Fatal Attraction|00


“Where the fuck are you going?” Trey barked as he followed her down the stairs.

“Don’t worry about me Tremaine. I’m a grown ass woman. I’m good.” Kelly’s voice was cold as she continued heading to the front door.

She was using his first name, which meant one of the two things: she was pissed, or he was seriously laying it down. Clearly, it was the former because not even Trey’s skilled tongue, or slow sensual strokes could make her anger subside.

“You’re not leaving, Kelendria.” If she wanted to play the name game, he would gladly oblige. Grabbing her wrist, he turned her around, stopping her in her tracks so she could face him. If looks could kill, Trey would be six feet under from the glare she was sending his way. Attitude radiated from her as her jaw clenched and she placed her free hand on her hip. Darting her eyes down to her wrist Trey stared at Kelly for a few seconds before releasing his grip on her.

Silence engulfed the two as they stood in the foyer of Trey’s home. He knew why she was mad, but he didn’t quite understand why. They had been having a good time together and in the blink of an eye everything changed and they were arguing about marriage. Kelly was dead set on getting married, which wasn’t a problem for Trey. There was no doubt in his mind that he wanted to change Kelly’s last name to Neverson he just wanted to wait a little longer. However, Kelly was on a completely different page in another book.

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Chapter 20|Jealousy VS. Envy

Look what this girl done did to me.

She done cut me off from a good good love.

She told me that those days where gone. 

Now I’m sitting here goin’ half crazy. 

Cause I know she still thinks about me too

And it ain’t no way in hell

That I can be just friends with you.


The words playing through the speakers had resonated with me because I had fucked up big time and I was more than aware of it.


Bringing the bottle of Henny to my lips I took a generous helping. Had I not been familiar with the burn lining the back of my throat I would’ve considered this a punishment, although I deserved far worst for what I had done to two underserving women with my decieving tactics. I had messed up and right now all I needed was a sign to point me in the right direction of rectifying the situation. I knew apologies were in order, but I don’t think words existed that could let both Sloane and Renee know how truly sorry I was.


I had lied and in the end it blew up in my face, but I hadn’t lied to protect me. I could handle what was going on, but Sloane and Renee? No. At the time they were one in the same. They were both in a fragile state stemming from a difficult situation. Renee had lost Jordan and Sloane had lost our child.  So I did what I did to spare them more heartache. Simply put, I was doing the wrong thing for the right reasons.


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Chapter 9


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One last time? There wasn’t just one last time with Gabrielle. “Are you sure about this, baby? There ain’t no goin’ back.” She got off of my lap, never breaking eye contact with me, and swiveled the chair around to the right so we were no longer facing the equipment. She kicked off her shoes before slowly wiggling her way out of the painted-on jeans. Next, her jean vest hit the floor. Her hands traveled up the valley of her breasts taking the crop top along with the way. Bringing it up over her head, she tossed it on the floor as well, leaving her in her matching black bra and thong. Shit got damn. I drunk her in, starting at her b-cupped titties that sat up nice and perfectly in the lacey bra. Continuing downward, my eyes reached her toned stomach and the dip in her waist that spread out into wide hips. Like the savage beast I was, I licked my lips at my panty-covered pussy. I was drooling and I ain’t even seen my shit bare yet. My line of vision traveled down her long, smooth, brown legs, paying close attention to her toned yet thick thighs. Stepping over the pile of clothing, she took a few steps to stand directly between my legs. She stared me down for a few seconds, her brown orbs dark with need. I’m sure mine expressed the same. A sexy smile lifted the corner of her mouth as she turned around. My eyes instantly fell to her round, plump ass. I took a hold of them soft jants and marveled. I heard Gabrielle giggle, causing me to look up. She still had that same seducing smirk on her face. That shit won’t be there for long. She’ll barely be able to breathe in the next few minutes.

She swept her long, golden hair over her shoulder. “Would you mind doing the honors?” I obliged, leaving the comfort of the familiarity to unsnap her bra. A pleasurable sigh escaped her lips as my fingertips grazed her smooth, pecan skin as I slid down the straps. Once that joined the floor with the rest of her things, she grabbed her thong and began to pull it down tantalizingly slow. Once they were past her knees, the panties fall freely, but she never stood back up. She looked back at me, wearing that same smile. G knew exactly what the fuck she was doing; she was busting it open for a real nigga! I didn’t hesitate to look at the appetizing meal in front of me. With one hand grasping on to her ankle for support, the other dipped inside her pussy with a manicured finger. She brought her middle finger out with it glistening with her juices before running it up and rubbing her clit. She moaned and I damn near came right there. I forgot how much of a fuckin’ freaky G was. She stopped her ministrations to part her lips, leaving her wet, pretty, pink pussy on display.

I groaned at the tightness of my khakis barricading my dick, at the need for her, at her visible need for me. “Fuck.”

“Does that answer your question?” Her voice was dripping with deep desire, much like her pussy. I looked down at her and noticed her sucking her finger. That did it. I wasn’t playing no more games with her. Her eyes slightly bulged, more than likely at the determined look in my eyes. She knew. 

I chuckled darkly, licking over my bottom lip. “You ain’t the only one who can play, baby.” I slapped her ass, causing her to moan loudly. See what I mean? Certified freak. I slapped her ass again before parting it and lapping up her juicy pussy. I just wanted a taste of her sweet honey since it was the last time and all. I heard her whimper helplessly then reluctantly pulled away.

“Treeey,” she groaned.

“I told you I could play too. Now get ya sexy ass up on that table,” I commanded, referring to the flat surface on the right of the equipment. She followed my instructions as I took off my shirt and undid my jeans then slid over to the right, right in front of her.  “

Her bottom lip was captured between her teeth as she gazed down at me through low eyelids. Smirking at her wickedly, I leaned down, my lips hovering above her pussy. With bated breath, she waited for my next move. I place a soft kiss just above the hood, then made my way down her outer lips, steering clear of her clit. Like I said; if she wanted to be a tease then so could I. My lips blazed a trail to her inner thigh while my fingertips ran lightly over the skin of the other. “Trey,” she whimpered. 

“Yeah, G?” I asked teasingly before kissing up to her abdomen. 

“I need you,” she whined.

I ignored her, and continued up her body until I got to the valley of her breasts. I ventured to the right, taking her nipple into my mouth. I heard her soft moan so I decided to give her something to really moan about. My fingers crept down and slowly dragged across her slit before they grazed her sensitive nub. She gasped loudly this time. I chuckled briefly, moving to her other nipple then delved two fingers inside of her wetness. 

“Mmmmm. Treeeey,” Gabrielle purred. 

I abandoned her breasts, kissing up her neck, then to her ear. “I hear you, baby.” I pressed my lips onto hers, initiating the wild entanglement of our tongues. All the while, my fingers went deeper, trying to find her spot while my thumb rubbed on her clit. I felt the vibrations of her moans in our passion-filled kiss and her hands grasp on to my back. Her walls were grasping on to me too when I found her g-spot.

“Yeeeees, baby. Right there,” she mumbled against my lips. Just as she was about to cum, I withdrew my fingers and brought them up to her lips. She didn’t hesitate to suck her juices off. She even moaned while doing so.

“Can I getta taste of ya sweetness, bae?” She nodded, seemingly in a trace. She allowed me to taste her syrup on her tongue while I kicked off my shoes and tugged off the rest of my clothing. “You ready for me, G?”

“I been ready, Tremaine. Now, stop playin’ and gimme that dick.”

“That’s how you feel?” I asked, our gaze never wavering as I slowly ran my hand over the head of my dick, wetting it with my precum. “Well with alla that shit you talkin, ya ass bet not run from it.”

“How ‘bout you shut up and fuck me,” she taunted, her eyes presenting the same challenge as her words. I just smirked at her, knowing good and damn well she was talking cash shit. I grabbed her hips to pull her toward the edge of the tabletop. With one hand still securely on her hip, I used the other to run the tip along her slit, paying close attention to her swollen pearl.

“Baby, stop t—” I slammed into her. Shut her ass right up. Staying still for a second, I reveled in the feeling of being back inside of my pussy. So hot and wet. All for me.  I pulled out, the head just at the opening and looked down at the sight.

“Gah damn.” My shaft was covered in her white, sticky juices. She groaned as her muscles squeezed the tip. “Damn, G,” I grumbled before plunging deep into her again. She screamed. I repeat the process.

“Fuck! Tremaine, baby, I can’t—”

I smirked darkly. “What happened to alla that shit you was talkin’, huh?” I asked through gritted teeth as I began to pick up the pace. I ducked my head down to where our foreheads were touching, peering into her eyes. “You wanted me to fuck you, right? I’m fuckin’ that pussy real good, ain’t I? Got you drippin’ all down my dick and I ain’t even been in it five minutes. You know why? ‘Cause this my pussy.” She whimpered, more than likely from a combination of my words and my stroke. Her pussy was enjoying that shit too as her walls gripped my dick. Damn, she felt good. I captured her lips in a kiss, needing to feel her more than I already was. I felt her hands clutch onto the back of my neck and her legs wrap around my waist. Doing my own bit of feeling, I dragged my hands from her hips up her curves and enclosed my arms around her waist, pulling us even closer together. Nothing ever felt so right. She wasn’t supposed to be with anyone else but right here with me, in this moment. I wanted this moment to last forever, but I could never last, especially with the way she was squeezing me.

I pulled away from her delicious, swollen lips and made my way to her neck. Breathing in her heady scent made me feel intoxicated. The settled scent of her perfume smelled spicy yet sensual and sweet. Her skin tasted just as sweet, a little tangy too. “Baby,” she breathed out as I nibbled on the skin at the base of her neck. Paying her no mind, I licked at the sensitive spot before sucking on it roughly. Her breath hitched as I continued to attack her neck. “Trey, please,” she whimpered this time.


“This damn shelf is diggin’ into my back. Stand up.”

I stood to my full height of 6’3 then helped her sit upright. “Is that better?”

“Hold on.” She leaned back against the shelf, her arms behind her for support, then lifted her long legs onto my shoulders. I looked on in awe; I was always amazed by her flexibility. “Wrap your hands around my lower and pull me closer.”

“Shit,” I hissed. This made her even more snug around me. There was no way I could last much longer. “Damn, girl, where you learn this shit from?”

She giggled as she secured her hands around my neck. “I picked up a few things from a fellow school teacher.”

“You think she’d wanna join sometime?”

She straight-faced me. “Shut up.”

I snickered. “It couldn’t help to ask.”

“Stop talkin’ and start thrustin’.”

