Today was a good day

Being able to run today’s Securian Winter Run Half Marathon at a reasonable pace was always my secret post-surgery recovery goal.  I didn’t mention this to anyone at Mayo because I knew they’d say it was unlikely i could/should do it < 6 weeks after donation.  Fortunately today’s race went well.  I dropped the 8:30 group after 1.5 miles and managed a negative split even though the last mile was really tough.  I finished in 1:48:25, better than my goal time of 1:50 but I’ll admit that I was hoping a miracle would occur and I’d manage a 1:45. This is a great winter race and I’ve run it many times; instead of the standard finisher’s medal they hand out mugs.  Someday I’ll have to figure out how to hang the mugs with the rest of my medals.

I normally look forward to the post-run nap, but today I showered and headed to the University of Minnesota to watch the Gophers flog Illinois with one of my run club buddies.

I have goggle eyes.

And I went to Masters Swim for the first time in my life last night.

And I went to the pool today and swam 2,400 yards, trying to incorporate what I learned last night.

This was after I biked 1:20 this morning.

Now I am very, very tired. Which I guess is good since I look like a weirdo with my goggle eyes.

I go back for session number two of Masters Swim tomorrow. I’m either going to get faster or decide that being slower isn’t so bad. 


This morning was my last run in shorts outside for a while. It’s time to go back home.

While it was great to run on clear sidewalks and without wearing multiple layers, I didn’t hit my Hansons paces like I should have. I don’t think I’m getting the recovery I need.

Now that I should be riding the bike more anyway to get ready for IM Boulder, I’m going to trade out one of my run days for a bike day. I’m also going to make some other small changes and see if I can get myself moving a little faster.

I know that it’s not easy to keep speed as we get older. I’ve never been very fast and I’m 47 so I don’t expect to be setting any records, but I know I can run faster than I am at the moment.


Post Surgery PRs

I’m 26 days into my recovery and today was the farthest, fastest, coldest run so far.  We ran 7.6 miles in 1:07, that’s an 8:49 pace with an avg. HR of 154.   

I would like to think that I’m fully recovered but I can tell that’s not the case from my heart rate.  My heart rate is still a few beats above normal when running/biking as is my resting heart rate.  Pre-surgery my sleeping heart rate would drop to 46-47, right now its only dropping to 50-51.

I’m not sure exactly what’s causing that, though I suspect the lingering effects of the CO2 gas that was injected into my abdomen during surgery in order to distend my abdomen and give the surgeon room to work.  The CO2 gas causes cell death of the peritoneal tissue in the diaphragm region.  This cell death manifests as nerve pain extending into the shoulders.  Although the pain dissipated after 3 days, perhaps the lingering effects are causing my cardio system to be a little less efficient. I’d be interested in hearing from anyone with an expert opinion.

And lastly a pro-tip… when it’s this cold hand warmers are a necessity. In stead of throwing them away after a 1 hour run, seal them in an air-tight bag and you can reuse them for your next run.  (And yes, I tried several times to flip the photo but Tumblr decided that upside down would be more fun).

If I had to pick one personality trait that was essential to becoming an Ironman, it would be persistence. So after the failed swim attempt this morning, I made a second trip to the pool, this time WITH the swim suit and I swam a decent 2,400 yards. Yeah! 

Against my better judgement and the judgement of most of the readers of my previous post, I am planning on running outside tomorrow. One of my best friends is the leader of our Run Club group and she has to go and run no matter what. I’m guessing the group will be small and I don’t want her to be out there alone. 

If you don’t hear from me by mid-day tomorrow, then I’ve turned into a Popsicle! Hopefully, enough layers and chemical warmers will prevent that from happening.


Another weekend, another post about how I still can’t believe how nice the weather is down here.  My brethren up north are expecting some serious snowfall in the next couple days, meanwhile I’m trotting around in a t-shirt.

I do get a bit nostalgic for the real winter when I see pictures and snaps from my friends back home and out west out snowboarding.  I don’t even have my gear with me here, and my prospects of making it out at all this season are dubious.

