i feel like obi-wan was constantly giving cody heart attacks because as the war went on and got more and more dangerous, obi-wan kept deciding “oh, i kinda feel like wearing less aRMOR TODAY” 

like honestly, look at this:

early in the clone wars he had chest armor that looks like it probably covers his heart from both the front and the back and also has plating all the way up his arms as well as on his shins. it’s not perfect, but it’s definitely something, especially considering how the majority of the time, the enemy used blasters

after the time skip, apparently obi decided all that plastoid was cramping his style so he got rid of basically all of it except for his forearms. i would love to see his clones’ reaction to finding out their reckless general had now made himself even more of a target.

by ROTS obi-wan decided to basically fuck armor entirely, opting for fabric and leather alone, content in the assumption that the power of the force and pure concentrated sass will save him. he doesn’t even have gloves anymore lol. cody has long given up hope.

Any hints as to what we’ll see in The Winner’s Kiss?  
There’s kissing in the The Winner’s Kiss. There’s war. You see more of Roshar, who is a character I loved to write in book two. And he becomes even more important in book three. What else do you want to know?

Will these large power differentials that have defined Kestrel and Arin’s relationship from the beginning be further explored?
Yes, they will be further explored. Something I wanted to do from the beginning was explore how poisonous it can be when there is a big difference in power between two people, no matter how perfect they are for each other. I mean, Kestrel and Arin are pretty perfect for each other, and it’s not their fault there’s this huge imbalance of power, but there is. And it does poison their relationship. So I will say, that they can’t be together until their equal.



I finally finished my Realm of the Elderlings fanvideo! It’s a tribute to the Fool.

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Today’s vlog is a behind the scenes/making of the “All I Am” music video. “All I Am” will be the first single released this summer from my band’s new trilogy of EPs. We’re excited to share this clip and some of the techniques involved in making the video.

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