It has been decided

My first triathlon will be the TriGirl Super Sprint Tri in May 2012.

200 yard open water swim, 8 mile bike, 2 mile run.

No cut off time, very beginner friendly.  This is the one that Ren did for her first tri this year.  She said that everyone is super friendly and supportive. 

So, as soon as registration opens, I’m in.

I think.

👍Last practice #swim 🏊and #wetsuit op-check 🔧🔨 before hitting the road to #KervilleTri
I can say I did 85% of my #training 😅 What happened to the other 15%? 👎Injury. 👎Injury. 👎Injury. 👎
In #triathlon, like in life, you get what you put in to it. This is my first #olympic distance triathlon. Do I expect to podium? No. I expect to finish strong somewhere in the middle of the pack and have an awesome time. I’m ok with that because I know what I put in to it. All this does is fuel me to get back into fitness and strength training in the off-season and to make sure I find a #balance between the two when the #tri season starts up. I’m happy with where I’m at! Never in a million years did I think I’d be racing in a triathlon!

And last words of advice?

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You know the moment you are about to pitch your best creative idea to a potential client? You’ve had late nights. You feel incredibly tired, run down, but full of energy because you think you got this in the bag. You are about to enter the meeting room and you start to shake hands with everyone. You think, “Game on.”

Well, A triathlon feels a bit like that but add the intense adrenaline  sweat, heart racing, mind blowing intensity of pain and you are about to throw up. I experienced my first big triathlon this past weekend. It was amazing. It was 35Degrees and probably the hottest day in london. The event itself was phenomenal because it was a women’s only triathlon. Shock absorber at Eton Dorney lake. I was competing with my own gender! woohoo! What an amazing feeling it is to compete in something so intense with 1000 women. Yes, 1000. I only know 1 other tri girl athlete. So there are 998 others out there in the UK that competed with me on Sunday. 

Either way, the past 2 months have been a roller-coaster of training. Some weeks I was 100% on it, others… well so so. I might have done 10 laps on the pool. It’s hard to train for a tri in just under 2 months. Especially when I’m juggling work and being a mom. So here are my tips for all you women out there that want to do a tri.

Tip 1. Do your first tri on a super sprint or a super super sprint. Don’t go and do a full distance. You will hate it and wont continue.

Tip 2. Find a women’s only one. It’s just more fun!!!! and you dont have to deal with male testosterone 

Tip 3. Find a friend coach that can help with training.  Finding the right gear, lending you the gear that you will need. My friend coach was my hubby. Literally he lent me everything! from his goggles to his bike! the only equipment that I had to spend on was my tri-suit.

Tip 4. If your going to buy gear, find it in gumtree or second hand. Honestly its not worth the money spending on expensive equipment. 

Tip 5. Get ear plugs if you are a novice swimmer. It helps!! i tucked those things under my cap and completely helped me during my training.

Tip 6. Practice, practice with your wetsuit. its a completely different feeling swimming with one.

Tip 7. Get yourself a Turbo bike Trainer  I practiced 99% of my cycling indoors! and it helped! its ok.. you dont have to go to Richmond hill every weekend to train. Just do it in your kitchen. :)

Tip 8. Go to for tips on gear and swimming etc.

Tip 9. get yourself some extra padding shorts for training. Women are shaped very different than men down there and it $$%^ hurts. So get some good padding shorts for training.  I got these at

tip 10. Wake up early for your cycling training (set your turbo bike the night before) use your commute to run (after work) and run to the lido.. :)

seriously doing this completely helped with my training… I now run to work and cycle to do everything else.

Hope this helps and enjoy your triathlon!!!

Meal for two? #RacePrep continues! One thing I have really come to understand in #triathlon is that food is, in fact, fuel. What do i need and how much do i need in order for my engine to keep on chugging 🚂. Electrolytes ➿🍌 protein 🍵🍳 carbs🍞🍚🍝, not too much sugar, not too much fats… If you cut one of these essentials out of your fuel, the engine will not work and your body WILL fail you. Very similar to fad diets. No carb, no fat, high protein, no this no that. It’s all about balance. Your body requires each of these essential macronutrients in order to function properly. When used properly and in moderation your engine will continue to our like a kitten 🐱
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Resultado da corrida de hj, 2o lugar geral feminino!! Muito feliz, voltando a correr no ritmo que eu estava no começo do ano!! Larguei sem pretensões, encaixei um bom pace e me encarnei pra buscar!!! Valeu yan ❤️ e @gelcios pela força!! #tri #triathlon #trigirls #swimbikerun #nadapedalacorre #abtri #sprint #rumoaoiron #rumoaochallenge #gopro a #GoPro picture by camilaleduc posted on September 14, 2014 at 08:05PM

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We have arrived in Hill Country🌄! What a drive💫! #Raceday is less than 48hrs away. Remember it’s not about that one day or that one #goal. It’s definitely been about the #journey for me. Learning about myself, where, when and how to push myself. Learned about what my body can and cannot take. Raceday is the #reward 🏆🏁🏆🏁
Don’t forget to have fun😄 with all you do. When it 🚫stops being fun😐, 🚫 stop doing that thing.
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🙇Lonely girl’s dinner! Just me and my shake 🍵and veggies 🍠🍆🍄🍎tonight! Kids are grown👮💃, husband 👨on travel✈. It helps to have the veggies washed and prepped for occasions like this. Do you have a go to snack or meal? #rachelerobfit #mealprep # dinner #shake #water #veggies #trigirl #triathlete #hypothyroidathlete #thyroidcancer #survivor #eatright #fatloss #fit #nasmsns #nasmcpt #personaltrainer (at

#RaceRehersal done. 13 days to #kervilletriathlon and my first #olympic distance #triathlon
My sister scored me these AWESOME #kicks #nikefree 4.o #flyknit I normally don’t run in #Nike but these have turned out to be a gem! Super comfortable, lightweight, breathable, flexible but still with great support! So thanks @shopgirhl !!!! And I can’t forget to mention my @zocagear tri kit! Super comfy and breathable fabric! I’m ready to ROCK!
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