Oh man. I’ve been looking forward to this day in the photo challenge. 

We are so glad we live in sunny SoCal because there are a lot of awesome corgs who live out here and we get to have awesome events like Corgi Beach Day, where we get to meet a lot of other corgis. The best part is that a lot of these awesome corgs are also on Tumblr, so it’s pretty cool to be able to meet them in real life.

Here are some pictures of Gatsby with some of his corgi buddies. From the top and snaking down left to right:

1) Gatsby with Ed!, 2) Gatsby with Ventus, 3) Gatsby with Curry and Ookii, 4 and 5) Gatsby with Curry, Ookii, Chi-Chan (honorary corgi), Jiggles, and Carrot, 6) Gatsby with his cousin, Trinket, 7) Gatsby and his favorite corgi buddy, Andre (@doscorgiboys on IG), and finally, 8) Gatsby and Kuma.


Gatsby, Trinket, and Mochi (Trinket’s brother from the same litter) at the Spring Corgi Beach day.

As we have determined some months ago, Gatsby’s and Trinket’s (and Mochi’s) moms are sisters, which would make them cousins. If you meet all three in person, you’ll see that they have the same color eyes — that unique light golden brown color. You can definitely see the family resemblance.

And bonus: bikini corg is in the background. I’ve since found out that bikini corg’s name is Zoey and that she came from the same breeder as little lady corg (not sure if they’re related though).

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I actually follow a good amount of these, but thanks for all the additional ones :) I’ll probably end up following them all. You can never have enough dogs on your dash. And thanks! I love sharing them with everyone :)