The British variant of the FN FAL, here shown with its sensational wood parts, with a set of plastic parts aswell. These rifles where made by RSAF Enfeild, and Lithgow in Australia. These rifle where adopted after a breif period of using the EM2 Rifle chambered in .280in, something the Brits toyed with after WW2 to replace there .303 Lee Enfeild no4’s.

Often fielded with a Trilux sight, these rifles because knows as being “Soldier proof” during there serivce. One of my favourite rifles fielded by the British!

Range Day

Went to the range with the bosses and had it all to ourselves, which is a lot more peaceful. I wanted to bring out more guns to test but opted to pick a random few. Some quick initial thoughts on each gun…

  • PAR-1 (Pump-Action AK): It was surprisingly fun to shoot. It feels and sounds like a shotgun when working the pump but I had no issues with it. Really glad I brought it and definitely keeping it.
  • SAR-8 (Greek G3 Clone): It has the bipod and the Namibian furniture. I was using the 25 round CETME mags and no issues feeding or ejecting. The Trilux SUIT optic looks cool but it wasn’t ideal. VERY HEAVY.
  • FS2000: Bought this on Black Friday and really wanted to try it out. Ate and ejected everything I fed it; Winchester whitebox ammo to steel-cased Tula. The optic was clear but felt lacking, like it needs an EoTech or Aimpoint.
  • M63 (Mitchell’s Tanker Mauser): With a barrel just under 18” long and shooting 30-06, it was loud and painful. The ribbed metal buttplate doesn’t help at all. This thing punishes your shoulder and I stopped using it after 8 rounds. Sights were poor due to the short radius but you can barely see them since they aren’t like other Mauser carbine sights. Fed and ejected smoothly though.
  • Thunder Five: My 45-70 Govt monster of a revolver. It had the 45 LC/.410 Gauge cylinder installed at first but I swapped in the .45-70 one to shoot. Amazingly it wasn’t that bad to shoot in spite the 2” barrel firing a large rifle caliber. I did experience the cylinder binding but it was my fault. The cylinder capture screw was not properly tightened and caused the issue.
  • Glock 17L: Longslide 9mm that I bought on impulse since Glock was doing their limited production run of them again. Accurate pistol that I probably shot the most of that day. The longer slide and barrel helped with recoil and control.
  • Glock 20 Custom: My first Glock I ever purchased finally got some range time. Because of the Surefire light and the compensator, the G20 was pretty hefty. It helped dampen the recoil and it was very easy to shoot. Recoil was pleasant and didn’t seem excessive.

Troy, Mich., Jan. 22, 2015 – TOGGLED, developer and producer of next-generation solid-state lighting technology, reported today that Koninklijke Philips N.V. (NYSE: PHG AEX: PHIA) is now a licensee to its patent portfolio of over 60 patents primarily related to LED replacements for fluorescent tubes, commonly referred to as TLEDs. The license agreement resolves […]

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To the most comical dad in the world! :) I’m glad he’s my father. & knowing that he’ll be home this March makes me more excited to graduate. :))))

When we were still kids, you taught us to recite this every time we end our conversation on the SSB radio (and we still do, btw) “Babye ‘pa, halong2x, bugnaw2x, sweet kisses, i love you, good night, sweet dreams, lab papa!” xD thank you for making my life extra special. Hihi. I miss you & see you real soon! Happy Birthday! Aylabyu papa. ❤😊😁🎉🎊🎂

Skype kami ni papa kanina...
  • Papa:kmusta naman c Mark?
  • Me:ah, ok lang naman sya.
  • Papa:nagtetext at nagtatawagan pa ba kayo?
  • Me:hindi na pa. Masaya na yun.
  • Papa:bakit sya masaya?
  • Me:(divert topic kasi baka mahalata. Lol) ah, ewan ko basta masaya na yun. Hehe.
  • Papa:ah ganun. Hindi naman kayo nag-aaway?
  • Me:hindi naman. Hehe. (Paano kami mag-aaway e wala na nga kaming communication. Hahahhahaha)
  • Hays. Unexpected yun ah. Di ko naman kasi masabi sa kanila ni papa kasi nahihiya ako. -____- dapat di ko na sya pinakilala sa kanila e. pakshit. Hahhahahahhaha =(
Sweetest day.
  • Ang sarap ng castañas. Naadik ako. (1st time makatikim. XD)
  • Amoy sampaguita ang bag ko.
  • Pagod pero worth it naman.


San Carlos Mansion→Office ni papa →Malate Church/Park→Mini Stop→Bank→Robinson’s Manila→San Carlos Mansion→Greenhills Shopping Center→V Mall/Timezone→Sta. Cruz/Quiapo→Mang Inasal→Luneta Park→San Carlos Mansion. :)))

Hahaha. Ayuuuun. Smile then sleep! :”>