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Are you doing anything for April Fools?

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Yes!!! I queued a bunch of posts ZDK12′s old blog. Sorry, the IRIS robot is dead, insect. 

Are you afraid? What is it you fear? The end of your trivial existence? When the history of my glory is written, your species shall only be a footnote to my magnificence.

Bye Bye.

One of my favorite scenes from that fic a lot of us love, “To Be Well”.

It’s never getting out of my head and never will because seeing big scary monster men getting proper therapy and doing cute things like this make life a lot better. 

(I’m gonna end up going on a little rant here, so I’ll keep it under the cut)

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reminder to self: regardless of your preference for / enjoyment of being alone, talking to other humans is the most important thing you can do for yourself when you’re feeling low—you need that reminder of there being a reality outside your own thoughts…a ‘how has your day been?’ to the barista, a chat about some silly link with a friend, it’s only healthy to pull yourself out of that self-constructed cage at times.

i have this tendency to kind of retreat into my own head when i start thinking negative or destructive thoughts, and i can be surrounded by people but not be completely conscious of that? it always ends up feeling like my surroundings aren’t ‘real’, like they’re merely part of a 360 degree cinema screen on all sides of my body, and i always forget that the most effective way of penetrating that is speaking to another human. get out of your own head for a bit.

Queerness, Tropes & Proof of Love: Why Destiel is Canon

Warning: all the spoilers for Supernatural.



Seen from the outside, love is always a matter of interpretation. Not just the question of its presence, but its nature and depth, its reciprocity and point (or points) of origin. There are, I would argue, as many kinds of love as there are people. Love isn’t static; it grows and changes, waxes and wanes and flourishes in unexpected hearts. To quote my favourite e.e. cummings poem:

and being here imprisoned,tortured here
love everywhere exploding maims and blinds
(but surely does not forget,perish, sleep
cannot be photographed,measured;disdains
the trivial labelling of punctual brains…

Human beings lie about love almost as frequently as we feel it. We lie about being in love – to ourselves, to others – for any number of reasons: because we’re malicious or ignorant; because we’re in denial; because we’re trying to survive or protect ourselves; because we can’t find better words for what we’re feeling; because we want it to be true; because we don’t.

As such, our stories reflect that fact. The observation that the course of true love never did run smooth was true before Shakespeare wrote it and will remain true long after we’ve forgotten he ever did, because when it comes to love, we’re all unreliable narrators. You can challenge the idea of love as presented in any story, because love means something different to everyone. As children,we learn that the fairytale princess always loves the prince, but as adults, we wonder if maybe Snow White simply traded one death for another; if the prince’s actual happily ever after didn’t have a beard and a barony.

Love is no less real for being unconsummated, unreturned, unexpressed, nor is it defined by the purity or rightness of its subjects. Loving someone no more precludes their abuse than excuses it; love can be toxic, suffocating, violent, insensible. Love’s best impulses don’t act as justifications for its worst, and yet we can feel both – do both, even – all at once, and never flinch from the contradiction, assuming we even recognise its presence.

In high school, my favourite history teacher once taught us about a Roman emperor who serially cheated on the wife he famously loved. A girl protested; how could he love her and cheat? Surely the two propositions were mutually exclusive. My teacher shook his head; it was more complex than that. The girl disagreed, as did several other students: being in love meant you didn’t do bad things. No, I said, he’s right. You can love someone and still hurt them. My classmates looked at me like I was a geek for agreeing with the teacher; the teacher looked at me sadly, like he knew how I knew, and wished I didn’t.

(I looked away.)

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Richonne...what is your problem?

So I decided that I wanted to write this post because when I am watching any show, I like to look outside my world of tumblr and see what everyone else is thinking. Sometimes, I second guess myself thinking I may be making things up, or seeing things that are not there when it comes to my ships.  I will look at a moment between my characters and wonder if it can be construed as just friendly and platonic and I am making a romance out of nothing.  Like I initially did with Daryl and Michonne. I shipped them harder before Richonne hit me like a tidal wave.  I also wanted to write this post because so many who are against Richonne don’t have a valid argument as why it could never work out.  It is trivial and dismissive.  As a shipper people tend to call us delusional, but this has been going on before there was a name for it.  We are not a bunch of teens wanting hookups, we value romantic relationships and deep connections.  I am not here to defend the actions and practices of shipping. Back to Richonne. I want to talk about a couple of themes I noticed watching the evolution of Rick and Michonne’s relationship and at the end of this post, if you could manage to not come at me in a derogatory way, tell me if you agree or disagree, so I can understand.  I am not trying to convert non believers into believers. I am just trying to point out my evidence. 

