ganturo answered your question: Build competition!

Are teams able to be formed late? By that I mean what if only 17 Players show up and one team starts with a solo. Can people join that solo?

We’re really hoping no one gets left solo. I think I’ll see what the situation is like before making the decision. I’d really hate to make it unfair for that one person to be left alone to build while everyone else has a team. 

kittyosune answered your question: The Survival Games

is there any way we can spectate from the beginning? or do we have to die first

We will be streaming the event, so you may watch that way. However, if you just wish to watch and still be in-game, it could potentially take up a user slot of someone who wants to play. So we will not allow people to join for pure spectating purposes.

I would advise just playing the map! It’s very fun and it’s very exciting. If you die right away, at least you got to have a bit of fun.