I’m calling this done (even though I cheated and recycled Erica’s and Allison’s faces from my previous sketches - I also did sort of figure out Isaac’s cheekbones in the end) 



*Edit: They are all half-weresquids because some of those leg poses are impossible. I took a lot of artistic liberty… too much of it really. 


I’m not doing commissions normally, but this year, too, I make an exeption for Sterek Campaign auction, so if you want to have one of a kind, (completly handmade - especially for you), triskelion pendant, please bid on me! :D Triangular, round with moon pattern, or completly different shape designed by you, you choose the colors, theme and the inscription on the back, anything you want as long as I have enough materials and skill (hope sooo >.<) to make it for you. Please check my deviantart gallery for the triskelions posts to see what I am able to do. 

Here are the auction rules, and here you can bid on me

I am paying for the shipping of this item myself, all the money from the auction are going to help the wolves! :D


My giant Teen Wolf image of doom. Featuring: air, water, earth, fire… wolves, red hoodies, tattoos, the Hale house fire, Derek + arrows, and wolfsbane.

Prints are available here on my website.

I referenced a ton of photos for this mostly for the wolves, the arrows, the Hale house, the wolfsbane, and a screencap for Derek’s back. The wolf at the top is referenced from this photo. You can see a rough version of the bottom of this image over here that I made for the Season 3 Teen Wolf contest on DA.

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New series of Full Moon Triskelion pendants :D. Teen Wolf inspired and let me tell you, I planned to have them ready by the end of 3A ~~. It took me three months to finally finish them all. 

Handmade by me and one of a kind - there is only one copy of each design. Which one is your favourite? Which moon were you born under?  I just found out I was born exactly in the night of the full Buck Moon :D. You can check your birthday here: http://www.fullmoon.info/en/fullmoon-calendar_1900-2050.html

Aaaand if you are looking to buy a christmas gift for a friend, please consider my pagan triskelion pendants XD. They are all on my etsy here: https://www.etsy.com/shop/Tishaia


Sterek Week: Wednesday || Sterek Manips

Derek often lays awake while Stiles snores quietly, he always worries about what will come next. Even though the supernatural held back over the years, it never really stops coming. Even though Stiles went to college and was gone for so long, eventually he runs with wolves and it’s bound to happen that he gets hurt. After all Stiles is only human.

'The pack human', as he likes to call himself. But he never gave up, never walked away. And it's one of the things Derek loves about him. Stiles doesn't feel pack bonds, but his feelings - his love and worry - for those close to him is just as strong.

Sooner or later Stiles always wakes up and kisses Derek until he stops thinking about what might come and just enjoys what he has. And he’s reminded of that every time he sees the Triskelion on Stiles’ back.