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Prague, Day I

Dear reader,

what to tell you about Prague? 

I spent today walking around a bit. I started late because I was trying to be considerate to my roommates who got in late and were sleeping in. That lasted about an hour until I realized that under no circumstances was I going to waste my day because I’m afraid of waking up someone. It may sound rude and inconsiderate, but really, it’s not my fault that the box with my clothes squeaks. I went out around 11 and walked up to the Museum and beyond where I found a lovely restaurant where I had a very filling lunch. I planned on walking further after it, but I really felt like taking a nap so I walked back to the hostel. However, when I got there, my roommates were up and doing things so napping was out of the question. Anyway, I had better things to do - setting things up for NaNoWriMo. It seems that I will be participating this year, but for real this time. I have a support buddy.

Before I knew it, the afternoon flew by and I was meeting my friend for dinner. By the time we finished with out food and our walk, my feet decided they would carry me no further than my hostel. 

A fairly uneventful day as far as they go, but a nice introduction to Prague. Tomorrow I go on a walking tour and a boat ride which I am looking forward to a lot.

Until then,

- Tea

Vienna & A Friend

I will start at the beginning, where I left you off last time.

As you might remember, I spent 3 hours waiting for the hostel check-in. Sitting in the lobby, I met Leslie, an American who lived in Budapest for a few years and is considering moving to Vienna. We went for a walk to the Chinese restaurant not far from the hostel and for 5,90€ I had fried noodles with chicken and a spring roll - both were delicious and very satisfying. 

The check-in came and went and I got a room card, linens and went up to my room. There was a lady there, Anna-Marie, and we talked very easily about all sorts of things. The long-awaited and longed for shower was relaxing and it would have been perfect to lie down and rest and not do anything after it and the very fast-paced few days. Instead, I went to Karlsplatz and met a friend. She is one of my best and closest friends and we haven’t seen each other in a long time. Sure, talking to someone online is a good way of catching up, but our friendship was formed in person, so we communicate and relate best when we are together - usually over drinks.

She took me to Dachboden, a lovely bar in the loft of the 25hours Hotel at MuseumsQuartier in Vienna. The atmosphere was perfect. People there were talking and drinking and having fun and it was easy to slip into the relaxed part of our personalities in which, despite difficult things that came up in the conversation, we were just two friends who missed each other’s company and now had ‘all the time in the world’ to catch up.

At some point, bottom of the beer glass of one of the other patrons who was sitting at the same table as us simply fell off - which was met with laughter of the man who had just lost his beer, the man who just had beer spilled over his pants and everyone else at the table. It’s hard to get upset in a place like Dachboden.

Photos were taken from the balcony:






And a little something that caught my eye as we were leaving:


There were plans to go outside, but sadly, 36+ hours of lack of sleep and physical exhaustion caught up with me. I ended up returning to my hostel and almost like Cinderella, I was in bed at midnight.

Today, more things! More time to spend with my friend and I hope to get started on the Schloss Schönbrunn. I will spend a few hours wandering around the Schönbrunn park and see about going into the palace tomorrow, at an easy pace. 

My Vienna experience continues and I will tell you all about it :)

- Tea