I’m posting this to clear some things up that apparently people arent really getting when they speak or write about fashion.

This graph explains the life cycle of a trend, now what sets trends and “classics” apart from each other is either that a trend cycle will not repeat itself during the course of 2 decades. While “classics” went through the same peak and decline in their original coming out. But their cycle repeat has become so frequent that it may be yearly and on a seasonal basis, or it may be present at all times but change in color, texture, or medium composition for each season of the year.

note. The “head” of these forms looks like the TAMP used with espresso machines. They have a hole in the top of them that can hold a hang hook with the patterns to this garment. They also can be removed the head can be held in your hand like a candle stick and the underside has a pin cushion and the neck has a little cubby that usually holds a box of pins, sewing kit, tailors chalk, and measuring tape