What upsets me. Is that in a few years Ali will upload a haul video. And we’ll see a new ring on her finger. And hear high pitched screams of children and Chico running around. Equally, Charles will slowly introduce us, the ctfxc, to a new girlfriend, who will become his fiancé. Then bride. Who will take care of him as he continues to kick the tumours ass, and Zoey and Marley run about.

We will know, as will they. That as perfect and as happy as they are. And we are happy for them. That they’re happy. We will know that those two seperate families. Were once, and always will be; the true Ctfxc

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Once you’ve been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 92 Truths about you. At the end, choose 25 (good luck with that!) people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you.

What was your:
Last beverage: Does water count?
Last phone call: My mother
Last text message: kiah-coldrick aka Chummy :3
Last song you listened to: The Hanging tree from the Mockingjay
Last time you cried: Like an hour ago xD

Have you ever:
Dated someone twice: Nupe
Been cheated on: Nopes
Kissed someone and regretted it: Nope
Lost someone special: Yas
Been depressed: Yahh
Been drunk and threw up: Nope
List 3 favorite colors: Turquoise, navy blue, and black (idc that blacks not a colour)

Last year, have you:
Made a new friend: Yaass
Fallen out of love: Nopes
Laughed until you cried: Nope
Found out who your true friends are: Pretty much
Found out someone was talking about you: Yep
How many people on your fb friends list do you know in real life?: Most of them

First surgery: Never had one. Id like to keep it that way.
First piercing: Dont have one
First best friend: Maybe not the first but one of the very first one that I can remember her name was Natalia
First sports you joined: Net ball
First vacation: Not happened yet.

Right now:
Eating: Nopes
Drinking: Nupe
Waiting for: Tomorrow afternoon

Your future:
Want kids: Yahh
Get married: Hell yeah
Career: Graphic designer probably something like that

Which is better:
Lips or eyes: Le eyes
Hugs or kisses: Hugs
Shorter or taller: Depends
Older or younger: Depends
Romantic or spontaneous: Going to have to go with romantic
Nice stomach or nice arms: Stomach
Sensitive or loud: Both
Hook-Up or relationship: Relationship
Trouble maker or hesitant: Hesitant I guess

Have you ever:
Kissed a stranger: Nopes
Drank hard liquor: Nope
Lost glasses/contacts: Nope
Sex on first date: Hell to the no
Broke someone’s heart: Yes?
Arrested: Nopes
Turned someone down: Yep
Cried when someone died: Well duhh
Fallen for a friend: Yaaaah xD

Do you believe in:
Yourself: More than I used to
Miracles: Yes, no, I dont know
Love at first sight: Maybe? I can see other people falling in love at first sight but not me
Heaven: Nope
Santa Claus: Of course I do
Kiss on the first date: Naah
Angels: Not really

I tag:
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Thank you soo much charlestrippy i love you guys soo much you’re a true inspiration. I literally started crying when it came in the mail. you guys have made the last 4 years of my life so happy. i know you’ll beat this thing stay strong♥