Her breath caught in her throat as I did as she requested. “You never learn do you? That mouth of yours done got you in enough trouble tonight.” Her mouth was closed now since she was biting back a moan. “Uh-unh,” I protested, grabbing a handful of her hair close to her roots and pulled her head backwards until she was looking up at me. “I needa see them pretty brown eyes and hear them sexy ass moans, shawty. A’ight?” She nodded, her mouth half open yet no sounds came from her mouth. I tugged her hair a little harder. “I. Can’t. Hear. You,” I gritted, hammering into her deep and hard after each word. An orgasmic scream erupted from her lips and her walls clenched my dick relentlessly. I bite back a moan and replace it with a smug grin. “That’s right, baby. Tell me who got that pussy gushin’.”

“You do, baby,” she cried out.

“Mmmhm. ‘Cause whose pussy is this?”

“It’s yours, Tremaine! Ooo fuuuuuuck,” she yelled profanely. “It’s yours, all yours, daddy. Just keep fuckin’ me. Please don’t stop!” It was evident that I was hitting her g-spot. Her pussy was audibly and physically making its pleasure known, her nails were digging into my neck, and her legs were beginning to tremble. She was close, and I wasn’t too far behind. I started to really plow into her, hard, fast, and deep. “Oh god!” She pulled me even closer by wrapping her arms around my shoulder. She started bucking against me, fucking me back. Some primal instinct made me lift her up and slam her against the adjacent wall. I didn’t need her help. I was trying to make a point. If this was going to be our “last time” together, I had to leave her feigning for more. I had to let her know that only I could make her feel this way. I had to make it hard for her to walk away from me, both physically and mentally. Gripping her ass, my nails dug into the skin while I viciously rammed into her over and over again like I was tryna fuck through the wall. My teeth were imbedded in my bottom lip, and sweat was rolling down my forehead as I concentrated on beating it out the frame. All the while she was screaming my name, cursing me, calling out to God. I took delight in her sex faces. She looked uninhibitedly beautiful in the rawness of our passion.

“Oh my fuckin’ shit!” her voice came out as a harsh rasp. “Goddammit, Tremaine! Mmmmm,” she panted in my ear as she clawed at any surface of my skin she could find. Her pussy muscles with their unrelenting clenching made it hard for me to thrust out. Her legs were beginning to shake violently while her upper body arched then went frigid in my arms. All I heard from her mouth with harsh gasps of air. Next thing I know, her teeth sunk into my neck causing me to let out an animalistic growl. That and her cumming pussy sent me over the edge. Buried deep inside, a tingle ran up my spine as I became temporarily paralyzed by pleasure. The trembling spasms of her walls were not letting up, letting me know that she was cumming again and milking me dry. She screamed into the crook of my neck, her legs still shaking. As the last of my nut left my dick, I eased us off the wall. Her weak legs slid into the creases of my arms and I quickly walked us to the couch. A nigga’s arms was getting tired. Bringing her hips to the very edge, I pumped in and out of her drastically slow and deep. I know she could feel me in her stomach.  

“I can’t,” Gabrielle whimpered hoarsely between frantic breaths. “Oh shit. Oh shit. Tremaine, baby, I can’t. Pleaseee.” Her pleads fell on deaf ears.

“You wanted this dick so bad, so take it.” My tongue licked along her bottom lip before she readily allowed me entrance. Sloppy and drunk on our loving, our tongues briefly intertwined. I reached between us and strummed her pearl with my thumb. “If this our last time, I need to make sure you don’t forget whose pussy this is. You hear how fuckin’ wet you are, shawty? She talkin’ to me, she tellin’ me she knows she belongs to me. I am the only mu’fucka that can make her cum like this. Ain’t dat right?”

“Yesssss,” she hissed. “Faster, daddy. Fuck your pussy faster.” I felt my semi-erection reaching its full potential once again. I wasted no time to oblige her request.

“You such a fuckin’ freak, G. You my li’l freak, baby?”

She struggled to give a half-assed “mhm” through her frantic breaths “I’ll be whatever, just don’t stop fuckin’ me.” Her words motivated me to dive in deeper as well. “You’re so deep, daddy. Oooh god, yesss! I’m—FUUUUUCK.” She tried to run from it, but I slammed her back down.

“Cum all on this dick, baby,” I coached in her ear. Seconds later, it felt like a damn flood was cumming out her pussy. The force pushed out my dick, wetting everything in its line of trajectory. With my dick outside of her warmth, I put it to good use by smacking and rubbing it against her cilt. Another stream gushed out. “Goddamn, G,” I muttered incredulously as she screeched, moaned, yelled, and rambled incoherent words.

“Please. Trey. Stop,” were the words I managed to pick up as she pushed at my lower abdomen with a shaky hand. I backed away from her looking down at the mess she made. It was all on the front of the couch, running down my stomach and thighs, and there was even a puddle on the hardwood floor. It wasn’t the first time I made her squirt but it always amazed me.

“You made a mess, babe,” I announced with a chuckle as I plopped down on the dryer end of the couch.

“Well lemme clean it for you.” I watched with bulged eyes as she crawled over to me. That seducing smirk from earlier greeted me before she licked her juices from my balls up to the tip. She proceeded to swirl her tongue over the head before taking it in her wet mouth.

“Shit,” I hissed as I leaned my head back and put my hands in her hair. I had a feeling that this was only the beginning.  


“Auntie Ellie! Auntie Ellie!” The high-pitched voice of my niece woke me from my dreams. I peeked open an eye to see her bad ass jumping on the bed. I grabbed Nyla’s ankle and pulled her down, making her fall on her back. She giggled loudly as I sat up. 

“What you want, bug-a-boo?”

“I’m ain’t no buggy boo, Auntie.” I laughed at her attempt of an attitude and her pronunciation. “And Mommy said that breakfast is ready.”

“Can you me a big girl favor first?”

Her eyes lit up and I chuckled. “Yeah, what is it?!”

“Can you go to my car and get my pink bag out of the front seat?” She nodded eagerly and I handed her my keys. 

“I’ll be right back.”

“I’m not going anywhere.”

Picking up my phone, I seen I had Instagram notifications, six new texts, and a voicemail from Aiden. Sliding my finger across the screen, my phone called my voicemail. 

Please enter your four-digit password followed by the pound key. I did as directed before Aiden’s voice filled my ears.

“Hey, baby. I’m calling you like I promised, but you’re probably busy with your family. Call me when you get a chance. Love you.”

Message marked for deletion. Hanging up the phone, I tapped on the green button that marked messages. Aiden sent me three: the voicemail that was transcribed to text, a goodnight text, and a good morning text.

Mornin babe 😘  I’m about to eat but I’ll call you as soon as I’m finished

I’d be lying if I said guilt was keeping me from calling. I haven’t decided if I should tell him, or just work through my feelings on my own. 

“Here you go, Auntie.”

I gave her cheek a big sloppy kiss that she immediately wiped off. “Thank you, baby. And don’t be wipin’ off my kisses!”

“Well, it’s not nice to kiss people with dragon breath.”

My jaw dropped. Did this little girl just clown me? I playfully lunged at her, but she was already running away in giggles. Shaking my head, I walked to the bathroom with my bag in tow. I began brushing my teeth when my phone dinged. 

You better call me or ima have to fly out there a lil early

Boy bye 👋✌️

Keep talkin shit…yo ass won’t be able to walk 😏

😩😩 byeeeeee Aiden 

 I shook my head and checked my other messages. One from an unknown number and two from my high school bestie, Kelly. I checked Kelly’s first. 

Bitch you home and didn’t tell me?! I see how it is.

Wanna meet up sometime today?

Lol it was a surprise to everybody. And just text me the time & place

I opened my finally new message and was surprised by the text. 

Good morning, beautiful. 

…who’s this?

Ya future

😑 how’d you get my number Tremaine?

I got my ways 😏

*rolls eyes* do you think Sydney would approve of that good morning text

After hitting send, I rinsed out my toothpaste then ran washed my face. Ding.

*ignores you* wanna go out today?

Can’t, got plans. Didn’t I tell your ass to leave me alone anyways?

I’m wanna try this friend thing…

I ALSO told you I don’t wanna be friends 

The hostility is uncalled for. Why u bein mean? 

Why you on my dick? 

Why you not on mine? Just fuckin witchu 😂😂 But for real how long you stayin in town?

The whole summer

By the end of the summer, your opinion about me will be changed.


I’ll show you better than I can tell you. Be ready by 9pm

“Ellie, your breakfast is gonna get cold,” Natasha’s voice trailed off and her face contorted to concern. “What’s wrong?”

“Uhhhh…so Trey just texted me.”

“What did he say?”

“To be ready by seven…”

“How well did y’all’s talk go last night?”

“He kissed me,” I answered sheepishly. 

Her eyes bulged at my revelation. “I—damn, Gabrielle.”

I knoooow. And I sorta kinda kissed him back…” She punched my arm. “Ow, Natasha.” I rubbed the tender spot. 

“Well I hope that knocked some sense into your ass.”

“I can’t escape him. My heart, body, and soul won’t allow it. He’s like a fucking addiction; right now I’m relapsing. I really thought I closed this chapter of my life. That’s why I was so apprehensive about coming back.”

“Maybe you never really closed it in the first place. Maybe your feelings were dormant this whole time.”

“Either way, I’m supposed to be getting married and I can’t have these feelings. What do I do?”

“Maybe this could be the closure you need.” 


During breakfast, Kelly texted me back with a time and place, so now here I am waiting for her at this little burger joint we used to frequent. No, I didn’t call Aiden back like I promised. My mind was still clouded by last night’s events, and I’m hoping that tonight would clear some things up. 

“Is my favorite customer back in town?” My face immediately lit up at the sound of the older man’s voice. He greeted me with a wide smile and opened arms that I didn’t hesitate to walk in to. 

“Hey, Mr. Roy,” I spoke once out of our embrace. 

“Well look at you all grown up, lookin’ just like yo momma.”

“Why thank you. You don’t look too bad yourself.” The gray hairs were the only telltale sign of time passing since the last time I saw him. 

“Well you know.” I shook my head laughing. “What you doin’ here by ya’self.”

“Waiting on your niece, actually.”

“Kelly? That girl will be late to her own funeral.” He shook his head while I giggled. Some things never change. “What you want while you wait on her?”

“One of your Oreo milkshakes, if you don’t mind.”

“Coming right up.”

I gave a small smile in thanks before drifting my gaze out the window. It was going on one o’clock so the streets were busy with people trying to get back from lunch break on time. A group of teens walked by and reminded me of my little crew. It wasn’t a lot of us. Just me, Kelly, Tasha, Trey, Jay, and Chris…and Sydney before all the drama happened. Our summers together were full of laughter and fun, they shaped who I am today, and gave me memories I’d never forget. 

