triangle earrings


February 25th, 2015 - Christina made an appearance at the Late Night With Seth Meyers.

She wore the same jewellery she wore at the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon - Karma El Khalil center floating triangle ring and Suneera Lakshmi ring. She also wore Karma El Khalil line hoop earrings.

Am I the only one who thinks her hair looks so awesome recently?

Million Stars { Closed RP w/ Rubrumrosa }


She had seen a million life times flash by, some she would die, some she would grow old— Her appearance would change in some whether it would be hair color or eyes, hair style and the like. In some of those short lives — She would find her, she had always managed it, though why she never seemed to change was beyond the Faunus’ comprehension. Though, in other lives she had, the other person would seemingly just pass her by — Though that seemed to be a rare occurance.

At the beginning of a new life — Blake couldn’t remember anything of her past lives, this time she had Jet black hair and deep amber orbs, atop her head were two triangles — cat ears to be more precise, often covered by a bow to hide them— though today she had chosen to wear a hat, scarf and gloves for the cold weather. She found herself standing outside a coffee shop in downtown Vale, in the middle of the crisp night air— it seemed to have been snowing lately and everywhere was littered with the freezing, crystal flakes that scattered across the pavement until tightly packed together under the boots walking over it. A breathly sigh let out a cloud of cold air from her lips.

The heat of her gloved hands recovered by curling around a thick colored cylinder filled with a brown liquid that had cream and marshmellows. Blake found herself swirling her hot chocolate that had been half full for awhile now. She never knew why she felt the need to stay in one spot for too long. It was as if her soul craved to see that one person it had spent so many life times with, even if Blake’s current body and state of mind were so dense of it. She would never know who it was, though her soul would be able to tell.

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