I still remember the first day I met you. To be honest,
it had never occurred to me that I could lose to someone.
But any frustration I felt vanished when I thought,
"There's someone more amazing than me."
"I want to be able to swim like him."

dedicated to matsuokav
After the whole HYDRA reveal, some people were like ‘I’d like to punch Brett in the face! How could he?!’ I was like, guys please! I’m not really HYDRA, I just play one on television!
—  Brett Dalton talks about the negative messages he’s received from some of the haters (August Man magazine Sep 2014)

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A soulful relationship denotes a soulmate bond reaching far deeper than the physical or emotional level. Soulmate relationships are far and few but when they do occur, they often last the test of time.
This kind of relationship is marked by an intense connection between two people, one that may even be difficult to convey into words.
Two people just “get each other” — they may finish each other’s sentences, are best friends, and have adopted the us against the world mentality, among other things.

Leo wouldn’t let anyone to help him. When he was young, he would give himself daily injections. It was hard for his family to see him like that. But he didn’t let anyone to help him. He’s always put everything on his shoulders. When he was just a kid, he would think it’s his job to take care of his family. When something goes wrong with Argentina or Barcelona, he always blames himself. It’s always his fault, he did something wrong.. He doesn’t let anyone to share some of the weight, he refuses it. And in the end, he continues to carry everything himself.