I always thought it was funny. Everybody sleeps on set! They just posted pictures of me sleeping. And I’m not being defensive, I love to sleep on set, but I have so many pictures of other people like.. (mimes sleeping open mouthed and snoring). Everywhere! Like Lea, Dianna, like really unflattering pictures, but I won’t post that because I’m not an asshole! Whereas everybody else they don’t ever ask me “Hey, is it okay if I post this?”, cause they know I don’t really care. So it’s not just me, everybody passes out because it’s exhausting, so I’m proud to say that I sleep a lot.. I take like 5 minutes naps all the time because they just keep me awake and alive.
—  Darren after someone mentioned all the pics of him sleeping on set the cast have posted (Gleek reunion meeting room) 

The Box Scene

Darren’s fave cut Klaine scene 

“ I enjoy getting to have actual scenes with Chris” 

“ we like to create, you know, moments”

I don’t know. I get all my socks from you guys, so.. Seriously, I get so many socks, I don’t know why. I think maybe I wore some socks once, and then it just made people give me weird socks. And I like weird socks, I just like them. Socks are a fun opportunity to be weird and like, why would you miss out on that opportunity?  Why have lame socks when you could have cool socks? It just doesn’t make any sense to me not to have fun socks. It’s like, it’s fun. It’s very simple to me. So I don’t know, I choose, I don’t know how I choose them, I literally.. Whatever’s there, I grab it. There’s no thought process whatsoever.
—  Darren on how he choose his socks (Gleek reunion meeting room)

Darren Criss as Hedwig from Hedwig And The Angry Inch drawn by me with Fabe Castel Polychroms. Don’t like it as much as the black & grey one but I’m still pretty satisfied to realize I’m not as untalented with colour as I thought I was. Though the actual drawing looks better, my scanner sucks -.- And that reminded me why I so rarely work with colour pencils - it takes fucking ages o.O

I mean, listen, who knows, probably no time soon. And um, there’s a wonderful american expression.. “Ain’t nobody got time for that!” [..] Yeah, um, no time soon. Sorry to disappoint. As lovely as a sentiment as that is, and I appreciate you asking me this, it’s definitely not.. I’m just trying to get my heels and my make-up for now, one thing at a time, you know?
—  Darren when asked about bringing a curly haired baby to this world (Gleek Reunion meeting room)

darren everett criss the adorkable optimistic nerdy tiny disney prince also known as daisy who sings covers with his guitar in his room and writes on his hand when he needs to remember things and curses like a sailor and gets squinty when he’s happy and goofs off and sleeps on set and wears pink sunglasses and nail polish and just forgets to shave and has dark beautiful curls and gorgeous hazel eyes and is a hardworking performer who always manages to look perfectly imperfect in every possible way and the silly romantic who writes love songs that can touch anyone’s heart yet still manages to forget the lyrics to those songs and the one who speaks every language and knows how to play every instrument and loves harry potter and the little mermaid and minute maid apple juice and celebrating the underdog and his brother’s band and his family/friends/loved ones and also genuinely cares about each and every single one of his fans and he’s just so precious and important to me no matter what you want to say about him just thought i’d let you know


Beginning next Saturday, April 25th, Klainers will celebrate the boys that brought us all together.  A Klaine-centric episode rewatch for the entire fandom.  It will begin precisely at 7pm CST/8pm EST/5pm PST.  We will provide links weekly for those that do not own the DVDs.  When we all live blog, be sure to use the tag #ComeWatchKlaine. For those episodes we aren’t watching in full that may have one or two Klaine moments, we will be posting those videos on theComeWatchKlaine blog just after the preceding episode (for example the Mercedes/Klaine scene in the Substitute episode will be posted on the blog right after NBK).  We highly suggest you follow the ComeWatchKlaineblog for all the info and updates.  We will also be organizing Klaine events around important dates in their history such as November 9, Valentine’s Day, etc.  If you have any suggestions about fun events, please feel free to shoot us an ASK.

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Episode numbers have been added for your convenience


2x06 - NBK – April 25

2x09 - Special Education – May 2

2x10 - A Very Glee Christmas – May 9

2x12 - Silly Love Songs – May 16

2x14 - Blame It On The Alcohol – May 23

2x15 - Sexy – May 30

2x16 - Original Song – June 6

2x17 - Night Of Neglect – June 13

2x18 - Born This Way – June 20

2x20 - Prom Queen – June 27

2x22 - New York– July 11


3x01 - Purple Piano Project – July 18

3x02 - I Am Unicorn – July 25

3x05 - The First Time – August 1

3x06 - Mash Off – August 8

3x08 - Hold Onto Sixteen – August 15

3x09 - ExtraordinaryMerryXmas – August 22

3x11 - Michael – August 29

3x13 - Heart – September 5

3x14 - On My Way – September 12

3x15 - Big Brother – September 19

3x16 - Saturday Night Gleever – September 26

3x17 - Dance With Somebody – October 3

3x18 - Choke – October 10

3x19 - Promasaurus – October 17

3x20 - Props – October 24

3x21 - Nationals – November 7

3x22 - Goodbye – November 14


4x01 - The New Rachel – November 21

4x04 - TBU – November 28

4x06 - Glease – December 5

4x08 - Thanksgiving – December 12

4x10 - Glee Actually – December 19

4x14 - I DO – January 9, 2016

4x21 - Wonderful – January 16, 2016

4x22 - All Or Nothing – January 23, 2016


5x01 - Love Love Love – January 30, 2016

5x06 - Moving Out – February 6, 2016

5x07 - Puppetmaster – February 13, 2016

5x14 - New New York – February 20, 2016

5x15 - Bash – February 27, 2016

5x16 - Tested – March 5, 2016

5x18 - The Back Up Plan – March 12, 2016

5x19 - Old Dogs New Tricks – March 19, 2016

5x20 - Untitled Rachel Berry Project – March 26, 2016


Klaine-edits (no DK/Walter) from 6X05-6X08 with the 2009 flashback scene - April 2, 2016  *this will be made available to watch for everyone

6x13 - Dreams Come True - April 9, 2016

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