Olivia Wilde confirmed that the goal is to start shooting Tron 3 this year; she’s read the script and is excited to bring Quorra into the real world.

It took me a while to warm up to Tron: Legacy, but now that I have, kind-of excited to see what’s next. That being said, it’s a bit of a disappointment that they’re abandoning the Grid for the ‘real world.’ 

What I hope is that this is not like the old Planet of the Apes where the Apes travel to 1970s America.

Ether Disney listened to their fans for once [unlikely] or Disney is already strumming up some subtle excitement for Tron 3 - the previously “download only virtual characters” that were Sam and Quorra are being released in the first wave of Disney Infinity 3.0 toys.

For those that gotta go fast, the toys are slowly starting to leak on Taobao; e.g. this Mickey Mouse auction [for roughly 20usd] is the only one I can find by being lazy and only searching in english.

Danny Phantom in his Doom suit along with a tron disk, looks like someone phased into the grid (dude I really loved this suit).  I wanted to enter this for a chance for it to make an appearance on The Voice, which I recently read up on here  http://midnightsbloom.tumblr.com/post/116496214531/staff-nbcthevoice-attention-tumblr-community

Currently, our Tv doesn’t work, so if my pic gets featured on the show can someone tell me? :3

Attention Tumblr Community:

Next week on The Voice we want to feature YOUR artwork when Pharrell takes the stage with his team.

Whether it’s new or old, GIFs or videos, animations or illustrations, patterns or objects - your creations will be entered for a chance to be featured during Pharrell’s LIVE performance. 

The Creative Direction:
The song: “I Don’t Want To Be” Gavin DeGraw
Color Scheme: Blues, yellows, and greens
Inspiration: Tron. That’s right, Tron!

SUBMIT HERE by Sunday, April 19

“The famous Tron arcade game in the 1980’s included both a traditional black light and a black light blue bulb.  Since most of these machines have been repaired by technicians that do not understand black light bulbs, it is rare to see a Tron game that looks as it was intended.  A prized possession of the Glow Inc. staff is a properly restored Tron game.”

A guide to black light


An awesome tron-inspired live wallpaper. Watch glowing traces streak across the grid. Add a touch of cyberpunk to your phone. Perfect for high-tech low-lifes!

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+ Choose from 9 different colors.
+ Select from three levels of trace density.
+ Vary the grid brightness.

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