(Disclaimer:  THIS IS NOT ABOUT THE COMICS. I may bring them up, but I’m really just focusing on the TV show. I am fully aware that TPTB have full control of my ship, they could be dicking me around, and not have the balls to pair the two, but the groundwork is there)

So the first theme I want to touch upon is how Rick and Michonne scenes are directed.  Going back to season 3, from the time that they meet, they’ve ended Richonne interactions with “lingers”. That is the only way I can explain it. The camera stays on either Rick or Michonne when the other leaves, to show either them staring at the other, or in deep thought due to the conversation.  It starts in 3x7 when Rick saves Michonne outside the prison gates.  He is asking her for her name, she tells him nothing and he leaves, but the camera stays on her showing her reaction.  We can chalk this up to just two distrustful people feeling each other out except it continues up to where we are currently. They still make it a point to shoot these “lingers” with only these two characters together (and a little Jessie but I will touch on that later on).  In season 3, I counted about 8 lingers.  The most obvious are in Clear, after Michonne hands him the bullet as well as her leaving with Carl and in Welcome to the Tombs after the famous “It must have been something else then” line.  This theme continues into season 4 when Michonne quickly leaves on a run with Daryl after just getting there and at the house Rick, Carl and Michonne shacked up in after the prison fell. Camera lingers on Rick after Michonne tells him to rest. Then seeing them off, he lingers on the front porch. Fast forward to season 5, right before the ASZ they linger on Michonne after her talk with Rick about letting the fight go. Then where the camera lingers on Michonne after their late night talk in ASZ by the window, finally after their beauty of a conversation in the finale with the “I’m still with you.”  So one would have to believe that the directors are quite keen on how they portray and shoot the Rick and Michonne dynamic.  It is done purposely to show the intense connection of the two characters and how they feel about one another when the other isn’t watching.  What I wanted to say about the Rick and Jessie lingers (I won’t be talking much about Jessie because I want to focus on Richonne) is that Jessie is clearly being used as a romantic interest for Rick. Why use the same tactics used in Richonne interactions for a romantic one, if that is not what you are trying to portray or hint at.  Interesting.

Next let’s talk about Family and Home and why Richonne isn’t your garden variety Brotp. There is nothing bro-like with Michonne and Rick. The Walking Dead is a show about Rick Grimes, his losses and his triumphs. Everyone is playing a role in the Rick Grimes story and Michonne isn’t playing bro, that is reserved for none other than Mr. Daryl Dixon. Let’s talk about losses.  Starting with Rick.  He lost his emotional connection in his wife Lori, and his brotherly support in his best friend Shane.  Michonne lost her emotional connection in her boyfriend Mike, and her motherly connection and love in her son Andre, and the best friend connection in Andrea. Carl lost his mother, and Daryl lost his brother. In season 4, they made it a point to start this Grimes family unit which includes Daryl. 

In the comics, Carl had this fascination with Michonne, he thought she was cool, but the closeness, and connection between her and Carl runs deeper on the show. She is like a MOTHER to him. Not a best friend, not a big sister, or “cool aunt”.  She is not his mother and doesn’t come at him like she is trying to be, but when she speaks he listens. Starting in Clear, and in the church with Father Gabriel, Michonne says do something and Carl does it. Carl goes against his father many times, but Michonne says quit it and he does.  Michonne constantly compares Carl to her own son Andre, making off handed comments about how he was a hand full just like him.  Quickly they have established Mother/Son dynamic. The way she holds him like his mother did.  They didn’t put Michonne in those moments in the comics, because I do think they were going for really close friends with shared background who understand each other at another level, but in the show these are purposeful changes to link Michonne with this family forever. 

