traits i associate with the signs based on personal experience
  • aries:talkative, proud, kind, loves giving compliments, creative, loves helping others.
  • taurus:funny, warm, forgiving, worries about trivial things, studious, artistic.
  • gemini:talkative, helpful, forgetful, good listener, intelligent, pessimistic.
  • cancer:self-absorbed, quiet, silly, moody, anxious, scared of a lot of things, low self-esteem.
  • leo:confident, loud, lots of personality, great performers, competitive, driven.
  • virgo:street smart, tough, weird sense of humor, loyal, scary when mad, protective.
  • libra:distant, angry, easy to irritate, funny, humble, relentless, motivated by money.
  • scorpio:secretive, passive aggressive, jealous, beautiful, dangerous, sweet, sensitive.
  • sagittarius:goofy, cute, very kind, smells good, avoids direct eye contact.
  • capricorn:likes to make others laugh, tries to impress, loyal, forgiving, shy.
  • aquarius:welcoming, calm and collected, soothing, jovial, just happy to be here.
  • pisces:withdrawn, sleepy and slow, quiet, short temper, selfish, innovative.

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You know, if people were campaigning against mind control powered super villains on the grounds of "they remove others consent, they're basically rapists" I might almost agree with the sj crowd with relation to comics. But, no, they cry out at only the most trivial shit.

Considering Purple Man and Mandril are both confirmed serial rapists (toned down in recent years).

why would u watch hetalia when you could watch something that isnt genocide trivializing and antisemitic


god i can’t even look at my mom. we got into an argument late last night bc of something stupid and trivial, and i learned just how disgustingly homophobic she was?? she kept yelling at me and asking if i agree with them [lesbians] to which i kept responding I have to respect their choices and lifestyles. and just my skin kept crawling with disgust at her next words like “it’s fucking disgusting, woman with woman. why can’t they find a man?” she shares the same viewpoints when i asked about gays and trans (although im sure she doesn’t know what trans means - she’d probably be even more disgusted). just shocked me so so much. and the things she was threatening me with if i ever “did something that bad” made me realize firsthand how bad some people who actually are homosexual have it. a parent is supposed to love their child unconditionally. not fucking abuse and throw them out simply because of who they love.

if there’s only one good thing out of this disaster, it’s that i finally have a fucking excuse to keep her from living with me and any future children. bc im not going to allow a racist and homophobic grandma to be around her grandkids. not unless she learns to change her views.

We’re all going to die, all of us, what a circus! That alone should make us love each other but it doesn’t. We are terrorized and flattened by trivialities, we are eaten up by nothing.
—  Charles Bukowski

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also I feel like there's enough fic abt them getting together so maybe anything but w tomlinshaw being in a stablished relationship where everyone knows and the drama is actually v trivial abt living w each other or loving each other whatever married people drama but everything is filled w domesticity and stability and unconditional love and dogs and kids idk happy stuff

WHATEVER, MARRIED PEOPLE DRAMA” I’M SCREAMING. you can’t just SAY THESE THINGS TO ME. oh they would be SO CUTE, bicker-y and nit-picky but aggressively in love!!!!!!!! i’m obsessed with nick putting things out of louis’ reach when he’s mad. like maybe he hides the controls for fifa on the top of the kitchen cabinets!!!!!!!! and louis “forgets” to buy coffee. but they invite people over to have huge sunday roasts, THEIR KIDS RUNNING ABOUT UNDER FOOT AND NICK’S HALFWAY TO DRUNK MIDDAY AND THEY TRIED TO BAKE A PIE BUT HONESTLY ENDED UP THROWING FLOUR AT EACH OTHER AND DECIDED TO JUST ORDER MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF FOOD.



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Thistle - Dragon Age


It is not that Cassandra was unprepared for the inevitability of pomp and ceremony when she accepted the offer to be Divine, but she did not expect how much people would expect her to participate in the planning of such fripperies. Apparently matters as trivial as plate settings at the coronation banquet are things she is required to consider, and the number of such decisions she is expected to make have snowballed—avalanched—into a swath of papers that have taken over her desk. It is enough to make her rethink taking this on. With a disgusted sigh, she tries to gather them up in a somewhat orderly pile. She almost succeeds, but deposits them on top of an already precarious stack of something, which then topples. 

