Tips for Female Triathletes in a Woman’s Triathlon Tips for Female Triathletes in a Woman’s Triathlon There is no doubt in the fact that women have a different body structure than men. Not only that, women also function with a different mindset than men do. Hence, it is fair to say women have their own set of motivators and drivers that may help them overcome the challenges and thrills when training as a triathlete for a woman’s triathlon. Isolating yourself as ladies away from men, and experiencing the training for a woman’s triathlon by placing yourself in shoes belonging to your own kind rather than another, is a lot more rewarding. Read more:


Last full day of our trip. We fly home tomorrow evening. We went to kitsilano beach swimming pool (heated, salt water) which is an amazing 137m long!Lots of triatheletes in training overtaking us in the lanes but Dan swam 2 lengths without stopping. Back to our apartment on north shore. Owners have just been in bristol for a month!! (Should have done a house swap)