Record Divider Giveaway!


I’m doing something a little different here today. I got to meet Kate Koeppel recently, who happens to make these really cool record dividers. She’s also super fun to gab about life with over tostadas on summer afternoons. What’s a record divider, you ask? It’s a really great way to keep your stupid record collection organized and alphabetized. As a librarian and someone living in a house with a giant record collection, I doubly approve!

But these dividers aren’t some dinky sign that you make out of cardboard you found in your basement and a sharpie, they’re all handmade by Kate using a technique where she laser cuts the wood that each divider is made of and adds beautiful A-Z typography on each one. Check them out at her online store here:


Let’s just swoon for a second over the perfect trifecta that is records, organization and beautiful typography! Okay, end swoon.

Kate has offered to give away a $75 gift certificate to one lucky My Husband’s Stupid Record Collection reader!


Even the gift certificate is handcrafted and made of laser cut wood.

Here’s what you have to do to get your record collection looking as pretty as this:




Send an email to with the following info: 

Which set of dividers you would buy with your gift certificate and how many records do you have in your collection?

For extra entries, follow both of us on tumblr (Kate’s tumblr is head over there to see an interview I just did with her) and reblog this post. Just include that in your email too.

Contest ends Sunday the 26th at midnight and is open to U.S. residents only.

Thanks and good luck!


"…[An] essential purchase for any collection that values comic-strip reprints … [T]he inventive wordplay, idiosyncratic swamp patter, and goofy slapstick are all in full effect right from the start, as is the broad cast of loony critters that would eventually number upwards of 500 distinct characters. Due to run 12 volumes, this collection completes the holy trifecta, along with Charles Schulz’ Peanuts and George Herriman’s Krazy Kat, of comic strips whose influence cannot be overstated.” – Ian Chipman, Booklist

"…[T]here’s simply no denying Kelly’s mastery: he evokes full characters with nothing but a few choice words, and the sprightliness of his visual style is all fun here, laying the groundwork for what would become profoundly subversive later. The included essays, as is usually the case for Fantagraphics reissues, absolutely nail the context and import of the strip, too. I just don’t think you can say you love comics and not have this around." – David Berry, National Post

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Pogo The Complete Syndicated Comic Strips Vol. 3: “Evidence to the Contrary”
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I hope Chaika gets a Nendoroid cause then I can put her next to Mugi and the Satsuki that ships in November and have the eyebrow trifecta.