“Maker take you all, and your pointless, foolish requests!” She snarls, kicking the papers. It is a futile gesture, unworthy of a Seeker or future Divine, but it makes her feel better nonetheless.

“Is this a bad time? I’ll come back later if you wish.” Lavellan has appeared at the top of the stairs, both concern and amusement on his face as he surveys the… situation in front of him. Something must show on her face, because he strides towards her and holds out his arms. Cassandra steps into them, pressing her face against his shoulder. She can feel a kiss pressed against her temple, warm and comforting. She sighs and steps back, surveying the mess behind her.

“Do you have this much paperwork to do? Please tell me yes.” 

“I assure you that I have never had more paperwork than I can handle. Which is why I give it all to my advisors and clerks.” His face is mock serious, and despite herself, she smiles. He catches her eye, actually sincere now. “But if it helps you, I will sit here and deal with every last bit.” 

She hands him a page at random, and he reads it, face steadily becoming more horrified. 

“Are you sure we can’t burn it all? Will they even remember these things without the paper to remind them?” Cassandra looks at it.

“This one? Probably not.” He smiles and tosses it into the fire. She laces their fingers together, watching as it is consigned to the flames.

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I don't have that many friends and honestly it makes me sad because everyone else seems to have all these interesting stories and I never have much to say. I've gone through a lot over these past few months so I feel like a part of me has died, almost like I've lost part of my enthusiasm and I don't know how to get it back. How do you make yourself interesting? how do you make yourself someone people want to talk to and take seriously? I feel like everyone takes me as a joke and I am tired.

Commit to three things a day. Every routine experience brings a different flavour every time. I work every week- each time I do, something else happens. I’m embedded with another story, another quirky customer, another experience. It doesn’t seem like much but these sheer layers of trivialities accumulate and have a huge net effect. If you can commit to going to a coffee shop every day, going for a walk every day, riding the subway every day, calling your mum everyday. Do things that bring you into the world- and if you feel disconnected or sedentary- invest more effort into surrounding yourself with life. It’s the best thing to do if you’re feeling down because a) connections, even smiling at strangers can be very gratifying, b) it opens up opportunity for change, friendship, connection - the reason starbucks is so successful is because during training we are encouraged to remember peoples first names and use them- turn coffee into seeing a familiar and friendly face- it’s all about building those connections that keep life special, that get you out of bed. c) it gets your mind off whatever is getting you down, d) It creates discipline in one area of your life- which will transfer to other areas. No one is inherently an interesting person. People can have an intersting story but unless that comes with good communication skills, warmth, openness, then they really have nothing. You don’t need to be wildly intriguing. I have a pretty vanilla story but I am very popular and being social is very natural to me. Being a good listener and offering an energetic and positive presence goes such a long way. So does confidence and just doing something with your life- attacking the world through multiple directions so you can get different tastes. Just get outside and go do. 

Honestly, the only messages I keep in my inbox are those from littlemonsterhelp. If you ever need to talk to someone, send a message their way! They are literally so helpful and have helped me through stuff that most other people would find trivial. Thank you so much for running your blog, it means the world to me and many othe people! :)

when i was hella younger like between ever since i can remember until age 12 there was this somali man that everyone called quthaar man that would come around with a truck full of vegetables every family would buy from once a week and a caano man that came saturday mornings with a cart full of milk and it was so trivial to me growing up but honestly in retrospect its fucking awesome

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Anonymous said: I'm in a relationship with an INTJ and I don't know what to talk to him about. I get nervous because I don't want to bring up trivial or mundane topics such as what I did that day or how it was because neither of us enjoy it. But I don't know how to bring interesting topics up. Where do I start?

Why, hello, Anonymous who is apparently a fan of spectatingwanderer.

Very dominant INTJ, eh?  I like the ring of that.  I shouldn’t, allegedly.  Oh well.


There’s no need to be so nervous all the time, Anon.  The Judging tendency of the INTJ leads them to gather information in order to make an informed determination.  The fact that you’re in a relationship with your INTJ indicates your INTJ has made a positive determination on you.  One lovely feature that comes with your INTJ is loyalty; ergo, your INTJ will not dismiss you on a whim.

Now.  Before I get to the conversation, I will remind you that comfortable silence is a perfectly acceptable bonding activity.

