Finally, FINALLY, I get something big to talk about, even if it just might be tinfoily. Here’s the thing:

Read all of it, then come back if you want to know my opinion. Well, what’s the big deal here? Apparently there actually is a secret cabal that controlls most ways of communication. People got screwed over, Drybones controlls most of the prominent pro-GG projects (,,, among others) IRC channels, along with others. It is evident there is a small group controlling comms, and that is no mystery. That is bad. Why? It’s a classic feature built in human beings. Power corrupts. Be it economic power, or anything else. It makes us carry out morally questionable actions. Just take a look at Advanced Warfare and Atlas. (not the best example) The direction GG has taken was adequate for the most part, but there is stuff that I don’t quite agree with. However, I can’t really complain all that much, I don’t participate in real ops a lot.

What I’m saying here is, be wary. Even if they did what was best for GG’s progress, be fucking wary. As well as they can make us go forward, they can destroy us. I’m going to start to break away from this folk. I’ll battle on my own. We need to keep being leaderless.

Shiny out.