On this weeks episode of What Did Those Racists Do?, A noose was found hanging from a tree near the student union at Duke University. The week before, UGA’s Phi Deltas threw a “What would you would be like without a degree” party and proceeded to dress like what they think “thugs” look like.

Welcome to America. 

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Fizzy just RTed someone (@adidaslouis91) whose last tweet says "daily reminder that larry is real". Sometimes I just think these things are funny. #trollingtomlinsons

I love how their most recent tweets are all about Larry being real and No Control

Hot steamy fanfic? Yes.

It was deep into the night when moans could be heard echoing from Eren’s apartment. The faint hum of music from the TV was drowned by endless pants, with muddled cussing between breaths. Two bodies, intimate and hot and moving with desperation, were overwhelmed with passion.

“L-Levi…” Eren whined. Tears began to form in the boy’s eyes, rolling down his soft cheeks. He had been gripping on something for dear life, his knuckles beginning to turn white. Desperation was eating him alive as Levi continued his ministrations.

They had been at it for hours and Levi showed no signs of letting Eren go.

“Oh, fuck… Eren… Eren!” Levi whispered with each move. His face was completely flushed with the brilliant red that Eren loved so dearly. He reached over and touched Eren’s knob, rubbing it violently until the boy reached his limit.

“Ah!! Levi! Please… sto— ah!” And it was at that moment that Eren threw his Wii control directly at Levi’s face, knocking the lil fucker off Rainbow Road.

Written by ilovektkitty(wigglydick)
Edited by no-other-words(jigglydick)