I’ve been thinking of either making some YouTube videos, or some tumblr posts about poetry and how to write it. I’d start at the basics, like iambs and trochees, and the use of feet. I’d move on to various metrics, pyrrhic and spondaic feet, and then further into three syllable variations like dactyls. 

I’d also touch upon poetic forms, like sonnets, villanelles, and Pindaric odes. 

The only question is; would anyone care? If anyone would care to hear about them, then I would, but if I’d go unheard, then I shan’t. 

The totality of perception has yet to issue a decree; I don’t know quite which I shall do yet.

anonymous asked:

Knock Out. Breakdown. Impact. Starscream. Soundwave. Shockwave. Dreadwing. Darksteel. Sky Lynx. Skywarp. Skyfire. Ratchet. Bulkhead. Wheeljack. Smokescreen. Tailgate. Tailstock. Storm Surge. Crossdive. Windsail. Skipstar. Sandstorm. Echus. Zenith. Beatbox. Xander. Primus. Why exactly does it seem like so many Cybertronian names translate in English to a trochee?!

If you spent five minutes listening to a Cybertronian conversation, you’d understand. Our language was absolutely brimming with trochees, especially when it came to names. 

Darn! I just noticed my first iambic dimeter is not, in fact, a iambic dimeter, but a iambic + trochee, and I don’t know how to rewrite it. Well, it’s my first attempt at ancient Greek metre, I can’t be perfect right away…