Every onscreen couple goes through something that keeps them apart to make them getting together that much more rewarding. If your OTPs got together quickly and without complication, it’s dull television. For Jim and Pam, it was Pam’s engagement to Roy and then later Jim dating Karen. For Leslie and Ben, it was the fact that they weren’t allowed to date due to Ben’s job. For Ross and Rachel it was a hundred different things. For Nick and Jess, it’s some stupid excuse (super bitter about this right now).

But all of these reasons are trivial in the ZA so to keep the OTP to end all OTPs apart, TPTB decided that Daryl needed to think Beth was dead to truly realize his feelings. The emotional payoff is going to be incredible.

This is my story and I’m sticking to it.

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I just read somebody bashing the film "Chasing Amy" for "trivializing lesbianism" and "perpetuating the idea that a lesbian is just a female who hasn't met the right guy." In the film, a woman who identifies as a lesbian falls in love with a man and realizes that she's bisexual. So obviously another case of "not the right kind of representation," right? Because in my opinion, there should be more films about breaking labels and assuring that it's okay if you're not what you originally thought.

People always gettin so mad over “trivializing mental illnesses” but tbh the posts they’re complaining about actually make me feel better?

Like damn all day long I have to listen to people telling me my mental illnesses don’t matter and that I’m just being lazy and dumb so sue me if I wanna come home and be called a precious little flower and have people say they’re proud of me for getting this far 

It’s cheesy af but I’m a cheesy af person and not everyone is gonna like the same kinds of things so like??

You are the BINAN KOUKOU CHIKYUU BOUEI-BU LOVE FANDOM and you are the PRINCE to the THRONE OF LOVE. You are infamously known as the fandom of the MAGICAL BOY ANIME and your show lives up to it’s NAME. You fight for the POWER OF LOVE and have the tendency to do WEIRD POSES and spout CHEESY ONELINERS but it’s not like you do that of your own WILL.

As a BATTLE LOVER, you have the ability to utilize the POWER OF LOVE in battle. You can also use the FOUR ELEMENTS of WATER, EARTH, FIRE, and WIND. You also have superhuman STRENGTH and AGILITY and a HIGH ENDURANCE for PAIN. As a human you’re pretty NORMAL though and aren’t that STRONG or AGILE.

Your interests include making money off the STOCK MARKET and having PHILOSOPHICAL DISCUSSIONS over trivial things like food. You love CUTE ANIMALS too and will CUDDLE any you see without hesitation. You like to BRAG about all the DATES you go on with GIRLS, but strangely you’re never actually seen with one. Also, since your name is a MOUTHFUL, everyone just calls you BOUEIBU for short.

Your strife specibus is LOVESTICKKIND and your chumhandle is battleLover. *:・゚✧ Y♥u type with l♥ts ♥f l♥ve and magic! *:・゚✧

Now it’s time for LOVE MAKING!

[[I-I don’t know… I wanted to… He kinda looks like a Trickster haha… *runs*]]

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Men often react to women’s words—speaking and writing—as if they were acts of violence; sometimes men react to women’s words with violence. So we lower our voices. Women whisper. Women apologize. Women shut up. Women trivialize what we know. Women shrink. Women pull back. Most women have experienced enough dominance from men—control, violence, insult, contempt—that no threat seems empty.
—  Andrea Dworkin, Intercourse

I’ve written almost all of the raps on our album. Although there are times when I think that it would be nice if people acknowledged that, at the same time they may also be very trivial parts that could easily be skipped over. I don’t think that I should go around saying that I did this, I did that, wondering why people won’t give me recognition. I gain strength when I see the writings of fans wondering, Minho oppa did this but why won’t people acknowledge it?


Imitation fascination,
Unseen playwright,
I used to bleed in ink,
But now I am technology,
Liquid crystal hemorrhaging,
Microprocessed misery,
Dancing on the screen,
Wifi whimpering,
For the jaded adventurer,
Seeking vicarious pain,
Or maybe the impression,
Played on a mobile stage,
Of a similar soul,
Lost in a satellite transferred,
Packet of trivial information,
A little anonymous snap,
To darken the day,
Or soothe the sun,
Until a quick click,
Removes me from relevance

>slaps and pushes their significant other because they’re frustrated and trying to teach them a lesson about some trivial thing
>”LOL you don’t know what you’re talking about, you don’t even have a girlfriend! Mind your own business!”

enjolras with a waist length fishtail braid and a penchant for red lipstick because it makes him feel powerful

enjolras in fitted midnight blue suits with a beautiful curly blond mohawk and sharp eyeliner and a kill-a-man attitude

enjolras who hates how short and freckly he is and always insists on wearing six inch stilettos and cover-up but always ends up rubbing it off because it’s too itchy

enjolras who’s amazingly tall and can never find pants that quite make it to his ankles or sleeves that quite make it to his wrists

enjolras covered in tattoos of verses taken from the french constitution and nasturtium flowers in shades of red, white, and blue

enjolras dressing as those in lower socioeconomic standing do, because he shouldn’t be spending his money on such trivial things as fashion when so many people live in destitution

enjolras with hipster bangs and a blue-and-red streaked sidecut 

Even if I was only attracted to women, I wouldn’t label myself a lesbian. I’ve seen far too much evidence than a non-trivial number of lesbians don’t want to let girls like me into that particular clubhouse, you know?

Oh my god woah Steven Universe tag.
We all sometimes say/do horrendously mean things when we lash out and then feel awful about it instantly and that’s pretty much what Amethyst did?
It’s not abuse to be horribly mean in a single moment of frustration and anger.
I mean I’m not saying it was alright for Amethyst to do that but like, that’s not what abuse is? If Amethyst pulled shit like that all the time and was purposely trying to manipulate Greg and really wanted to bring him down, or was constantly “losing control” in anger that would be one thing, but doing that once and then realizing “holy shit that was super fucked up i shouldn’t have done that” and not doing it again is another.
This is like what you did with Island Adventure?
IDK guys it’s just uncomfortable for me because I feel like your trivializing the word “abuse” when you use it for cartoon characters who did something really shitty on one episode, without evidence that this is a pattern of ongoing abuse or anything like that?
You guys don’t know enough about the situation to call that abuse.
(And this is not to say it’s wrong for abuse victims to feel really uncomfortable about what Amethyst did or relate it to your own abusive relationships. I totally get that.)

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why do i feel so apathetic all the time? i just dont care about what things go on. i feel like im a shell of my former self, or whatever im supposed to be. and everyday is just so empty and everything i do is so meaningless and so trivial. i just dont care about what goes on in my life anymore.

hey anon, 

it’s extremely possible that you might have depression. my best advice to you is to take a look at some of the information i’m going to post from our help guide and to seek out therapy if you can. the best way to get out of this and start to see that what you’re doing does matter is to work with a therapist or a mental health specialist of some kind to find yourself again. 

Depression and Dysthymia

Getting & talking to a therapist

stay safe, 


Life lived in the absence of the psychedelic experience that primordial shamanism is based on is life trivialized, life denied, life enslaved to the ego.
—  Terence McKenna
Capricorn Daily Horoscope March 01, 2015 (Today)

When you encounter a strange person today, try to be accepting, not judgmental.

Toss out all your gossipy magazines and pulp fiction, because you are totally through with thinking about the small and trivial! You’re ready for advanced ideas and concepts. If you challenge your mental abilities, you’ll get a nice ego boost. Go to the bookshelf and grab a classic you never got around to reading — and keep a dictionary handy so you can learn the words that make you stumble. Your growth is in your own hands. Don’t waste this opportunity.