Then you have Rick. When two people are in love you have a support system, his support is so evidently Michonne.  He engages her in almost every decision he makes since the fall of the prison, and when he doesn’t we see how that turns out.  A lover is someone who can handle the real you.  That is Michonne for Rick.  Rick does not have to be leader Rick all the time around her.  She seen him at his crazy.  She understood him and didn’t judge him for it (Lori’s ghost, Throat bite, Termite slaughter). She has been there at his most vulnerable (Governor almost killed him and he’s weak as well as being scared of ASZ). They are so in tune, they only need a look.  Rick’s character, while strong has always needed validation.  He was looking for it with Lori in the earlier seasons and now he has it with Michonne.  When she asked is this home, back at the house they stayed in for a while, he made the call of staying there for a little, then he just stares at her, waiting to see if she would validate his decision and she does.  He engages her when they are at Terminus, always looking to see if she is on board with him. We all know Rick and Lori’s relationship was strained even before the turn.  They married at a young age, they moved quickly. He most definitely loved her and still holds the guilt about the way things turned out. THIS IS WHY RICHONNE IS SO COMPELLING. This love growing between the two didn’t start because one was smitten with the other. They laid the groundwork that started with “common interests”.  For Michonne, Rick is everything that Mike wasn’t in that he is a fighter like her.  He will do anything for his family and she respects that because that is who she is.  For her, being around Rick allows her to relax,  and have a partnership almost, well most definitely really, to not have to be on guard all the time.  She never had that. To love like she used to after being so alone. He is her support.  When Michonne and Rick talk, they talk about a future, she is involved in his future along with his children.  That is no accident.  When Rick talks about a desire for a home, Michonne is there.  Michonne refers to where she, Rick and Carl stay as home.  Where they live together in the ASZ as home, Carl calls his house with his Dad, Judith and Michonne as home. Home is where those 4 are. You can not dismiss Michonne as a bro because her connection with Rick, Carl and Judith run deeper than that. Daryl is a bro and he is not in their home. Daryl fulfills the void Shane left.  He is Rick’s right hand man, constantly letting him know he is with him, but is not one to challenge him in any real way. Like a wife would (Michonne) for the betterment of the whole family group.Rick specifically tells Daryl you’re my brother.  He hasn’t quite friendzoned Michonne like that in anyway.  I’ll discuss that later.

Season 4 and 5A is all about the unit. They made it a point to show. I will break it down as best as I can.

  • Rick and Carl run to greet Michonne at the prison. (Mom’s back)
  •  Family friend/Bro/Uncle Daryl comes next to greet Michonne.
  •  Michonne is talking to Mike in After, she said she knows the answer to Why? The answer is love. Cue, pudding can, (Mom finds husband and son.)
  • Michonne, Rick, Carl find brother/uncle Daryl
  • They enter Terminus in order, Rick, Michonne, Carl, Daryl
  • In the train car, Rick, Michonne, Carl making weapons, shot together
  • When they are about to make the move, Rick looks back, Michonne is right behind, and then behind her is Carl. (Husband, Wife, Son)
  • Rick opens the Train car, first its Carl greeting Dad, then Michonne greeting husband

(You get where I’m going here?)

  • After they escape Terminus, Judith reunion includes MICHONNE. They are shot like a family. (Husband, Wife, Son, Daughter)
  • When they are traveling on the road after Terminus, Michonne goes to kill the walker, shes missing her katana, right behind her watching her is Bro/Uncle Daryl and Husband Rick
  • Saving the priest it pans out to Michonne Carl and Rick in the same vicinity.
  • Walking into the church first is Rick, Carl, Michonne, then Daryl.
  • When Abraham presses the D.C. situation, Michonne speaks up, Rick agrees, Daryl chimes in.
  • at dinner, Michonne, Rick, Judith
  • Rick leaves Michonne with his kids despite her being the best fighter next to Daryl and would be an asset in saving Beth and Carol. (Protecting wife and kids. They shot the scene like Daddy leaving for work, I mean come on.)
  • in 5x11 starving in the barn, everyone gets a closeup, Rick gets a close up, and it includes Michonne, Carl and Judith (family)
  • Ride in the car together, family. Live in the same home, family.

(I have more examples but for the interest of not rambling.)