“There you go, baby.”

“Thank you.”

“Heeeey, Uncle Roy,” Kelly greeted lively. Lively perfectly described her. Outspoken and outgoing, she demanded attention and never held back her tongue. I never realized how much I missed her until now. 

He kissed her cheek after a deep chuckle. “How’s my baby girl?”

“Great! I’d be even better if you got me a strawberry milkshake.”

“Asking wouldn’t hurt.”

“You know I love you.” I giggled at their exchange. 

“Girl, if you don’t get yo ass up and give me a hug.” Did I mention that she was loud?

“Hey Kellz.”

“Oh, Ellie, I missed you so much.” 

“I missed you too, girl.” Pulling away, we complimented each other on how good the years had been to us. We sat down and ordered when Mr. Roy came back with Kelly’s milkshake. 

“Soooo,” she started with a teasing grin. “I see Aiden finally put a ring on it.”

“Yeah,” I said smiling faintly. “Two weeks ago.”

She frowned. “One, why didn’t you tell me?  Two, why don’t you sound happy about it?”

“The only other person who knows is Tasha and I didn’t tell her, she seen my ring. And I am happy, it’s just—” I peered around the diner before leaning across the table then whispered, “I kissed Trey.”

“Bitch what?!”

“Kelendria, lower ya damn voice,” I gritted, looking around again to see a few eyes on us. 

“I’m sorry,” she whispered. “But when, where, why, and how?”

“Me and Tasha were sitting on the porch last night and the arrogant bastard just walks up to me like we cool or some shit.” 

“Here you go, ladies. Enjoy.” A waitress sat down our meal and we thanked her. Dressing my bacon cheeseburger and fries with ketchup, I took a big bite out of my burger and moaned. 

“I forgot how good these burgers were.”

“If you came home more often…”

I snickered. “Shut up.”

“Whatever. Now continue.”

Swallowing my fry, I wiped my hands off and continued. “So Tasha leaves us alone. And Tremaine being Tremaine said some stupid shit so I smacked him.”

She laughed loudly. “I wish I was there to see that shit.” She wiped at her eyes. “Whooo! Okay, continue.”

“After I slapped him, he just stared at me. Next thing I know he was kissing me and I was kissing him back.”

She simply blinked. “Wow.”

“Never thought anything would make you speechless.”

She laughed loudly. “Bitch!” Upon calming down she asked, “How do you feel?”

“Confused. I love Aiden, but I still love Trey, too. No matter what I do, I can’t seem to escape him.”

“Honestly, you need to leave Trey alone. How many years have you dealt with his bullshit, Gabrielle? How many times have you came crying to me? On top of that, he’s still with Sydney and it don’t look like he’s leaving her ass anytime soon. You tryna be the side bitch again?” 

I swallowed back my tears. “Damn, Kelly, you really think of me that way? I’m just some hoe?”

“Of course not, Ellie. I’m just telling it how it is. You deserve better than Trey.”

“So I assume you’re opposed to me going out with him tonight.”

“Duh, bitch. What good will come of it? You need to get over him, not go on dates and get further attached.”

“It’s easier said than done.”

“You need to try harder, ‘cause you’re risking everything for a man who’s willing to risk nothing for you. Aiden will be gone and he’ll still be with Sydney while you have no one. Ain’t you tired of the same old shit?”

“I think it may give me the closure I need.” I sounded so pitiful and small, like I was trying to convince myself more than her.

“Well do what you think is best for you.”


Lunch with Kelly ended on a sour note, which I felt shitty for. I didn’t want Trey to come between our friendship again. It just wasn’t worth it. And while initially I was hurt over her words, I realized that she was saying all the shit my conscious was screaming at me. Hell, I said half of that shit last night. Yet here I am in spite of my better judgment, getting ready for my outing with Trey.  

“Where you running off to now?” Momma asked from the bathroom doorway as I straightened the last blow-dried section of my hair. She’s been up under me all day and I didn’t mind at first, but now she’d become too overbearing. 

“With a friend, momma.”

“Don’t act like I wasn’t the one who invented that look and take that tone out ya voice.”

“Sorry, Ma.”

“I’m sorry for being down your back. Maybe if you didn’t wait six years to come visit, I wouldn’t have to be.”

“When are you gonna stop holding that over my head?”

“When I finally get over it. So who’s this friend?”


“Be careful, baby. Don’t let what you think you feel mess up what you have.”

Did she…nah, impossible. “We’re just going as friends.”

“Same thing yo daddy told me and next think I know—”


She was cackling while I was mortified. This woman has no chill. “Okay, okay. I’ll leave you alone. You look nice by the way.”

“Thank you,” I smiled at her through the mirror. I didn’t go all out, just jeans and a crop top and a few pieces to accessorize my look. I wanted to portray: ‘yeah, we chilling, but look at what you missed out on.’ The doorbell rang throughout the house, and I found myself simultaneously smiling. “That must be him.”


“Yeah, ma?”

“Look at me.” I turned to see a solemn face, causing me to frown. “Don’t get caught up in something that’s temporary, okay? Don’t be blinded by what you feel, either. Use that brain and that commonsense I gave you.” I didn’t know how to take what she just said. She had to know, right? Did she look at me differently for sleeping with a taken man? Were we that obvious?

“Ellie!” my dad yelled, breaking the tense silence. “Trey’s out here waiting for you.”

My eyes moved from the floor back to Momma’s face. She gently grabbed my chin between her fingers, smiling weakly at me. “Just remember what I said, baby girl.” She kissed my forehead. “I’ll tell Trey you’ll be out in minute.” I simply nodded, not knowing any other way to respond. I was speechless by the truth in her words of wisdom and the origin behind them. There was no way she didn’t know. I don’t think I wanna go on this outing anymore.

“You want anything?” Mr. T asked after he yelled for Gabrielle. 

“Nah, I’m good Mr. T.”

“Have a seat, she’ll probably be a while.”

I chuckled, taking a seat on the couch. Some things never change. Mr. T dismissed himself before reappearing shortly after with a Bud Light. He took a seat on the opposite side of the couch, opened his beer then took a swig. “What you been up to, Trey? Feels like I haven’t seen you in forever when there was a time I couldn’t get you out my house.”

I laughed at that. Me and G were thick as thieves growing up. Ripping and running around the neighborhood and getting into all kinds of trouble. “Just focusing on expanding the studio and the brand. And trying to find talent that’s also willing to work hard.” Me and my boys, Jay and Chris, owned our own recording studio. It took a lot of hard work, effort, and late nights to have our own shit by the age of twenty three.

“I hear ya, man. People don’t wanna get they hands dirty. They want it quick and now without putting in much effort.”

 “Hey, Trey.” 

I stood up and greeted Mrs. Loretta with a hug. “Hey, Mrs. Loretta. You lookin’ beautiful as always.”

“Forever the charmer,” she grinned with a shake of her head. “How’s your momma?”

“She’s doin’ good, told me to tell you hi. Grumma asked about you too.”

“Tell ‘em that I’ll stop by tomorrow.”

“Will do.” I sat back down in my previous spot while she set on the couch’s arm beside her husband.

“Where y’all going?” Mr. T asked. 

“Just out to eat. Whatever else is up to her.”

Mrs. Loretta grunted. What that mean? “Tremaine, I need you to be honest. What are your intentions with my daughter?”

Huh? “Ma’am?”

“I’m ready,” Gabrielle, thankfully, broke the tense air. I don’t know where that was leading to. 

“Got everything?” I asked while standing and looking over at her by the door. Gaaaahdamn. Shawty looked good as fuck. The way them jeans cupped that fat ass of hers…there ain’t no way I won’t be touching and loving on that tonight. 

“You don’t got enough covering you up,” Mr. T interjected, getting a groan from G. 

“Seriously, daddy? I’m almost twenty four.”

“You’re still under my roof.” If this wasn’t high school all over again. 

“Momma,” she said pleadingly. 

“Baby, leave her alone.”


“Terrence.” Her tight lipped warning stopped him from further saying anything else. “You take care of my baby girl, Tremaine.” Mrs. Loretta said in the same tone she gave her husband. She was coming for me, for reasons unbeknownst to myself. 

“I promise she’s in good hands.”

“You better keep them hands to yourself, young man.”

“Momma!” Her momma had proposed a hard feat.

“Baby, leave them kids alone,” Mr. T mocked, causing her to glare at him. He shrugged it off, dapped me up, then kissed Gabrielle on her cheek. “Alright, baby girl. Y’all be safe.” 

“Okay, daddy. See y’all later.”

“See ya, Mrs. Loretta, Mr. T.” 

“Bye, Ellie,” she hugged her while I got a mean mug. “Remember what I said boy!”

“Yes ma’am.” I felt a ton of weight lifted off my chest once I closed the door behind us. After all that a nigga needed a blunt. 

“You ain’t go see Grumma Rose?” She must’ve asked because of my black Mercedes Benz being parked in her driveway.

 “Nah, she had bingo tonight.” Once I unlocked the door we slid inside. I opted for rolling down the windows since it was a fairly cool night. 

“Where we going?”

“I don’t even know.” I backed out with ease then looked over at her. “This whole thing was kinda spare of the moment so I didn’t have a specific place in mind. McDonald’s good?”

She cut her eyes at me. “Nigga, I’m at least worthy of Popeye’s.” 

I laughed when it was obvious that she didn’t it amusing. “Chill, I’m just fuckin’ witchu, shawty.” It was too easy to get this girl wired up. “We going to this li’l spot in Richmond.”

“Why we going out to Richmond? We can eat here.”

“If yo’ ungrateful ass don’t sit back and ride.”

“Whatever,” she mumbled. “You paying, right?” 

Briefly stopping at the stop sign, I side-eyed her. “Why you askin’ dumb shit?”

She patted my cheek, smiling sarcastically. “There’s no such thing as a dumb question, silly.” I shook my head with a chuckle. “But aye, lighten up. Why you seem so tense?”

I glanced over at her. “You think your momma knows about us?”

“She seemed a little off to you too? She told me some very…interesting choice of words. What she say to you?”

“She asked what my intentions with you were.”

The low sounds of a commercial temporarily took over in our silence. Looking over at her, she seemed to be in thought. “Well what are they?” she asked softly after some minutes had passed since I last spoke. 

“What are what?”

“Your intentions?”

The red light permitted me to look at her, to show my sincerity. “I wanna be friends.”

