nicktoonsunite asked:

wow yOU'RE GREAT TOO and I would like to shamefully admit that I've been stalking your blog but I don't follow you for some stupid unknown reason so I'm just gonna do that now and also I've always loved your art style it's so adorable thank

ITS PROBABLY BECAUSE IM ACTUALLY VERY ANNOYING and youd see me on your dash al ot and idk how many people you fol ow and i mean i started queueiong things becayse 

 heo p



anonymous asked:

What happened to your old url? I went there and you were gone and I panicked D: then wept until I saw your art style on my dash. Now I'm weeping in joy ;w;

‘doooh my bad, anon ;0; I got the redirect to work, though it just doesn’t seem to be working on chrome…I guess if it’s too troublesome I’ll go ahead and put my url there like i should’ve in the first place heheh;;

bwaaw thank you so much for making me feel loved thoughdjfdkjfsejs;fe;’ <33