Tips for Female Triathletes in a Woman’s Triathlon Tips for Female Triathletes in a Woman’s Triathlon There is no doubt in the fact that women have a different body structure than men. Not only that, women also function with a different mindset than men do. Hence, it is fair to say women have their own set of motivators and drivers that may help them overcome the challenges and thrills when training as a triathlete for a woman’s triathlon. Isolating yourself as ladies away from men, and experiencing the training for a woman’s triathlon by placing yourself in shoes belonging to your own kind rather than another, is a lot more rewarding. Read more:

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anonymous said:

oooh will you date me thing! yo i'm 5"10, blonde+half my head shaved, nonbinary (they/them). I'm a triathelete and aiming to go into medicine. I have an intense love for all my friends so I talk about how great they are literally all the time. My puns are awful/amazing depending on who you ask, and I'd take you on dates to see films or theatre, or on picnics to butterfly watch uvu

wow, take me on workouts? and help me become smart? i love and hate puns, movie and theatre dates are wonderful and so are picnics (also star gazing, just saying)
sounds dateable!