glorfindel I’M GONNA LOSE MY LOL EDGY DARK CRED AND IT’S GONNA BE ALL YOUR FAULT.

So imagine, if you will, a continuity where Mark Millar Licks Goats doesn’t happen and Steve doesn’t die and instead he bullies Fury into telling him where Bucky is brooding, and then taking Bucky on a road trip to the Grand Canyon for feelings and hurt/comfort.

That’s the story.


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we’ve been dreaming alone under different skies [listen]
01. jose gonzález - heartbeats 02. all thieves - turn and turn again 03. the bouncing souls - midnight mile 04. kelly clarkson - my life would suck without you 05. jenny owen youngs - start + stop 06. friendly fires - edge of glory 07. björk - i see who you are (mark bell mix) 08. my chemical romance - the only hope for me is you 09. the jezabels - catch me 10. ryan adams - desire

[have love, will travel]


i. fight

Afterwards, they’ll ask how he knew. They’ll pour over security footage of the Winter Soldier and ask how Steve Rogers recognised his not-so-late best friend. Steve will smile and he’ll never tell them how it takes nothing more and nothing less than the curve of Bucky’s cheek above the mask; he’ll never tell them how there’s nothing else.

Bucky always used to swagger like he was a dangerous guy round their way. The Winter Soldier stalks like danger. He is fluid like an apex predator and there is the curve of his cheek that speaks of bleak humour.

Afterwards, they’ll ask what possessed Captain America to rent a car that can’t be tracked, not like something from the SHIELD lot or one of Tony Stark’s irreplaceable collection. Steve will smile and he’ll never tell them that he likes the look of the Ford Mustang and he thinks it’ll be a good car to bring Bucky home in.

Steve will smile and he’ll never tell them how he’s spoiling for a fight.

ii. fright

His mind is a jumble of yes and no  and Что это? He thinks he remembers red hair and leather and excruciating pain. His metal arm frightens him because it is a weapon and he is a weapon and he is being followed. He doesn’t know where he’s going. Indiana is nothing more to him than a corn-fed dream and he hurtles across it on a black motorbike.

The Mustang is following him, though, and blonde hair and three-day old stubble.

He runs for days and weeks and Montana stretches for mountains and for ever and then he is in Washington where it is dreary and drizzly and the air is cleaner than anything he can remember in Moscow or Samara. It is cleaner than anything he can remember in Brooklyn, with a boy, all skin and bones, coughing in his arms.

He’s going to run clear through Canada and go to Alaska. He thinks the air will be cleaner there and that he won’t taste Brooklyn on his tongue.

iii. flight

“This is the actual middle of nowhere, Rogers.” Bucky’s rubbing his own arms briskly, even though he’s wearing gloves and isn’t all flesh and blood. He’s cold looking at Steve, though, in his leather jacket and jeans. There’s a ruddy glow in Steve’s cheeks and he is all health and vibrancy.

“We said we’d run, Barnes.”

“We’ll die, Rogers. We’ll die in the snow. Wild animals will eat our corpses.”

“You said you’d punched a bear, buddy. I have faith you can outwit a wolf or two.”

Steve holds out his arm and Bucky tucks in under it, plastering himself against Steve’s side.

“We don’t have to go back, do we?”

“Not till we want to, Buck. Not till we’re good and ready.”



A graphic, a fanmix and a ficlet for you on your birthday, Renne,
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six sentence sunday or something

cos it’s been a while since a) i’ve done this, and b) i’ve written anything for public consumption. six sentences of current wip etc. this is the one with soulbonding. <_<

"Did you know," Steve says suddenly instead, like she hadn’t spoken, "that there have been hate groups ever since the 50’s at least, who have used me and Bucky to attack people who are homosexual and have bonded? They even have a slogan. It’s Be Like Captain America! because Captain America,” and he spits his codename with sudden venom, “and Bucky bonded during the war, but they weren’t like those filthy deviants who should be… how did they phrase it? Oh, that’s right, ‘stamped out by any means possible’!”

well, that’s actually only five four sentences, sorry about that. counting, hey.

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nooo do the things, or at least one of them


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WRITE ME THE THINGS ;; i dunno what things but i want them from you because you’re a fucking fantastic writer and it’s your fault that I adore steve/bucky 5eva