It wasn’t until 5B that they broke up the “family” and shit went crazy.  So what I’m saying is Rick, Carl, Michonne, Judith and Daryl go together, with Daryl fulfilling Bro/Uncle duties and Michonne fulfilling Motherly/Wifely duties.  So why couldn’t Richonne work? hmm…

Let’s get into… 


I have a few examples of Rick being concerned, or at the very least aware of the amount of time Michonne has been gone.  Starts with Michonne returning on horseback. “You gonna stay a while?”  Concerned that she’s been gone, then when she says she is thinking of looking at Macon, clearly agitated that she wants to leave again.   Second, when she is going on a run with Carl, he says, “How long do you think you’ll be?” Yeah, I fully concede that this probably because she is going out with his son, but still.  Thirdly when she wants to check Aaron’s story about the cars. “You have 60 minutes then we’ll come.” Then you have the brushing of the teeth. “How long was I in there for?” … “20 minutes” Okay Rick is constantly aware of where Michonne is and how long she is away. Does he do this with his bro Daryl? Nope. Daryl was gone finding water, and off alone, he wasn’t clocking him. So I just find that interesting. 

Finger Twitches and such.


and this.

He only does this Michonne. I read it as a nervous tick or something. Michonne knows him so well, she makes him feel a certain way, when Michonne gets deep, or if he is too into his feelings, he does this. Why? Only Andy knows. We all have a crush that we act weird around.  Go back and watch the episode Clear where I first noticed Rick’s finger twitching. Then go to Welcome to the Tombs where he can’t look Michonne directly into the eye for the first time (probably for the sake of getting lost in them). I notice these things, that my friends is called sexual tension (The Rick is not attracted to her argument does not hold water my friends).

Maggie and Michonne.

I’ve noticed that in the extended family, Michonne and Maggie have bonded, and how her relationship with Rick parallels with Maggie and Glenn on a very subtle and discreet level. When Abraham and Rick were getting into it about leaving for DC or staying and dealing with Terminus, Glenn being peacekeeper, behind him was Michonne standing next to Maggie.  Two wives, ready to back up their men (Not Sasha who would have more reason to be there).  Then you have the barn scene with Aaron, they show Glenn looks back at Maggie first, then Rick looks back at Michonne.  That parallel is staring you right in the face.  The women they love, backing up their men. Purposefully put there by the directors (Not just a bro).

 The BOB effect.

On their way to the church pantry, Bob talks to Rick about the world, and how it will get better, his lecture on Rick letting too much go and how this is just a nightmare, soon he’ll be back in the real world.  I find it interesting that after this conversation on their way back to the church, he engages Michonne about her sword whether she misses it, and how she got so good at it. Desiring to know a little bit more about the woman whom he trusts so much.  Michonne is talking to him about letting go of the fight, Rick brings up Bob again and about letting someone in.  Then he has that “I’m still with you” conversation with Michonne in the finale and Bob’s voice comes back to him.  I wonder what Bob is telling you about Michonne Rick.  Bob’s voice doesn’t come to him when he sees Jessie, or the house, or the town of ASZ.  It comes to him when he speaks with Michonne.  

That Wedding Ring.

In Clear, Michonne gives Rick the single bullet.  Directors choose to zoom in on this exchange, clear shot of Rick’s wedding band.  In Conquer Rick is handing Michonne the gun, clear shot of the wedding band, even as he tries a second time, we get the wedding band.  Keep in mind only these two have those hand close up scenes.  The directors and producers want you to remember there is something about them.

Quick Parallels between Rick and Michonne (that may not mean anything, but doesn’t mean nothing)

  • They both had an epic one on one fight with the Governor
  • They both got shot in the same place (leg/ thigh)
  • Rick saves Michonne from Walkers, Michonne saves Rick from Governor
  • Michonne saves Rick from booby trap at Morgan’s house, Rick saves Michonne from booby trap at Morgan’s house.
  • Both rode the crazy train (Michonne talks to Mike, Rick talks/sees Lori)
  • The new looks. We saw Michonne’s reaction and ONLY her reaction (in Team Family, so not counting Deanna) to Rick’s clean shaven face.  Not even Carl’s.  We saw Rick’s reaction and ONLY Rick’s reaction to Michonne in her cop uniform.  
  • Music plays when Deanna give Rick the constable jobs and they are teaming up. Music plays when Rick and Michonne reconcile and they are back, teaming up again. (Soft music at that)

What about 5B?