Anyways, today was my first brick since last season! 40 miles on the bike followed by a 15 minute run.  The last 30 minutes on the bike were supposed to be upper tempo pace, and I had another cyclist tailing me for the last 10 minutes or so that really helped me push and keep up my pace.  My run wasn’t too bad since it was only zone 2 effort, but still a good reminder about how running right off the bike feels (aka not very good).

Dia de o treino: transição natação/ corrida! 2200m de natação com os ultimos 1000m em ritmo de prova (para 18 min) e 45 min de corrida (7,15 km com pace de 6’18”/km, ritmo maravilhoso para mim).
Chefe @roysiqueira ja havia avisado: daqui ate a prova: transição toda semana!! Ta entregue chefe!!!
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Date night at Lifetime

I suppose it’s a good thing that I married someone who agrees that an hour at Lifetime is a perfectly good way to spend a Friday night.  I put 22 miles on the spin bike while Beth swam.  My goal was to keep my watts above 200 and my heart rate under 140.  I could do it, but I had to concentrate on being relaxed and efficient.

Just to keep things interesting, let’s take a survey.  Yes or no, do people look ridiculous wearing over-the-ear Beats headphones at the gym?


This morning’s ride had me pondering, “What the heck was I doing between 1999 and 2006?” Because, up until this past week, I have never seen a single episode of the West Wing. And I have a good reason for not having time to watch TV in those years. My kids were 3 and 4 years old in 1999 and I’m guessing I was busy keeping them alive.

But now I’m making up for lost time! I finished all 10 seasons of Grey’s Anatomy on Netflix so I had to find a replacement. I’ve moved on to The West Wing and I love it! Oh, CJ and Josh and Sam, you and I are going to spend hours together while I bike on the trainer. I have 7 seasons to look forward to and hopefully, by the time I get done, the roads will be clear and it will be time to bike outside. 

I biked 1:15 on the CompuTrainer on a flat course. I’ve been doing some base rides and I’m ready to add in some more difficult rides.

Anyone out there use the ErgVideos? I have a few and have used them once or twice but just at a very basic level. If anyone had any tips or info on how to use them, I would be happy to grovel and accept help. 

Work sucks! It’s very clear that I’m not going to get anywhere unless I kiss managements ass or as they like to call it … “Networking”.

As soon as I got home I jumped on my bike and did 6 miles as fast as I could to destress.

Breakfast - porridge
Lunch - 2x chicken baps and crisps
Dinner - gammon with chips

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Holy crap I missed swimming.  I was definitely starting to feel burnt out leading up to this break, but now I’m totally refreshed and feeling nothing but pleased to be spending time in the water.  I jumped right in to the pool and felt smooth from the start, which to me really highlights how far I’ve come as a swimmer; it used to take me awhile to start feeling natural in the water after taking more than a day or so off.

I did a 3200yd set from coach, but I was not ready to get out of the water so I started tacking on extra yardage and think I finished up with about 4200yds total.  I also split my lane with a total of 5 different people over the course of my set.  The pool was super crowded and there were definitely a lot of new swimmers there (hello, New Year’s!).  I certainly don’t mind as long as I can still get a half a lane and get my business done.

1st 10 miler of 2015

The weather was relatively warm today (upper 20s) so I decided to join Beth and her friends on their long run.  They run a bit slower than me so we each went our own way on the path.  I averaged an 8:15 pace for the first 5 miles but it was pretty hard work so for the last 5 miles I just tried to run as fast as I could while keeping my heart rate under 150.  I averaged 8:33 for the entire run, not bad but not great considering how high my heart rate got.

This was also the first time I’ve run with water since the surgery.  I rarely carry or drop water for winter runs <2 hours, but I promised Beth and myself that I would be more diligent about hydration now that I only have one kidney.   

As a general rule, I like to be in good enough condition to run a sub 1:45 half marathon at any time.  I’m planning to run the St. Paul Winter Carnival half marathon next weekend and I don’t think I’ve recovered enough from the surgery to hit my 1:45 goal.  I think I’ll have to dial it back and shoot for something under 2:55 instead.