You don’t have to avoid mundane topics like the plague.  INTJs love professing their hatred for mundane topics, but the horror we generally imagine when we make that statement is an entire conversation built around pleasantries.  Mundane conversation-starters aren’t taboo; while your INTJ may not be a fan (especially if you have a blunt INTJ), they should be able to respect it as a means to an end.  Besides, the blunt INTJs are very good at bulldozing through the boring.

You:  So.  The sky is blue.

Your INTJ:  Actually, it’s violet.

Then you will discuss the electromagnetic spectrum, perhaps the evolution of color perception, and if you’re lucky, the subjectivity of color.

You say neither of you like talking about how the day’s been going — great!  Don’t.  However, please do not feel pressured to never bring it up, especially if something comes up you want to share.  Your INTJ should be willing to lend you support when you seek it, and if your INTJ is never willing to lend an ear, walk away now and never look back.  Myers-Briggs is not an excuse to be a complete jerk.

A blunt INTJ will also not hesitate to jump into the subject they want to talk about, even without a “hello”, and there’s nothing stopping you from doing the same.  I have complied a short list of the types of things INTJs will be glad to discuss with you to help you get started.

Science and Technology

e.g. Did you know chemical engineers have carbonized packing peanuts for lithium battery anodes?

Use also: Isn’t Bill Nye simply wonderful?

Political News

e.g. Do you realize the United States has begun a proxy war against itself?

Use also: How do feel about the effect the French ideal laïcité has on its culture and legislature?


What do you think about Marx’s view on human nature?


Peter Thiel Explains How An Esoteric Philosophy Book Shaped His Worldview
  • Business Insider:When did you first read “Things Hidden Since the Foundation of the World“? Has your interpretation of Girard’s philosophy changed as you’ve gotten older?
  • Peter Thiel:I first read “Things Hidden” when I was an undergraduate at Stanford. Girard ranges over everything: every book, every myth, every culture — and he always argues boldly. That made him stand out against the rest of academia, which was and still is divided between two approaches: specialised research on trivial questions and grandiose but nihilistic claims that knowledge is impossible.
  • Girard is the opposite of both -- He makes sweeping arguments about big questions based on a view of the whole world. So even when you set aside the scandalous fact that Girard takes Christianity seriously, there is already something heroic and subversive about his work.
  • “Things Hidden Since the Foundation of the World” is an intimidating book. Girard warns on the very first page that he has “deliberately left out all concessions to the reader.” However hard it seems at first, Girard’s philosophy always stresses a few key points. Simplest of all is the idea that imitation is at the root of all behaviour.
  • I’ve noticed that it takes a long time to really sink in. You can understand what his words mean as philosophical concepts without understanding how those concepts play out in life. It’s hardest of all to see how they apply to yourself. I would say that there is no difference in my interpretation of Girard at the level of ideas, but now I have a better sense of how deep his ideas go.
eros laughs in the corner

again you expose
the small of your back
as you bend to pick up
a paper from the floor

it’s all so casual yet
my speech still
falters momentarily
as I long to reach out
run two fingers softly across
your pale patch of skin

causing you perhaps
to turn into my arms
to accept solace and love
with our embrace

instead you stand
turn towards me
without pause
the  conversation

not noticing the remnants
of my desire beyond
a slight quizzical glance
as I finish my discussion
of whatever triviality
is at hand.

(November 2012)

With Z it was like a drinking game

I had been trying to figure out why the show is hardly making an issue of Willow being the youngest at 14. Yet when Zendaya held the record previously at 16 the show reminded you every three seconds.

A few differences….

Brooke vs. Erin. Erin is much better “side line reporter” and doesn’t seem to focus or care about trivial matters like that. Brooke was obsessed with them. Plus I have a feeling Brooke said everything in her ear piece while Erin goes off script. Which leads to another difference…

Different producrs and new show runner. When Zendaya they wanted to milk the age thing but this group with Willow it’s not a big deal.

Most annoying reason of all…Disney. As in the fact people have this image in their heads that those from Disney especially girls are delicate little flowers. So in a sense the show babied Zendaya. And really tried to push the innocent, YOUNGEST EVAH!!! thing. Now Willow is known from Hunger Games a “grown up” and mega movie franchise so she has to be tough and super mature for age.

It doesn’t bother me they don’t mention Willow being 14 all the time. And time can’t be rewind to stop it from happening with Zendaya so frequently. Just its interesting to compare. At least so far.