“Be honest with me, Trey. Because I don’t see how you came up with the bright idea that we can be friends after all that we’ve been through. I don’t even know how I’m even riding in this car with you and being civil.”

“I am being honest, G.” Seeing the light was green, I pressed on the gas, entering the highway. 

“I think she knows that I have—had feelings for you. I’m not sure if she knows the extent of those feelings, though.”

“You mean she doesn’t know we had sex.”

“You say it like it was once or a few times. What we had was an affair.”

After safely merging into the left lane, I glanced at her. “I don’t regret it, you know. I don’t regret us.”

“Why you telling me this? You’re still with Sydney and I’m—”


“Of what exactly? What y’all got is surrounded by lies, lies that were told because of what we did. I’m good where I’m at, thank you.”

I felt the tightening in my knuckles as I gripped the wheel harder. “Speaking of lies,” I glanced at her, a smirk etched on my face. “You tell ya nigga how good it felt to kiss me again?”

“You know what? Take me home right fuckin’ now. I’m serious, Tremaine! If you gon’ keep throwin’ shit in my face, then I can’t get down wit that friend bullshit.” Her accent was all in her words and it sounded sexy as hell. 

“It’s okay for you to do it, but as soon as the shoes on the other foot, you wanna cop an attitude?”

“I’m just statin’ facts.”

“And I’m not?!”

“Whatever, Tremaine. You might wanna get over, your exit is coming up on the right.”

“Nah, we almost there now.”

“Expect to get hit the next time you say some of-the-wall shit.”

“The only time you puttin’ ya hands on me is when you touchin’ this dick. Til then, shut that shit up.” I looked over at her out the corner of my eye to see her glaring at me. She wasn’t saying shit, though. Good, I shut her ass up. I still felt her eyes on me, but looking over at her, her face was softer. “What you starin’ at?”

“Thought I seen something on your face but I realized it was just ugliness.” Her laughter, so loud and apologetic, filled the car and I couldn’t help but laugh along with her. 

“You think you funny.”

“You laughin’ ain’t you?”

“Yeah, yeah, whatever,” I dismissed and merged to the right; our exit was coming up. The rest of the car ride to the diner was a comfortable silence between us, while hip-hop and R&B’s latest hits played softly. It wasn’t too busy being that it was a Monday night, so I parked in one of the closest spots that weren’t designated for the handicapped. Gabrielle ducked her head a bit, looking out of the windshield. “Aunt Sarah’s Pancake House?” 

“That what it say don’t it?”

“Stop being a smart ass.”

“You said you want me to touch your ass? I mean I can’t cop a feel while you sittin’ on it, shawty.”

She rolled her eyes, whole time she was  smiling. “Nigga, you wish.” She got out the car and I followed suit, locking my doors afterward. 

“I did, I can, and I shall.” I slapped the hell out that thang and watched in delight as it jiggled. I been wanting to do that sense I seen her ass sitting perfectly in them jeans. She turned to me “mortified,” but I seen right past that bullshit.

“Tremaine,” she exclaimed, swinging at me. 

I quickly grabbed her wrist, putting it on my dick. “What I say?” Hesitantly, she tried to push me away with her other hand, but I grabbed that too, pulling her closer her to me. “I wanna say that them jeans lookin’ good, fittin’ right. Baby, damn those jeans,” I sung the Ginuwine classic into her ear. I felt the shiver running down her spin. Still got it. Letting go of her arms, I pulled her to me by the waist and leaned against the hood of the Benz, next to the mirror. My arms at the small of her back, I placed a kiss on her neck, just above the base of her neck. Another shiver and what sounded like a whimper. This felt too good to be true, for her to be back in my arms again, for that perfume enticing my nose. “You feel what you do to me, G?” I asked against her neck. She gulped.  Shawty soaked, wetter than a fucking fountain. 

“Trey.” She finally found her voice. “This—” I let her go, putting a stop to her sentence. I didn’t need to be reminded. 

I threw her a smirk and winked at her. “Bet ya ass won’t lay hands on me again.” A lazy smile found its way across her beautiful face.  “You swear you so tough, but you all talk.”

“Stop it, Trey. You know I’ve punked ya ass out on plenty occasions.”

“Psssht! Name one.”

“When you gave me the nickname ‘G.’”

I kissed my teeth. “That don’t count.”

“Like hell. I had you laid out, my nigga.” Here she go. When we were nine, G Chan (which eventually shortened to G) did some shit to piss me off and I called her a bitch. She did some Tae Kwon Do shit that she learned from a summer program and fucked my little ass up. “You never called me one again.”

“’Cause you ain’t one.”

“That and you know better.” Alright, I ain’t even gon’ front. I was super nice to her for a whole month after that. Whenever we did start play fighting, I would throw in the towel with a quickness. She wasn’t about to break my arm again. 

“Whatever,” I mumbled, pushing myself off the car. I held out my hand for here and she simply looked at it. Like it was diseased or something. 

“Friends don’t hold hands.”

“Friends don’t—” I stopped myself before her glare could even begin to appear. “You right, friend.” She smirked at me shaking her head and began walking towards the door. “So can friends complement each other?”

“Go right ahead,” she answered while she walked through the door I opened. 

“Ya ass look—” she stopped me with her death glare. “I mean…you look gorgeous tonight. Fa’ real, G.”

I watched as she tried to fight the beam making its way across her face, but finally gave in. “Thank you, Tremaine.” 

I put her in a light headlock and kissed her forehead. “No problem.”

Huffing once she escaped, she started fixing her frizzy hair. “Asshole,” she grumbled. I chortled, making my way into the diner and out of the vestibule. Before I sat down in the vacant booth, Gabrielle flicked me. “Li’l bitch.” She gracefully slid into the booth and smirked up at me. 

I glared at her and slid in across from her. “You ain’t learned the second time? Guess third time’s the charm, right?”

She smiled at me sarcastically. “Really cute, Trey.”

“Heeeey, Trey.” Fuck. Just my luck for Felicia’s ass to be working tonight so she can go run her mouth. “You think Syd would like to know that you lied about visiting yo momma AND brought the next hoe to her spot?” I wanted to slap that shit-eating grin off her face. 

“Aye, don’t call her outta her name, a’ight?” I warned through clenched teeth. “And it ain’t none of yo damn bidness to go tell Sydney shit.”

“Don’t cop an attitude with me ‘cause ya dumb ass got caught.”

“Caught doin’ what? Havin’ dinner wit a old FRIEND?! Miss me with the bullshit, shawty, and go get us anotha waitress.”

“Mmmhm. I was leaving anyways, nigga.”

“Skit-fuckin’-daddle, bitch!” G spoke up, and I fucking died at the Vine reference.

“Bitch I—”

“Is there a problem here, Felicia?”

Felicia’s face turned white as cotton then. “No ma’am,” she immediately responded.

“You good, Trey?” the manager, Tiffany, asked us. 

“Everything sure will be once we get anotha waitress.”

The manager cut her eyes over to Felicia. “What you doing to upset my favorite customer? Sorry for the inconvenience, y’all. I’ll have a waiter right with y’all.”

“Thanks,” we said simultaneously. 

“Hope I didn’t get her fired.”

“If she does, it won’t yo fault. Bitch shouldn’t’ve came at me reckless.”

“She was right, though.” My head snapped in her direction. “Why the fuck would you bring me to her favorite diner, Tremaine?” Her voice was low and calm. That only meant she was about to explode. “You ever think that I’m tired of sharing with her?”

Fuck. I never thought of it that way. Sighing, I reached out to grab the hand on the table but she pulled away. “I wasn’t tryna sneak diss you or nothin’ like that, Gabrielle. I brought you here because I know how much you love breakfast and I think they serve the best breakfast. This spot just so happens to be Sydney’s favorite too. Look, we can leave if you want to.”

She heaved a sigh. “No, it’s okay.” She smiled lightly at me.

I spotted Roxanne coming towards us and I grinned at her. Being that I came to this place often, I had my favorites in food and waitresses; Roxy was one of them. “Hey, Roxy.”

“Hey Trey!” She turned to Gabrielle with a shocked expression. “You don’t have that thang attached to yo hip?” She didn’t fuck with Syd. Ever chance she got, she reminded me she was a snobby, rude ass bitch. “Hey, girl, how you doin’?”

“Hey,” G genuinely smiled at her, shaking Roxy’s outstretched hand.

“G, this is Roxanne, Roxy this is an old friend of mine, Gabrielle.”

“You finally let go of that girl?”

I chuckled. “No, Roxy.”

She grunted and I heard G giggling. “Anyways. I’ll be your server tonight. What can I start y’all off with?”

“I’ll take a coke.”

“Y’all got grape juice?”

“Nope, I’m sorry. We got apple juice, orange juice, and cranberry juice.”

“Only yo old ass drinks grape juice like it’s kool-aid.”

“Shut ya ass up, Tremaine. I’ll have apple juice, please.”

“Alright. I’ll be back shortly.”

“She seems nice, I like her.”

“Yeah, that’s my dawg.” She went to look over her menu, but stopped when I called her name. “I think we should start this thang all over. I’m s’posed to be showing you that I’ve changed, when I only been acting like the same asshole. I’m sorry.”

She nodded. “I agree.”

Smiling, I got up with open arms. She shook her head, but stood up to hug me. “Hey, G. You lookin’ good, girl.” She blushed like I didn’t give her the comment earlier.

“Thank you, Trey.  You don’t look too bad yourself.”

“Sheeeeeiiiit, I look good as hell.” She chortled as we slid back into the booth.

“You just wearing khakis and a white tee.”

“And I’m looking good as hell in this jawn, too. You be frontin’ a nigga, bruh.”

“There y’all go.” Roxy placed our respective drinks in front of us. “Y’all ready to order?”

“Give us a few more minutes.” She mumbled an “alright” and walked off to tend to other tables. Finally, picking up our menus, we stayed quiet as we scanned them.

“I think I’m in love already, Tremaine.”

“Damn, G. I don’t know what to say.” I laughed at the straight face she was giving me.

“I’m talkin’ ‘bout the menu, fool. They have everything I love and more.”

“I’m tryna told ya.”

“Yeah, yeah,” she dismissed with a wave of her hand. “You know what you gettin’?”

“What I always get: big stuff omlette with a short stack of pancakes.”

“That sounds good. Think I’m gettin’ the waffle platter. You gon’ lemme get some of your omlette?” I ignored her, sipping my pop and letting my eyes wonder. “Treeeey.”

