Darren Criss TV Commercial | Hedwig and the Angry Inch [1080p]

The cool thing about creating anything, it’s okay to break form if you know the form. Picasso didn’t just say I’m gonna draw people into cubes; he spent years drawing landscapes and studying what has worked before, and because of that knowledge and mastery, he decided to skew off the beaten path. Back in the day, you could argue that the Chorus Line score was a bit poppier, even though we consider that a Broadway classic. But there are a lot of rules with musical motifs, rhyme structure, false rhymes, half-rhymes, non-true rhymes, and the Sondheims and the Hammersteins of the world would say are just nails on a chalkboard to hear the rhymes in today’s popular shows. It’s important to keep an ear out for what the population is listening to, and to ignore that appetite would be really selling yourself short of making this art form accessible.
—  Darren Criss weighs in on expanding the scope of musical theater (

OMFG!!! SO, the one and only Darren Criss walks by today in NYC and as I am the only one recognising him he invited me to walk with him. As we walk along we chatted about my heritage (in Italian btw), we talk about his Broadway show and about Glee ending. I can’t believe that this has happened to me and I’m so thankful for him being so amazing!!! His role in Glee literally gave me confidence and shaped me to be me. Thx and stay amazing.