5B, after digesting it all, solidified for me that Richonne isn’t wishful thinking.  The writers purposely took Michonne away from the group and Rick to show how they, and Rick specifically will act without her. Rick went to ASZ for Michonne no doubt about it.  Once he got into those walls he was overwhelmed, at how much Lori would have wanted that place, shadows of Lori equals crazy train for Rick.  There is a theme in this show, You can’t go back. Jessie, what she represents would be going back.  Michonne, everything she represents would be his future.  Its no coincidence that when Michonne knocks him back to the real world, Carl is shown with his first interaction with his father. He forgot for a quick second what he was fighting for. Michonne reminds him with her favorite word “We”. Then in their last conversation she made it more personal, with the “I”. “I’m still with you”. Rick becomes fully aware of the hold Michonne has on him.  He tried to deflect his need for Michonne, with Carl needs her, back in season 4 at the house, but it is evident he needs her as well.  Much more than he needs his brother Daryl.  She holds a special place.  NO ONE HAS THAT POWER OVER HIM. The last person who did was…Lori.  I thought Rick’s conversation with Jessie in the finale was interesting.  We only see his reflection in the glass that is still intact.  I have this weird interpretation that Jessie is in the broken window, life with her is broken, he now is intact.  She was chaos, for him.  I fully expect Jessie and Rick to get together next season, but I also believe that Rick will not move on until he takes off his ring. The build up of Richonne will not be torn down by one woman who needed saving. Michonne and Rick saved each other. In the little pow wow, Michonne is the first to speak on Rick’s behalf (wifey).  Jessie doesn’t say a word to help justify Rick’s actions. Jessie and Rick is superficial.  It would be quick, it will fail, it is Lori 2.0, but as much as Lori annoyed me, comparing her to Jessie does her a disservice.  Lori was stronger than Jessie, but not strong enough, for Rick to survive he needs someone who is stronger and that person is Michonne.

I have a lot more notes and analysis on Richonne, including quotes that have been echoed by the two (I’ll touch on that in a later post), but this post has gotten too long and way out of hand. It is my response to people who call our ship delusional or some sort of pipe dream. Now if you don’t ship it, I would hope you would have a valid reason why instead of degrading Michonne. If you do, do you agree or disagree with any of my assessments?  Thanks for reading! :) Please give me feedback and excuse the typos. 

“Becoming a Cast Member has changed my whole perspective on Disney. I’ve learned why they’ve had to change and impose some rules that seem to only anger guests. Now I’m caught in this middle ground where I want to defend the Company but also want people to feel the magic like I do. It eats me up when a guest comes up to complain that Disney is picky about something seemingly trivial, but has caused Cast trouble in the past, so I’m stuck somewhere between empathy and apathy.”

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Today is DynaPapa’s Birthday

but he is out of town. However, I’m not letting this trivial detail keep me from having birthday cake in his honor. Oh, don’t worry. I also have a cake on order for him when he gets home Saturday. 

Don’t judge.

I’m an adult. I cake how I wanna cake. 

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That blog gayapocalypse is saying some seriously damaging things. They say that heteromantic aces can get over whatever "shitty times" they face and is mocking their struggle. My heteromantic ace friend was raped because she didn't want to sleep with a guy and that blog is literally telling her "boo hoo get over it" because she doesn't experience homophobia so her issues are basically trivial. I don't know how to handle this I'm so disgusted and upset. I don't understand their thought process

Aces like your friend are the reason we are so vehemently opposed to what that blogger is doing and saying. Here’s how to handle it:

  1. Do not interact with them. Do not message them, do not reblog anything from them.
  2. Block them. 
  3. Reblog something from here to warn your followers so other aces can also take steps 1 and 2. 
  4. Make sure you never, ever say anything as damaging as what they are saying. 
  5. Help others to see how hurtful those words are and why they should not be said.
  6. Repeat steps 1 and 2 with anyone who refuses to see that. 

This kind of identity policing and gatekeeping is utterly  unacceptable, and anyone who participates in it is not welcome in our community. Period the end. I don’t care how you identify - if you think you can tell other people what labels they should use, or that they don’t belong in a community that is for people like them, or that their oppression isn’t “enough oppression,” then you need to disconnect your internet, staple your mouth shut, and forget how to use any known language. No one needs to hear that toxic shit.