Kissing my teeth, I shook my head. “A’ight, damn.” Her pretty brown eyes peeked up at me through those long eyelashes of her, smiling at me. I am in awe of her beauty; both externally and internally. What did I do to deserve her in my life? Especially when I fucked it up on multiple occasions.

“I can see all thirty-two of your teeth. What you over there thinkin’ ‘bout?”

“Just wondering what I did right to have you in my life again.”

Her hands went over her face. “Tremiane, stop makin’ me blush,” she mumbled through her hands and a giggle.

“Just statin’ facts,” I mocked her.

“Y’all ready to order?”

“Just gimme the usual, please.”

“Alright. And for you miss ma’am?”

“Ummmm…I’ll have the waffle platter with bacon and, uh, home fries.”

“Alright. I’ll be back to check on y’all in a few.” And she was on her way.

“Aye, G.” Gabrielle looked up from playing with her fingers. “Where’s ya ring?”

“Oh, uh, I took it off. It didn’t really go with the outfit.”

“Thought diamonds was a woman’s best accessory?”

“Can we not talk about my relationship?”

 I surrendered with my hands up and switched the topic. “How was your day?”

“It was nice for the most part. Spent a few hours with my sister and her family, had a nice time with momma, and I had lunch with Kelly. But that didn’t end so well.”

“Y’all was talkin’ ‘bout me, huh?”

She stirred her straw around absentmindedly. “Yeah. I told her we kissed.” I sighed. I don’t know she tells that girl anything. Kelly was cool til she decided to stick her nose in business that wasn’t hers.

“What she say?”

“The truth.”

“What exactly is the truth. Gabirelle?”

“I don’t wanna talk about it,” she dismissed then chirped up. “How was your day?”

“Played ball with Chris then I chilled it wit Mumma and Forrest.”

“Awww how’s Forrest?! I bet he’s gotten so big.”

“He ain’t a damn baby, G.”

“So! He’s still my baby. He probably got all the hoes.”

“Hell yeah, more than my scrawny ass did back in the day. A nigga done bulked up, though!” I showed her the guns.

She rolled her eyes. “I’ma hafta visit them soon, I missed them.”

“Mumma been askin’ ‘bout you, Grumma too. Auntie havin’ a barbeque Saturday, you should come through.”

“I definitely will,” she accepted with a grin. Our food came out minutes later and we both dived in. Sometime between bits we talked about our careers and I love the way her eyes lit up and the passion in her voice when she talked. I’m sure my same passion was reflected when I talked about the studio. It was a great feeling knowing that all of our hard work paid off. Those classes, the hours spent studying, the tests, they were all paying off now.

“I know you don’t think I forgot about my omelette.” I stopped in motion; the fork inched from my mouth. She lifted a perfectly arched eyebrow and I groaned.

“Open up.”


“Take it or leave it.” She hesitantly opened her mouth. I inched the omlette-filled fork close to her mouth and just when she was about to close her mouth, I pulled it away. “Ooo, you gotta be quicker than that!” I mimicked the old man from the AllState commercial. Realization set upon her face before she busted out into a loud and obnoxious laugh that I joined in on. I coulda swore I heard her snort too.

“Whyyyyyy do you play?!” She wiped away her tears from her eyes and I wasn’t far behind. “You sir, are childish.” She threw the balled up straw paper at me. I threw a piece of ham from my omelette at her and her jaw dropped. “Don’t start no shit, won’t be none.”

“A’ight, a’ight,” I held my hands up. “I’m done fuckin’ witchu, fa’ real.”

“Y’all want anything else?” Roxy asked once she came up to us.

I looked over at Gabrielle and she shook her head. “Nah, baby. Can you bring out the check?”

“Yup, I’ll be right back.”

“What you wanna do after this?”

I swallowed the last of my drink then looked at her skeptically. “You wanna do sumthin’?”

“Yeah, the night’s still young.”


“Welcome to Dollar and a Dream Studioz,” I announced after unlocking the door to one of the recording rooms. Her eyes darted every which way as she walked inside, causing a sense of pride to rush through me.

“Wow…” she breathed. “This is so nice.” Her hand reached out for the soundboard before she snatched it back, looking over at me with wide eyes. “Can I touch it?”

I snickered at her child-like behavior. “Yeah, G, go ‘head.” Her fingertips lightly ran across the equipment. “I can show you a thang or two.”

Her eyes were bright with excitement. She’s too adorable, man. “For real?”

I nodded, sitting in my chair. “Come sit down.” I patted my lap. Her eyes met mine, full of hesitation. “I ain’t gon’ bite, shawty.” She sat down, and I securely wrapped an arm around her waist as I pushed us closer to the soundboard.  I gave her a little tour of what buttons did what, all that. I even pulled up some new shit I was working on to show her how it worked.  

“I like this,” she said bobbing her head to the beat I produced. I felt an immense sense of pride. There was something about sharing what you love with someone you love.

“Thank you.”

“Do you ever record yourself?”

“I have, but not really.”

“You ever think about being a singer? You used to talk about it all the time when we were younger.”

“I prefer being behind the scenes. I think producing and writing is more of my calling.”

She frowned slightly. “Too bad, ‘cause I love hearing you sing. Them old church ladies would swoon over you whenever you hadda solo. Them li’l fast-tailed girls, too.”

“Like you wasn’t one of ‘em.”

“Stop with your delusions, Tremaine.”

“So we just gon’ pretend we didn’t kiss in the closet during that lock-in? Okay.” She put her hands over her face; blushing, no doubt. She mumbled something. “Huh?”

“I said,” she lifted her head, “why you bringin’ up old shit?”

“Just had to remind you, ya know.”

“Anyways,” Gabrielle dismissed while rolling her eyes. “Did something inspire you when you made that beat? Or did it just come to you?”

“I was just playin’ around on my keyboard with this one. Sometimes I gotta mediate, other times they come to me in the shower. It really just depends.”

“I really love it; it’s so…sensual.” With her eyes closed, he began moving her body to the beat while snapping along. I watched in amusement at her being in her zone. Soon, her sensual movements had me biting my bottom lip. Damn she looked sexy. I lifted my eyebrow at her humming.

“What you hummin’?”

G looked up at me with wide eyes and pink cheeks. “I, uh—it was nothing.”

Gently grabbing her chin, I looked into her sparking brown eyes. “Don’t be shy now.” Her eyes seemed to be searching mine. “I ain’t gon’ laugh or nothin’. I just wanna hear what you got; you might be sittin’ on gold.”

“Uh, rewind it a little bit.” I did as she requested. “I maybe a little rusty.” We let out a chuckle then she cleared her throat. “Lovin’ you is really all that’s on my mind. It’s the only thing I thought about tonight. Let’s make it like old times again, when we were more than friends. Tonight I wanna dance for you. Tonight I’m wanna dance for you. Tonight I wanna feel you real deep, deep inside me. Wh-whoa oh.” She opened her eyes slowly. Bruh. “How was that?”

“Um.” I gulped. “Those were some interesting choice in words. What you tryna say, G?”

She peered at me, her eyes both timid and bold. “I wanna fuck.” And just like that, my dick was full up for the task.

“You sure?” I asked, searching for any signs of doubt. Why did I even ask? I shouldn’t be entertaining this. I said I wanted to be friends and I meant that. But temptation was calling my name. “Gabrielle—” She cut me off with a kiss. A kiss filled with hunger, longing, and fulfillment. She moved from my thigh and straddled me. I wasted no time to secure my arms around, my hands finding comfort in gripping her ass. This was really happening. …And it would be my luck for her to pull away when I finally accepted reality.

Through hooded eyes, she gazed at me, licking over her lips. “One last time?”

Chapter 26|Lie To Me

My eyes slowly fluttered open as I rolled over adjusting to the light entering my bedroom from the floor to ceiling arch fix windows. It was a Friday and for the first time in a long time I didn’t have to get up and go to work. I had requested the day off, because it was my birthday. Today, November 18th I turned the big two six. I couldn’t help the typical thoughts of how I felt old and where was time going. Just yesterday I was a little girl with big dreams and no worries and now that was no longer the case. Letting out a sigh I sat up rubbing the sleep out my eyes before I stretched my limbs. Taking a glance at my alarm clock my eyes widened at the time. It was almost 1PM. I can’t remember the last time I had the luxury or even managed to do such at thing.

Laying back down I grabbed my iPhone off my bedside table and powered it on. My phone continuously vibrated in my hand from all the messages coming through. Scrolling through my notifications the corners of my mouth curved into a smile at all the birthday love I was receiving. Replying to a few of the messages I threw my phone down before getting up and making my way to my adjoining bathroom.

About thirty minutes later I exited the bathroom wrapped in a towel to hear my phone ringing. Scurrying to answer before the call went to voicemail I smiled at the picture of Trey and I before accepting the call.

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How We Met


Walking down the block as tears ran down Chelsea’s face, clothes a bit torn up.she looks over her shoulder as the view of her house becomes smaller and smaller. Chelsea aimlessly walking in the direction of the school stops, looking up at the big bolded letter that hang from the top of the building, “MARSHALL HIGH SCHOOL” she sighed in disappointment walking in looking down the dark empty halls, then down at her watch as the time reads: “2:17am” she continues walking down the hall to the janitors closet farthest in the back of the school, she uses the key she was given her freshman year due to the heavy violence with in her household. walking in she smiles very faintly at the little set up Ms. Janet made for her sleeping area which she does every night just in case Chelsea needs to crash somewhere.

Chelsea sits down Indian style pulling her phone out and her charger plugging it into the wall setting her alarm clock to a good time to wake up and clean up her small sleeping area, she lays back looking up at the ceiling trying her hardest not to cry.

“Why does this always happen to me? I’ve been nothing but a good person I make great grades, I have great friends yet my life is nothing but shit”

Chelsea pauses her thoughts sitting up hearing shuffling outside the door she sits up pulling her knees to her chest resting her knees on her chest not knowing what to do when she hears a key fits into the lock and the handle is being turned and a talk brown skin guy walks in and looks down at her in shock and he kneels down looking at her as Chelsea looks back at him in shock as well that Mr. Steele is even in the Janitors closet at three in the morning.

Mr. Steel is Chelsea’s English teacher, first period to be exact, she slowly stands up keeping her eyes on him and sighs afraid to speak.

“Chelsea why are you in here? it’s three in the morning” Mr. Steele stands up along with Chelsea folding his strong arms over his thick chest.

“I-I’m sorry I just come here when things at home become tough… ” She looks down before speaking again. “I’m sorry, just don’t make me go back home. Please?” Mr. steel looks at Chelsea a bit confused and steps back out the closet, getting an Idea.

