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pshtsdgjn oh god umm... France/England, England is a princess of a royal family and... well whatever you want France to be, except for prince. xDD I hope this is cracky enough. :D

Omg I got one. OK I’m not a really good writer but I’ll try my best. And I’m going to make it fem!england if thats ok with you… 

Alice looked down from the balcony to only to see what she was trying to take her mind away from, Francis, the gardener from France who would tend to her family’s rose bushes. Alice hated that stirring in her stomach everytime she saw him, she hated that shakiness she would get everytime he sent her liles and love letters in that damn language she could barely understand. But most of all, Alice hated that her heart would sink everytime she had to reject him because she was of royalty and he was mearly a French peasant, because to her, it simply wasn’t mean to be…

otp I am so sorry…

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...I am kind of curious to what the others look like

Not too good orz.

But I have the results of 






and RoChu

But I have to look through my laptop but I’ll upload them for your amusement ^o^ Or which specific ones would you want to see??