The Story of Eli Trit, the gay gamer of Florida U.S.A

I usually don’t write about a specific person by name, but this guy whom I’ve never met has come up a few times in the past few days so here’s the story. (Sit back and relax, It’s a long one.)

It all started September 14th at 10:45pm (according to kik). A person by the name of “Eli Trit” messaged me saying that he had seen my tumblr and instagram and said I seemed cool. Here’s a transcript verbatim so I don’t put any personal bias on it. This starts as soon as he said I seemed cool.

Me: Thanks. I’m just being a nerd.

Eli: Lol im a nerd to

Me: Really?

Eli: Yea, what games do you play?
I’ll be by my phone all day, talk to me when you can

Me: Been playing destiny

Eli: Ahh, I see
Do you play anything else?

Me: Not really

Eli: Have you ever played World of Warcraft

Me: No. I don’t play that. I don’t like that study (I meant to say stuff there but typo to people reading)

Eli: Oh
So are you gay, straight, or bi?
Just wondering

Seven minutes after the “Oh” was sent

Me: Who is this? Lol

Eli: I’ve been messaging you since yesterday
And you replied

Me: I’m aware
But you have no profile picture and I know nothing about you except you saw my instagram

Eli: And tumble… But I’m Eli Trit, the gay gamer of Florida U.S.A

Me: I’m in Florida

Eli: Cool
So… Are you gay? I kinda figured but I’m not sure

Me: Yea

Eli: Cool
And you’re cute :*
You have a nice butt :P lol
17 minutes later
Why don’t you reply

Me: I’m doing other stuff
And I don’t know you at all

Eli: Sorry
I’ll leave you alone, I just thought you were hot and I wanted to trade pics

Me: I don’t even know what your face looks like

He then sends a high quality picture of a shirtless man. The man is very tone, yet slim. His hair is short but long enough on top to be done up as is the fashion theses days. The hair is dark brown as are his eyes. Behind him is only blackness.

Eli: I’m a model
You like?
I have a dick too, added bonus :P

Me: That’s not you lol

Eli: I’m going to bed in an hour so reply fast

Me: I don’t think that’s you

Eli: Why?

Me: Because it’s a saved picture not from your camera and I’ve been catfished before.

Eli: Do you want a dick pic?
I picked the hottest one
Do you want a dick pick
OK fine its fake
I’m ugly and insecure

Me: I don’t want a dick pick

Eli: Fine
I’ll send real pic

Me: Okay

Eli: Nvm
Too ugly and fat
I shouldn’t have wasted your time

That was the last I heard from Eli Trit, the gay gamer of Florida U.S.A… but not the last I heard of him.

Yesterday a boy messages me on kik. We get to talking (small talk, way to boring, irrelevant, and long to type out) when eventually he says “This weird guy named Eli Trit keeps messaging me.” 

I told him that I knew that name, looked it up in my conversations and saw who it was. I then told the boy how he had tried to get me to send him a dick pic by sending a fake picture. And the boy told me that Eli was asking the same of him. But that he had sent a picture from his camera. The new boy sends me a picture of a skinny man, in his early twenties wearing a light purple beanie and an avengers tank. His skin is an olive color and his hair and eyes dark brown. On his face is a well trimmed chinstrap, mustache, and goatee. They weren’t connected. And the boy tells me how hot Eli is and how he gets horny every time he sees that picture of Eli.

I told him that he wasn’t my type but that he can do what he wants with Eli. Anyway, we get to talking and this new guy asks me for a dick pic and the following conversation occurs:

Me: Send a camera picture of you first

Boy: I told you, im in public

Me: Of your face

Boy: So you are one of those people

Me: What do you mean?
What people?

Boy: The ones that dont trust people

Me: Only if their profile picture is really attractive. Just the other day someone was sending fake pictures. 
Shouldn’t be a big deal to show you’re really you

Boy: I just want to be trusted

Me: I do. Once I know it’s you

Boy: Look, i g2g, people here are wondering why im just on my phone, we can talk later.

So obviously, I placed him under the “catfish” category until further notice but not 20 minutes later, something happened. A third boy messaged me and said he was a fan and that he saw my tumblr and my instagram. But he also said this Have you met a guy named Elit Trit, he keeps asking me for a dick pic and he says he has had sex with you.”

Let me clarify something. Everything I have typed is my only interaction with anyone named Eli Trit. Eventually, my followers may come across someone I’ve had sex with, but be warned I probably haven’t based off of numbers alone.

So anyway I think that all these three people could be the same person on multiple fake accounts. What do you guys think? Did you even read this? Is it too long? Do you hate my stories? Is it the same person or just a coincidence? 

Send me some fan mail or ask me some questions telling me what you think. Or you can tell me similar stories. I like interacting with my followers. 

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