“If you want, you can stay at my place, I know I’m your teacher and all that but staying in the closet? I don’t like that now I know this situation. Just don’t tell anyone I can loose my job for this. Call me Zane, you looking like you need a friend right now tell me all that happened.”

Chelsea begins to get her thing as she walks out with Mr. Steele, or Zane is what he wants to be called. She begins to describe everything that happened and what happens regularly in her house hold with her parents. Zane looks between her and the road as he drives her back to his place scrunching up his face pulling up in his garage

“I’m sorry this is happening to you Chelsea, you should have said something sooner I would have gotten you help or something like that.” Chelsea just shrugged taking her seat belt off.

“I’m 18 now anyway, I’m moving when school is over so I can get out of that. The worst is almost over”

Zane just blink, getting out the car walking up the stairs to his front door and Chelsea trailed long with a blank expression plastered on her face, she walks in and looks around holding back her smile as she hold a trash bag full of a mixture of clean and dirty clothes. Zane shows her to a guest room taking the bag of clothes to his laundry room.

“Take a shower, and I’ll leave a shirt and boxers on the bed for you okay? I’ll see you when you wake up. don’t worry about classes tomorrow. I’ll get your work for you”

walking into the room looking around she spots the bathroom closing the door behind her undressing turning on the shower taking a hot shower, Zane did as he said he would putting a shirt and boxers on now Chelsea’s bed, then going to the laundry room putting her clothes in the washer, he then goes to his room showering as well.

Done showering Chelsea dries off, and lotions up putting the night clothes of crawling into bed turning her phone off saving her battery her being to tired to plug her phone in. While Zane puts his boxers on and socks grabbing his stack of papers going to his den starting to grade papers all night.


I know ya’ll wondering why I’m directly talking to ya’ll, don’t worry about that. Ya’ll are also probably why I’m at the school at three in the morning. Well I hide my… hmm contraband in the janitors closet. If ya’ll don’t know that I am hinting at maybe you should sign up for my English class, but yeah I deal with over five hundred kids a day I need to relax too. Plus I forgot some test from my third period class and i’m trying to know the grading out the way. I’ve seen a little sleeping area set up multiple times but I ain’t say nothing about it. You will be surprised what the staff are up to at Marshall High school, I mean we aren’t the safest school really.

Shit.. shoot when I saw Chelsea in there she knocked me out my thoughts so I forgot my stuff. She’s a beautiful girl it’s good know she eighteen now and about to graduate, she needs to get out of here she’s a great girl and makes great grades. She some eye candy too. It’s a shame what her father does to her and her mother. but since she in my house I need to protect her until she leaves this horrible city. Well let me finish these papers and head to bed so I can have a little shut eye before I go to work.

Chapter 4


          I sat in the studio with Chris and all his boys as I watched them record the Beat It mini video, geeking and having fun. I looked over at Chris as he glared at me & rolled his eyes, he was obviously still mad that I pulled a knife on him but I didn’t really care. As they finished he walked over to me, grabbed my arm & dragged me outside, pinning me against the wall.

“The fuck is your problem Amaris?”

“Nothing now get the fuck out my face. I’m here to do my damn job, now let me do that so I can get home to my kid.” I spat at him as I tried to push past him but he shoved me back into the wall. He clenched his jaw then licked his lips, looking at me and shaking his head. He was no longer mad, he was just frustrated and I could read it all on his face which made me chuckle a little bit.

“Fuck is so funny Mari?”

“You Chris, stop worrying your lite brite ass off. I know what I’m doing aight? If I didn’t think this was what’s best for Nyla then I wouldn’t have done it anyways so chill out.” I said as I hugged him tightly and kissed his cheek. He hugged me back, pulling away slowly & looked deep in my eyes. I’ve ever seen him look at the girls he messed with like this and I didn’t know how to feel except nervous.

“Chris…” I said softly as he bit his bottom lip and looked at me.

“Yea Mari…”

“I gotta go.” I said as I tried to pull away from him but he tightened his grip around my waist & then kissed me deeply. I didn’t even hesitate to kiss him back, it felt right but then it felt wrong; fuck my life. I quickly pulled away and ran my hand over my face as he smirked and leaned against the wall.

“Chris what the hell was that?”

“The reason I don’t want that nigga in Nyla’s life, that’s what it was.” He said as he looked at me and pulled me closer to him again, now kissing on my neck. He was doing all of this shit on purpose but I couldn’t resist him. A soft moan escaped my lips as he slid his hand down to my ass and gripped it hard, biting my neck.

          I moaned again in his ear until I heard footsteps & I pulled away from him quickly. He looked at me & winked walking away mouthing something but I couldn’t make out what he was saying.

I shook my head and walked outside, I just became confused and I have no clue how I feel about what just happened. My phone started vibrating so I checked it to see a text from Chris, what did he want now?

Chris: Bring your ass to my house tonight, we got shit to finish.

Me: No Chris, I’m hanging out with Trey & Nyla tonight.

Chris: So you don’t want to finish what I started earlier?

Me: I don’t know where that even came from so no!

Chris: Listen Amaris I love you, I love you more thank you fucking realize alright? Why do you think I was so mad about the whole Trey shit? Just come over tomorrow, we gotta talk about this.

          I threw my phone back into my purse and walked over to my car getting into it and starting it up. Why did he decide to tell me some shit like this right now of all times, where was he with this shit a couple of months of go? I didn’t understand; I just wanted to go home and be with my daughter.


          I looked at Amaris as she paced my bedroom back and forth mumbling something in Spanish but I had no clue what she was saying. She rushed over her panicked and shaky like she just seen someone get killed or something, I was praying that wasn’t the case because I wasn’t trying to get caught up in anymore bullshit. I had enough shit to deal with already, I didn’t need the extra stress on my brain.

“Amaris, stop pacing and just tell me what the hell is going on already!”

“Stop yelling at me okay? I don’t need this shit right now!”

“Look just tell me what’s the problem.” I said annoyed as I rolled my eyes and sat up against my headboard.

“Okay look I was talking to Chris earlier, we got into a little argument and then he just kissed me. I mean yeah I kissed him back but now basically he’s trying to tell me he’s in love with me and I don’t even know what to do. What do I do Nicki?” she rambled as my eyes got wide and I stared at her for a while.

I wanted to tell her I told you so badly but I decided it wasn’t the right time. I knew for the longest time that Chris liked her more than just a friend but she was too blind to see it. All she seen him as was like a big brother but he obviously thought differently.

“Nicole say something! What do I do now?”

“Well do you feel the same way or no?”

“Yes, well I don’t know. I love him but it’s more like a brother. Then again, I had a little crush on him but that went out the window when he was with Kae.” She said as I nodded and ran my hand through my hair. This was going to cause a lot of problems, little did she know.

“I mean then again, I would give it a try but I already know how he is. After a while he gets tired of girls and then basically throws them away. I don’t want to be that girl.” She said as she plopped down on the bed, looking up at me.

“You know you’re telling the wrong person all of this right? You should go talk to him Amaris.”

“When I’m ready.” She said muffled once she put her face in a pillow.

“Now this is the real question, do you still have feelings for Trey?” I questioned as her head popped up quickly and she gave me a blank stare.

“I don’t Nicole, why would you even ask me that?” she said as she looked away and I chuckled, this bitch was lying through her teeth.

“If you say so Mari, I know your ass well enough to know when you’re lying so don’t front. I’ll let you be great though.” I said as I stood up and fixed my dress. I just wish she could admit that she had feelings for at least one of them, but knowing her that would never happen.

This seemed like the perfect time to stop hiding all her feelings and just let everything out, but knowing her that wasn’t going to happen. Hopefully one of these niggas could get something out of her, well hopefully.

9: Mind Games


This shit was all my fault. I should’ve kept my guard up then this wouldn’t have happened.

That’s exactly why I always said no to going out, it was too damn dangerous. There are murderers out there that are just like us, unsuspecting.

The one night I decide to finally let my guard down and chill somebody sneaks us.

When I first got the call from Uncle Manny I panicked so I called Jamal. I love Jamal like a brother but I don’t put shit past nobody.

But the more we talked I knew it wasn’t him. Realizing that someone had done this intentionally I couldn’t just come out and tell him.

I mean what was I gonna say? Hey, Alex and I murder people for a living and I think somebody’s after us. Hell nah.

As pissed as I am, I gotta keep my head on straight. I need to find out who did this shit and more importantly find out if she’s okay.

I panicked because this wasn’t my first scare with Alex, she was like my baby in a way. When she got shot two years ago the shit hurt me to the core and I made a promise to myself to protect her.

Now her we are again, and I failed her. I regret dragging her into this life I chose. I should’ve turned her away in the beginning.

Thinking about all this made me more and more angry with myself because I knew Uncle Emanuel and my dad were gonna chew me the fuck out.were

I was standing outside when Jamal pulled up. “Thanks for coming.” I murmured getting into the car.

“No problem, so what’s going on?” He asked pulling off. “I don’t know, I’m Sorry for dragging you into this but I didn’t know who else to call.”

“It’s aight, trust me. So what happened y’all went out last night, had a few drinks?” He asked.

“Yeah, I know I did..but I barely saw her lift a glass to her lips, shit is crazy. I should’ve kept my guard up.” I said staring out of the window.

A couple of minutes later we were out in front of the hospital. I offered to let Jamal leave but he insisted on staying.

We got out and walked into the building, I glanced around the waiting room and my eyes quickly fell on my uncle.

“Hey Uncle Manny, how is she?” I spoke stepping toward him. He embraced me a little hugging me. My dad hugged me quickly and stepped outside to take a call.

“She’s stable as far as I know, but from what I hear that shit could’ve done some real damage.” He said gesturing me to sit with him in the waiting area.

I followed him and sat down with Jamal not far behind. “So Chrys, talk to me…what’s really going on?” He questioned giving me a hard stare.

Slowly I peered up at him. How was I supposed to tell him that this was possibly my fault.

Right along with my father he despised our choice to partake in such a dangerous business.

He was in the game along side my dad so he knew the ins and outs and how crazy shit could get. But regardless he still didn’t want that shit for me and Alex.

“Unc look, I won’t lie to you. I feel like this is my fault…again. I let my guard down when I shouldn’t have. I should have been keeping an eye out..but I didn’t.” I said dropping his stare.

“Chrys, this is exactly why Barry and I told y’all this shit wasn’t meant for y’all-” he started.

“Don’t you think I know that?! This ain’t just a game for me! Sure enough I regret everyday that I have Alex out there risking her life for ME. I’m sorry she got shot that night, I didn’t want that shit to happen but it did..I’m doing this for my brother, I can’t stop!” It’s like my mouth developed it’s own brain and just let go everything I’d been wanting to say.