I kind of feel like if we started calling them ‘content warnings’ instead of ‘trigger warnings’ a lot of the assholes who mock them would shut the hell up about it because content warnings are something we’re used to seeing in actual, daily life

When academic librarians trivialize public librarians...

A local information literacy group needed a presentation for its regular meeting, so I suggested an amazing public librarian friend who works with makerspaces. When I suggested it to the group, made up of mostly academic librarians (myself included), one person questioned if this public librarian understood the concept of information literacy and suggested they might not understand the difference between computer literacy and IL. 

“Chill... I started an Ameblog.”

[originally posted 3.31.15]

To those that I’m just meeting, though I think there are more that I should be thanking for this not being the first time, since it’s my ameblog debut I’ll introduce myself.

I’m called Katono Taiko.

I’m sorry my name is hard to read. [he has weird kanji readings.]
Born 10.27.1992, a Scorpio, A-type blood, um my hobbies are… ah, those are trivial. I’m sorry.

Though this is my first time writing on an ameblog, I’ve had a blog over on my company’s site up until now, and I’ll take care to not duplicate too much between the two.
…but I’m very inexperienced, so please point out my mistakes.

Isn’t it a little odd to have a random selfie in the middle of your first update~? you might say, so I have one excuse.
It’s the first post, so I ask you the favor of remembering my face. I realize that’s quite selfish and will try to keep it contained.

From now on I’ll write very loosely so please keep reading my posts.

Lastly, one more time,

my name is

Katono Taiko.

Please don’t get it wrong and say “Uetono” or “Kamitono”…

Well, later.


Transgender Day of Visibility  - Six Selfies

While it may be  a bit trivial, I wanted to post pictures of myself because I know there are many of us who were not able to make it and  show their full selves to their truest potential, or by showing it were taken from us far too soon.

I am not yet out to my conservative parents, but it’s a slow process of showing more of the man I am and becoming who I know I can be. 

While I can’t be visible in my everyday life, I will show my face to the world and continue to remind myself I will survive and thrive.

somewhatnewtothis asked:

Any thoughts on how to write in an original universe? I've got ideas galore for non story-related trivia and an (I think) interesting setting, but it needs substance for story and I find I'm coming up with more trivial details when trying to think of how to write it story wise. It's a fantasy universe btw

this is how I do it

  1. Make Cool Shit (magic, lore, politics, military, whatever)
  2. Make laws of the universe (like laws of physics) that the Cool Shit has to abide by no matter what
  3. Make your characters work to do other Cool Shit while being restricted by these irrefutable laws
  4. Breaking these laws should have consequences so grave and important that they create world-shattering events and the country or even the universe is changed by these laws being broken


I’ll use MSD as an example

  1. Fucking dragons and shapeshifting and shit
  2. You can only turn into a dragon if you make a great sacrifice
  3. The girls have to save the day and use their powers in clever ways to avoid making daily sacrifices.
  4. Mizuchi and Jo can both transform with minor sacrifices, but this is because they sacrificed something HUGE in their past, something that affects them to this day.

these are the core rules (IN MY OPINION) of making an engaging setting for your characters to do stuff in.

if you’re talking like “how do I build a fantasy government?” or more concrete world building tips, then my answer is “research. loooooooots of research.”

it terrifies me that people cant think of intimate things that dont involve sex.
I feel that because I allow myself to be emotionally vulnerable and so does my boyfriend, that everything we do together is intimate. Sitting in silence together is intimate. Staring at each other is intimate. Scrolling thru insta is intimate. Watching x files is intimate! I think that the most trivial, ordinary things (as well as grander things like traveling together - our ultimate dream) can be so intimate and special when you’re with the right person.


“social justice” nowadays is such a fucking joke.

it’s getting to the point where i can’t take it seriously anymore when someone says something is “[X]ist” or “[X]phobic.”

which is sad because those are actually serious issues, and they’ve become completely trivialized by the very people who claim to want to raise awareness of them.

like there are literally people out there getting beaten and murdered for being trans, and yet everyone chooses to get their collective titties in a twist over a male character on a cartoon wearing a dress on screen for 15 seconds.

whether it’s your intent or not, you are taking serious issues and turning them into a joke for other people to laugh at.

you are setting your movement back more and more every time you do this.

good job.