WHAT DID FEMALES DO BACK IN THE OLD DAYS BEFORE PADS AND TAMPONS LIKE DID THEY JUST BLEED EVERYWHERE?? IMAGINE A TRIBE JUST LIKE “it’s a trail of blood, I think we’re onto a wounded animal! WE FEAST TONIGHT” and then just finding another tribe like “no sorry my sisters just on her period”


Before They Pass Away by Jimmy Nelson: Vanuatu

“A girl is like a branch of nettle tree – whatever ground you plant it in, it will grow”

Settlement in the 85 Vanuatu islands dates back to around 500 BC. There is evidence that Melanesian navigators from Papua New Guinea were the first to colonise Vanuatu. Over centuries, other migrations followed. Nowadays, all the inhabited islands have their own languages, customs and traditions. Many Vanuatu believe that wealth can be obtained through ceremonies. Dance is an important part of their culture; many villages have dancing grounds called Nasara. A significant traditional event is the Toka festival on Tanna Island, a symbol of alliance and friendship between different tribes.

My Travels in 2014 - May 08, Key Afar, Ethiopia

Abyssinian Portrait III - “Lady Chanel”

Thursday is market day in Key Afar, a city on the Konso - Jinka route and on that day a large number of Banna, Hamer and Tsemay tribe members come for selling their products and buying whatever they will need for the upcoming week. It is also a chance for any tourists nearby to experience the various activities and a good photo opportunity.

My guide helped me to gather a few people in their tribal outfits, we found a mud-wall for the background and I got a few quick images of different Banna people like “Lady Chanel”.

Both the Banna and the Hamer use these colourful beads which they buy at such markets to make different types of jewellery and accessories.