My uncle looked into my face with a look that just made me want to break down right there in the waiting room.

“So you mean to tell me little Ramone would’ve wanted you out there doing the same shit he was losing his own father to? You’ve already did in the trifling nigga that killed him, give it a rest.” My head shot up quickly.

I mean how could he say that? He’s right I did kill the bastard who took my heart, but wasn’t enough. I guess I’ve become addicted.

I turned away from him just as the doctor came out taking us to see Alex. On the way up I had a lot on my mind. Maybe my uncle is right, maybe I should quit.


I arrived at Chrys’ house and we were now headed to the hospital. Besides the small talk that we shared when she first got in the car, there was complete silence until we arrived at our destination.

We both walked through the automatic doors and followed the signs that pointed us to the waiting room.

At a glimpse, I saw two built, tall guys. They reminded me almost of my father and some instinct in my told me that they probably did the same thing he did too.

“Hey Uncle Manny, how is she?” Chrys was talking to one of the guys. I don’t know much about Chrys’ personal life and she really doesn’t know anything about mine.

We were just the type of friends that kept it in the present and only talked about shit going on in our lives right at that moment.

But by the way she greeted on of the guys I’m guessing he’s Alex’s father. Come to think of it, she does have most of his features.

I followed Chrys to a seat as she talked to Alex’s father. I’m not the nosy type so I wasn’t about to listen to everything they’re talking about. I did hear him say that Alex was stable and that’s all I really did need to hear.

Their conversation started to get heated, I thought about pulling her away but I figured it wasn’t my place to.

Instead I got up and headed for a window peering out onto the busy parking lot.

An ambulance was pulling up and nurses were rushing outside. They wheeled an older man into the hospital covering his face with an oxygen mask.

This scene was all too familiar, I tore my eyes away from the scene. It reminded me of the night my father was killed. That night alone made me develop a bad feeling about hospitals.

I glanced back to the row of seats where Chrys and her uncle had been sitting. They were now gone up to see Alex I assume.

The man who I assumed to be Chrys’s dad walked back into the hospital. He looked over to where Chrys had been then walked in my direction.

“Excuse me, have you seen my daughter? She came here with you right?” He asked. “Yes sir, I think the doctor came down to take them to see Alex.” I responded respectfully.

“Thanks, you look…very familiar.” He said eying me closely. “You probably seen me around before.” I shrugged.

“Yeah, well I’m bout to go up..I’ll tell her you’re still down here.” He said walking off toward the receptionist desk.


I sat in the waiting room a little over twenty minutes before they’d come down. They stood talking in a quiet huddle before I approached them.

“Sorry to intrude, but how’s she doing?” I spoke making them all look in my direction.

“She’s doing fine right now, they’ve pumped her stomach but they’re gonna keep her over night just to keep an eye on her.” Chrys said.

“Can I go see her real quick?” I asked directing the question toward her dad. “And who the hell are you?” He asked raising his brow.

“Uncle Manny, this is Jamal. He’s one of our friends, he brought me up here.” she chimed in before I could embarrass myself.

“Why haven’t I met you before? You could be anybody, ” her uncle said standing his ground.

“Chill Manny, he seems aight.” Chrys’s dad spoke up. “You can go up man, let’s go Manny.”

At least one them are reasonable…

*Two Weeks Later*


Today I could finally go home. I’ve been in this hospital for a few weeks and I couldn’t wait to leave. Hospitals were depressing and I felt trapped.

Hearing my father tell me that I was poisoned was a real shock to me. Although I’m apart of this lifestyle, I never thought ever that someone would actually target me.

He also told me that Chrys felt like she was responsible for this. Which she wasn’t. She hasn’t came to see me since the day I got here and I could tell guilt was eating her alive.

The nurses wheeled me out of the hospital and the first person I saw was Jamal. I tried my hardest to get up so that I could run over to him, but I was still weak.

I heard the nurse chuckling. “Don’t worry sweetheart, you’ll regain your strength in no time.” She wheeled me to the car and from there Jamal helped me into his car.

“I missed you.” Jamal said. I smiled at him and turned my head facing the road. We were now heading in a unknown direction. It wasn’t the way to either of our houses so I was confused on where our destination was going to be.

Twenty minutes have passed and the roads were now looking familiar to me. Jamal pulled into the driveway and just like I guessed, we were now in front of my dad’s house. I rolled my eyes as Jamal came to the passenger side to help me out.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I love my father. In fact I’m what you consider a daddy’s girl but I really don’t need to be jumped on with questions about what happened that night and why I wasn’t paying more attention to my surroundings, ‘cause I know it’s coming.

“Why are we here?” I finally asked Jamal. “Your dad asked me to bring you here, he wants you to stay here just until you get back on your feet." 

Get back on my feet my ass. My father is only doing this to keep an eye on me and to make sure that I’m not out here doing hits with Chrys. As much as I know that my father hates what I do, I still continue to do it for the simple fact that I sorta kinda fell in love with it.

It’s just something about that rush that you get when killing someone or role playing to lure in your next contestant. Also being by my bestfriend while doing it was a plus. Speaking of Chrys, she better come out of hiding ‘cause we definetly need to talk.

I rung the doorbell and noticed Jamal slowly easing his way back to his car. “Oh no nigga, where you going?” If he’s scared of my dad, he shouldn’t. From what I heard my dad has somewhat warmed up to the fact of Jamal being around.

"I just gotta get something from my car.” I sucked my teeth and soon the front door swung open. “SURPRISE!!!” There I saw before me was all of my family and some of Chrys’ family including her father, but she was nowhere in sight.

And Jamal’s sneaky ass left me here. Now I had to sit through this party and put on the fakest smile with no one by my side.

I proceeded through the party giving out hugs to everyone in sight. It was strange being around my family since they only came around for funerals and weddings.

It felt good being around my fathers crew though. They were what I considered my real family. Always there for me no matter what.

They taught me everything I needed to know about loyalty and staying true to myself. That’s another reason why I’m doing this with Chrys. No other person would be loyal enough to do this job with her so I decided on my own to join her.

I finally found a place to sit and since all the focus was finally off of me, I could relax. I pulled out my phone and began to text Jamal to cuss his ass out for leaving me.

He made a smart decision ‘cause Lord knows everyone would’ve been pressing him with thousands of questions.

I then started to send a text to Chrys, she can’t keep avoiding me like this so she better get her ass over here.

The sound of the front door opening and slamming shut caught my attention. My back was turned so I couldn’t see anything so I payed close attention.

To my knowledge, everyone was here so I really had no idea who this person could be. “Hey pops, Uncle Manny.” The voice spoke.

But why did he refer to Chrys’ and I dad’s the way he did? His voice wasn’t familiar so I know he wasn’t a close family friend. 

I turned in my chair and met eyes with the person who just walked in. My eyes grew wide, he looked familiar. “Ramone…” I silently said to myself.

For a second I thought I was staring at a ghost. He was a spitting image of Chrys’ brother. 

I looked away when I noticed my father and this person walking towards me. “Alex, sweetie, this is Antonio. He’s….”

What my father said to me next came to sort of a shock to me. I shot up from my seat and all I saw was red. Why would someone keep this a secret for so long?



It had been a few months since Jamal told off on me. Ma had forgiven me but still preached about me stopping.

Me and Jamal were working on trying to get along. It’s a little bit easier to get along with him now that he ain’t so fucking grouchy, but I guess Alex keeps him grounded.

I’m actually happy for him. I was a little skeptical about him being with Alex after that shit Bren pulled but she was cool.

Also me and Chrys got over the bullshit and we’re actually pretty cool now. I mean shit, it’s a given since my brother and Alex are dating. We were bound to keep running into eachother.

I was currently sitting down at this small joint I used to eat at as a kid called mama B’s waiting on her.

I fooled around on my phone before I felt a smack on the back of my head indicating her arrival.

“What up fool?” She laughed. “Nothing much brat, you?” I greeted her. “Not shit,”

“So what’s been up with you lately? I heard you had a man or something like that.” I teased.

“For your information Levi is not my man, he’s my stalker.” She replied rolling her eyes.

“You a damn lie, chill…. we all know you excited that your dry spell is over!” I said poking fun. “You really gone play me like that, little do you know ‘Mal said you had an eye out for me a while back!” She laughed.

“Correction, I told him you was fine. But I only wanted to fuck though..don’t nobody want yo’ duck ass!” I laughed loudly as she attempted to slap at my face.

“Yeah, whatever..what about you?” She asked scanning the breakfast menu. “Well. Ahaaa, you know how I do..”

“Yeah right, so what you got planned today?” She said brushing me off. “Nothing, I’ma chill for a little homeboy Mack set me up with some chick who’s new to town so you know how that go.” I explained.


We ordered our food and a waitress came by placing the food in the table. The entire time we waited Chrys pressed for details on the girl.

“Is she cute though?” She asked taking a strip of my bacon. I slapped her hands away from my plate.

“Damn, you nosy and greedy..back the fuck up!” I fussed. “Well excuse me Mr. Attitude!” She mocked.

“Ima fuck you up lil girl..” I laughed snatching the remainder of my bacon from her lips. “Thieving ass…”

*Later that night*

Mack called me around nine telling me to meet him at his spot. I got dressed and headed over. Once I got there I hesitated going in.

Usually I just walk right in but I was kind of nervous due to the circumstances, so I knocked.

The door swung open to reveal Mack’s girlfriend Lace.

“What’s up bro, I haven’t saw you forever!” She said pulling me in for a hug.

“Aye, aye! Back up nigga!” Mack said coming to the door. “Well you know the effect I got on women is crazy mane.” I laughed causing Lace to pop the back of my neck.

“Anyway, you ready to meet her? You look nervous..” Lace cracked. “I don’t even know this girl name, what I got to be nervous about anyway?” I smiled faintly.

Mack and Lace were both in the “business” and they knew the problems that me and Jamal had with that before. So I was hoping that this girl wouldn’t just be normal.

“Her name is Rain, she should be here in a minute.” Mack said.

We sat around in the living room catching up for a minute before knocks started rapping on the door.

Lace got up to answer the door and my palms started to sweat, what the fuck is wrong with me.

I heard laughing as the door closed and Lace walked into the living room. “Aight Na, this is Rain.. Rain, Nasir.”

I looked up as they walked into the room. “Damn…” I mumbled.


Tonight was the night…

Carlos finally decided tonight would be the night where me and Chrys met again…for business purposes of course.

