PLEASE READ: Nicki Minaj's Headdress- NOT Native American

Sigh, I can’t believe I have to do this, but I will since people believe whatever is thrown at them without doing research on their own. I feel the need, being Jamaican and knowing a little more about West Indian culture.

Nicki Minaj is West Indian, from Trinidad to be specific… Many of you saw the headpiece she’s wearing in her picture announcing her European Tour and automatically assumed it was a Native American Headpiece and therefore she’s appropriating…without even bothering to take 2 seconds to use google. 

Here are Native American Headpiece’s

Notice something they ALL have in common. They all include little tube-like pieces at the base. The feathers on Native American headpieces are all in the front and fall backwards, there are no feathers in the middle of the head. And they also ALL have feathers that hang down the sides near the temples and cover the ears. Like what Ellie Goulding wore on Halloween…

NONE of which Nicki’s Headpiece has

look closely hers is full with feathers throughout. Google “Native American headdress” You can scroll through HUNDREDS and they will ALL have at least these 3 things in common..The base of Nicki’s headpiece is fur, not even feathers……. like Fur from a DAMN FUR COAT. 

I would think the Peacock feathers would have made it obvious that this is not a native american headdress but I guess not. People see feathers on her head and that’s all they need to make judgement. 

Nicki’s Headpiece has peacock feathers and what’s called “Pheasant feathers” (the long pointy striped feathers) that you won’t find in a Native American headdress …

but you WILL find in Trinidad & Tobago festival attire 

Ex: (Pheasant Feathers)

on this Trinidadian lady you can find Both feathers, Actually the very Top of her headdress looks VERY much like what Nicki is wearing with the mix of feathers and it being very full..  

here’s Nicki in her pound the alarm video where she went BACK to Trinidad (Where she is from) to Film. Her attire is much more colorful with the dyed feathers but you can still see the red Pheasant feathers behind her.

The point is her headdress is clearly different from Native a American headdress. Native Americans aren’t the only people who have feathered headdresses as part of their culture… Like Peacock feathers, really? Take the time to do a little research before accusing her of appropriating Native American culture, stop automatically believing everything thrown at you on this website. Fact check, and don’t be so eager to attack people, it’s not cute or funny. 

… and Happy Birthday Nicki!

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Brianna McCarthy is a mixed media artist who lives and works in Trinidad and Tobago. Her work takes on the intricacies and dynamics of representing Afro-Caribbean women who are portrayed as being strong, long-suffering, exoticised and picturesque beings against a backdrop of poverty, hardship, abuse and/or scorn. McCarthy’s constructions and representations revolt against and subvert the stereotypical trends of representing the black body.

Through various media: collage, drawing, illustration, and painting she constructs and manipulates a range of deeply personal and emotional experiences within the constructions. Her work exposes a new range of depth of expressions and emotions, which for the most part, are non-existent in the recorded cultures of the Caribbean landscape.

Work: Anima/Us Botanica series. 2013. dual selves in ink

in order,  Anima/us Botanica I, Anima/us Botanica II, Anima/us Botanica — A Dance, Anima/us Botanica — Colibrii, Anima/us Botanica — Dryad, Anima/us Botanica — I Remember the Birds,Rhudiannjah- The Daughter