The Truth Will Set You Free [A Scene from "His, Untouchable"]

Santianna Tromes, a young Puerto Rican-African American female student who has just graduated high school two weeks ago, sits in her room with tears rolling down her cheeks. The large padded office chair she sits in shakes furiously from her bouncing leg and aggressive hair brushing, messing it more than styling. All the while, watching her phone for even the slightest of movements. Hours earlier, she had found out that her boyfriend since junior year, Dorian Lafet, has been lying about his job as a small time drug dealer when, in truth, he is involved in a string of numerous federal crimes. One being the deaths of three people, in which she knew the youngest of the victims as a classmate. With her life ahead of her, she now faces the reality of loving a man with baggage she can’t accept.

Dorian: (Comes swiftly through the door, closing it as a large smile crosses his face at her presence) Baby, oh baby, I’ve got some great ne- (His words are interrupted by Tromes’s brush flying past his head and slamming into the door) Whoa!

Santianna: You think I’m stupid!? (Throws a magazine at him as she jumps out of her chair in a rage) Huh?! You think you can play me like I’m some dumb hoe, Dorian!?

Dorian: (Speaking in a calming tone, he levels his hands. Low enough not to call for danger, but high enough to catch the next projectile) Whoa, baby. The fuck is this?

Santianna: (Moves her hands aggressively as she loses all composure and approaches Dorian) Stop frontin, nigga! I found out about yo lyin ass! You ain’t shit! (Pushes his head) You ain’t shit, nigga! I sat there with you when you got shot! I was the bitch that laid there cryin in that room, Dorian! Scared that I was going to lose my sorry ass nigga! I stayed with you in that fuckin hospital until you could leave, and then made sure you were taken care of at home! That was me, Dorian! (Shoves him back into the door) Me! You told me you loved me, Dorian!

Dorian: (Confused, he tries to think quickly for an instant response) Santianna, baby, I do. I was la- (Gets cut off by Tromes’s yelling)

Santianna: Then why did you lie about dealin, Dorian!? Huh?!

Dorian: Wha-

Santianna: “Wha?” Yeah, nigga, I found out about yo fake ass! (Smacks him as she speaks) You been lyin to me for a year and a fuckin half! And I gotta find out what you do through some niggas I don’t even know, like I don’t mean shit!! What the fuck!?

Dorian: (It hits him that she’s found out about his hidden activities, and in that moment, he feels his heart slip out of his chest. His head hangs as his voice falls to an almost inaudible volume, trying his best to keep his eyes up but he can’t look her in the face) ….Baby

Meanwhile, after hearing the commotion from downstairs, Mrs. Tromes has made her way to her daughters room. She leans on the wall across from Santianna’s door, listening quietly but staying back for now.

Santianna: Don’t “baby” me, nigga. (She lowers her voice to a normal volume) You walkin round tellin me you love me, tellin everybody about how much you care, buyin me gifts, hangin with my family. But then, sit there lyin to my face. What, nigga, am I a trophy you keep locked in a case?

Dorian: ….No

Santianna: (Counts off on her fingers) You robbin people, stealin shit, shootin niggas, kidnappin, dealin way more than two bricks of God knows what, like that shit is cool. Like I ain’t tryin to go to college. (Her voice starts raising again as tears pour down) Like I ain’t tryin to be somethin with my life. Like it’s okay if that shit’s tied to me through you! Like it’s okay if I lose you to these fuckin streets and these fuckin cops! Yo ass is gonna end up in jail or dead, Dorian! And you tryin to take me with you!

Mrs. Tromes: (Puts her hand over her mouth in shock)

Dorian: No ba-

Santianna: Yes! Yes, Dorian! They gonna come to me lookin for you! They gonna come to my Mama and Daddy’s house to find you! How you do me like that?! (Starts pushing him into the door furiously) How you do my mama like that, Dorian?! Huh!? Like she don’t deserve to know her daughter is with a fuckin thug!! Why!? Why me, Dorian?! Why my family and friends gotta get caught in yo shit!? Why you ain’t tell me?! Huh?!

Mrs. Tromes: (Hearing the bangs, she decides it’s time to step in. Turning the knob, she knocks on the door) Hey! Hey! Open the door!

Dorian: (Moves to the side so that the door is clear)

Mrs. Tromes: (Comes in and notices the hole on the other side of the door from her daughter shoving Dorian) Dorian, what is going on?

Dorian: …..I’m sorry, Ma. I- (Gets interrupted by Santianna smacking him in the mouth)

Santianna: Don’t talk to my damn Mama! Don’t even! (Has to get restrained and pushed back by her mother to keep from hurting Dorian) I will fuck you up! Answer my fuckin question!

Mrs. Tromes: Santianna! Stop it! Stop!

Santianna: (Trying to push past Mrs. Tromes) No Mami, he gonna answer my damn question!! Now answer me, nigga!!

Dorian: (Quickly answers) I did it cause I love you. Cause…cause…I just…I just didn’t want to lose you. Tha-

Santianna: Bravo, nigga! You succeed in trapping a bitch! I loved you more than anything, and you played me. I gave you my heart, my soul, my body and you forced me into the dark. You didn’t even give me a choice! I was fuckin and in love with a damn stranger! So for that, you can take your bow, pick yo face up, and bounce the fuck up out my Mama house. Cause we through. Get out. Get the fuck out.

Mrs. Tromes: Santianna Maria Tromes!

Dorian: Baby, don’t do this. I love you

Santianna: Get the fuck out, Dorian! I don’t want to see you anymore! Don’t call me, don’t text me, I’m dead to you! We through! I hate you for this! I hate you so much! You played me! Get out! Get out before I call the cops on you! Get out!

Mrs. Tromes: No you will not! No she won’t! Now, Santianna stop it!

Dorian: (Hesitates for a slight moment before rushing out of the room)

Mrs. Tromes: Dorian! Dorian, no! Come here! (She looks at Santianna in utter shock of the situation before quickly rushing after Dorian) Dorian, stop!

The scene ends as Santianna’s knees buckle, forcing her to the ground as all her emotions spilled out through her tears. She can only curl and put her face to the floor as she cries, wishing her heart would give up and die. But, little did she know, the man she loved had came to tell her that he had made it into the army, and was only two months from leaving his old ways behind for them.

- From “His, Untouchable”, a story by Zer0, The Unknown

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Ahem, Hannah.

Yours is way different.

You got that like two years ago?

It’s simple and actually cute.

-i don’t want to say this and seem like one of those people but you did it before it was cool ok-

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