Super Mario Bros. 2 Headcanons

Birdo: There are actually three Birdos, all are male… But in my headcanon, the pink one is female, while the red and green ones that spit fire, are males trying to be female.

Wart: Seemingly sinister and acts a LOT more threatening than Bowser, despite him being a giant fat frog. Tends to abuse/frighten his own minions.

Mouser: Rather than the weird french-like guy in the cartoon, he’s a general rogue that likes to steal from places, using explosives to get his way. He ends up turning into an anti-hero that’s friends with Wario later.

Fryguy: Bipolar type… Acts goofy/ridiculous at one point, or a serious character to the other characters… Reason for this seems to be unknown, other than the possible fact he “pretends” to be serious to get on Wart’s good-side. After losing a few times, he becomes an anti-hero along with the others, crushing on Vivian from the Paper Mario series.

Clawgrip: Having a thick accent of a pirate, but REALLY lacks in a majority of brains, he’s very similar to Cirno from Touhou from his claims… “I am a genius!” or “I am the strongest of all of Wart’s men!” Like the other two, he leaves… But is still abused by Fryguy, who calls him an idiot.

Tryclyde: An outcast recruited by Wart, but like the others, he leaves after being convinced… He tends to work with Mouser and Wario though, as they have greedy tendencies. His own heads argue with each other.