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Hey babe, wanna come inside my cuddle fort, we can cuddle and eat some hot pho afterward, then sleep cuddling each other? :)

seeing as i am ill and (seemingly) have already infected my roommate, your “cuddle fort” would need to be quarantined…

i am a biohazard. i am not to be trifled with.

Fish Mooney Has Brass Ovaries: The Eye Thing...

I hope you realize you cannot fight a person like this? She is scary and clear psycho but the human element is way underground with this one. To do that to self…says much. She frightens me. She controls all of her environment. I loved that scene. Macabre indeed but it went to character. Very very sick, yet powerful woman.

Not a woman to be trifled with. If she would do that to herself. What more would she do to you?

Honestly, all my favorite IR moments are in the HM arc

Like so much juiciness~
We have:
MIMH speech
Third Daughter
Rukia worrying about Ichigo
Rukia not wanting to know what he was doing, but just being glad he’s safe
Rukia not wanting to leave Ichigo to back to SS with everyone else
Nakama speech
Ichigo not wanting to split up because of Rukia
Ichigo turning back on his mission to save Rukia
Ichigo hating Grimjow because he hurt Rukia
Ichigo borrowing Rukia’s speech for his Dad
That’s it, I’m re-reading the hm arc