I hadn’t seen her in a couple of weeks so I was looking forward to seeing her. I hadn’t even texted or called her.

I figure she’s like any other female, she can put up a front all she wants but I’m on her mind.

It was going on 10 o’clock so I got in my car and headed to the camp. Once I pulled up I saw her truck sitting out back.

I grabbed my gun tucking it in my holster and walked in through the back door.

I paused at Carlos’ office door hearing her voice. I knocked two quick times signaling that I was outside.

“Come in boy,” he spoke roughly. I twisted the handle and walked in. The look on Chrys’ face was priceless.

“What the fuck is he doing here?” She questioned Carlos. Anger flashed across her face.

“Nice to see you too Chrys.” I said sitting in the chair next to her. “Carlos you need to start talking now-” she started.

He put his hand up signaling her to be quiet. “Chrys, you need to check yourself now before you get fucked up.” He spoke.

Instantly she closed her mouth and crossed her arms over her chest huffing loudly.

“Now..I called you both here because we have a big job on our hands. Ace is back and he’s got extra reinforcements. Chrys, I assume you know Levi, he’s been working for me for quite some time.” He said looking between the two of us.

“Now, Chrys last year when I sent you to kill him the first time I thought you could handle it, but everybody slips up so this time I’m going to make sure it doesn’t happen again.” She rolled her eyes making me chuckle.

“So, with that being said I want the two of you to team up. Dig up as much information you can find on him, you need to watch him for a while, until I give word to take action. I want you both to report back to me weekly to let me know what’s going down.” Chrys stood up to leave.

“Little girl, sit ya ass down. I’m not done. Levi I know you’re not opposed to working with somebody else to get the job done, but you..” he said looking at Chrys.

“You’ve always been stubborn as hell, I don’t care if you hate this nigga sitting next to you…if you don’t follow my orders then consider yourself off my fucking team. Understood?” He cocked his brow waiting on her response.

“Yes.” She said speaking quickly. “Aight, leave.” I watched as he leaned back in his chair. She shot up from her seat rushing out of the door.

I shook my head, I’m already knowing she’s just upset that Carlos checked her in front of me.

But like he said if she wants to keep her job she ain’t got no other choice but to deal with me.

Chapter 7


It’s been a couple of weeks and I been avoiding Chris like the black plague. I just didn’t feel like talking because there wasn’t anything to discuss. He made it clear how he felt and I said what I felt everything was out there. There wasn’t shit else to discuss.


“Kaiah baby,” I smiled at Trey and gave him a hug when I walked in the studio.

“Trey baby.” I sat in the roller chair next to his.

“You look good girl.”

“I got on sweats nigga.” I said looking down at the big ass sweat pants, fitted t-shirt, and polo boots I had on.

“And you still look good as hell.”

“Thank you.” I laughed.

“How you been?”

“Stressed, but I’m good.”

“Not to stressed to work though right,”

“Nah, but um remember that track you sent me yesterday morning?”


“Well I wrote to it last night, well I wrote a hook.”


“Yeah, I had some shit on my mind so it came out.”

“Aight let’s hear it.” I pulled out my notebook from my bag and went to what I wrote.

After I sung it he looked at me with an eye brow raised.

“Damn who hurt you?”

“Long story man, but what you think?”

“I like it, damn you good girl.”

“I got stuck writing, it’s like I got blocked.”

“Well just think about whatever it was you were thinking last night and go from there.”

“Well nigga you helping.”

“Of course baby,” He smiled and played the track and we got to work. In about three hours top we had a hit.

“Yo this gon be a good look for you Trey.”

“What you mean?”

“I mean people so used to seeing you be all about sex, but this is a nice change up.”

“I know, but you helped me write some of those songs so frown on them.” I laughed. I was behind a lot of Trey’s baby making records.

“I know,”

“So what is going on with you?”

“What you mean?”

“You obviously in love with somebody if you writing like this.”

“You ever feel so strong about somebody and it doesn’t go like you want it too, and as much as you want to throw it away and be like fuck you, but you can’t?”

“I know exactly how you feel. Sometimes you just have to let those feelings pass.”

“I wish it would hurry up and go away.”

“So who’s the lucky guy?”

“What makes you call them lucky?”

“Any nigga that got you in love with them is lucky. They just stupid as fuck if they let you go.”

“Aww Trey,” I laughed and he smiled at me.

“Stop making me blush, but who is he?”

“I’m not gon say to embarrassing.”

“I must know him, who is it? Rick Ross or somebody.” I damn near fell out my chair I was laughing so hard.

“Rozay my nigga but hell no boy you stupid.”

“So who is it? Let me think is it Chris?” When he said that I shut up. How did he guess that? “It is Chris huh? Lucky ass nigga,” He shook his head and I laughed,

“Too lucky,”

“Well you know how to make him realize what he’s losing right.”


“Make him jealous.”

“Do I look 12 to you? I am not about to play those games.”

“Ay sometimes you have to play a game or two to get what you want.”

“Nah that’s not my style.”

“Well just think about it, I know if I saw a chick I might want with another nigga it’ll make me get my shit together.”

“I’ll think about Trey, I aint saying I’ll go along with the game though. And don’t think you slick.”

“What you mean?”

“You only want me to do that so you can be the nigga I make him jealous with. Tremaine you aint fooling nobody.”

“Oh you went there, but okay I’ll admit it. Why not get two of my friends together and enjoy myself at the same time.”

“That’s a damn shame Trey for real,” I laughed and shook my head. Trey been after me for a minute but I wasn’t feeling him like that. Don’t get me wrong he look good as hell no flaws but Chris has had my mind on some other shit. Besides now it would be weird to date one of Chris’s friends when he knows how I feel about him.

“I’m just saying.”

“Well whatever, I’m hungry. You want to come with me to get something to eat?” I got up and grabbed my bag.

“Yeah let’s go.” He grabbed my hand we walked outside and just what I didn’t need was right in front of me. A butt load of Paparazzi. Meditakeout her me and Trey come. We continued to walk hand in hand to the car and we left.  I was sure to hear about this tomorrow.




after getting up with only a hour or so of sleep I adjust the strings on my sweat pants going into the bathroom doing my hygiene thing sliding on some Jordans and a black tee with a thin gold chain, I walked out my room going to the office getting my book bag filled with the graded papers I finished up this morning, then I made my way to the guest room Chelsea was sleeping in I peered my head through the door seeing that she was sleep, . I stepped back closing the door throwing my bag over my shoulder walking out the house locking up behind me getting into my all black Mercedes pulling off towards the school. I get there Thirty minutes ahead of time as usual parking in my spot getting out going to the office checking my mailbox seeing if I got anything. At this school it can be slips of kids who dropped out my class or notes from the lady staff saying what they would do to me. I don’t have a problem with that though.

“Mr. Steele you look like one of the students today” Mrs. Reed one of the other English teachers said licking over her plumped lips looking down at my imprint in my sweats.

I looking down at her petit body and smile warmly grabbing my papers from my mailbox walking out getting to the door to exit the office and turn to look at her winking then walks out going to the fourth floor taking the elevator getting to my class. I unlocked the door walking in putting the door stopper down so the door can stay open. walking over to the white board write out my lesson for my Second period Since first had a test today. I hear a knock on the door so I turn around and see my student Sasha, I lick over my lips putting my marker down sitting behind my desk motioning for her to come into the room. She does and stands on the opposite side of my desk looking down at me with her sweet and innocent face on speaking in a low voice as her accent of a foreign culture slips from her lips.

“Mr. Steele I was wondering if I could do some extra credit? I was online looking at my grade and it says that I have a "D’ umm I know that cannot be right but like you said in the beginning of the year you don’t make mistakes so I’m here to bring my grade up. I cannot fail this class Mr. Steele I haven’t failed anything and you aren’t going to stay in the way of that” She moved her thick hair from her face and she speaks. “I’ll do anything Mr. Steele… Anything”

I raised my brow looking at her remembering damn well she has a ‘A’ in this class I chuckle low shaking my head. I’m not about to get caught up by these fast ass girls at this school I stood up at walking around my desk and sat on the edge looking at her shaking my head, reaches over for my book bag pulling out sheets of paper finding a blank packet with college based words, puts my backpack down looking her in her eyes holding up the eight page paper as I slyly smirks

“you want some extra credit shorty?” she nods stepping closer to me but I put the thick packet up to her face. “Well here’s a packet from my first period advanced twelfth grade English class, it is front and back you have to find the definition, the origin of the word, definition of the prefix and the suffix of the word. write sentences using the word past, present, and future tense of the word. it’s eight pages front and back. I prefer you use a actual dictionary and not the one online. and when you are done with that write an essay using all the words from my packet, you have until Monday complete this.”

Her face drops taking the packet away from me looking down at it as she flips through the pages then looks back at me.

“Oh okay, Monday? I only have the weekend to do this? that’s not enough time Mr. Steele” I shrug getting up from the desk picking up the test setting it on the table so the kids will just get started.

“Well Sasha I think I’m being fair, My advanced class only had a day to do this. I mean I guess that’s why you are not in my advanced class huh” I look at the clock and then at her as I set the papers down on the desks. “I know what your grade is in y class and it is not a ’D’ so you come in my room lying to me? so now you will do this over the weekend and it will be turned in and your essay will be written double spaced MLA formatted with a cover page and a abstract page. when I say all the words from my packet I do mean that. If you use any outside sources I do want your work cited with a reference page. if you do use outside sources and it is not documented correctly I will fail the page and drop your grade. for every word that is not used you will lose five point from your overall grade, and of you decide I am being too harsh and you do not do this packet I will fail you and I will see you in my class again next year. You may leave now, I will see you after second lunch.”

Sasha looked up at me as her eyes water up and she hurries out of my room, maybe next time she will learn not to be such a hoe. I was knocked out of my thoughts as the bell rings and I take my seat at my desk watching my kids walk in some speaking and most groan taking their seat getting instant quiet as they start to take their tests, this is pretty much how my day goes.

J E N N Y   A I K O

I’ve been looking around for Chelsea all day it’s not like her to miss school with out calling or warning me. We’ve been best friends since the third grade. I’m getting worried after school me and our close friend Marcus went by her house but no one was home, Marcus even climbed through her window everything was settled.

“Call her again” Marcus said as he was chewing on his nails.

“stop biting your nails, you know I hate that. It’s just going to go right to voicemail. Lets just go back home and wait for her to call back?” I look down tearing up a bit, something doesn’t feel right, but something is telling me she is safe.

We start to walk off getting into Marcus’s car driving off, I look over at Marcus who is biting the corner of his lip gripping the steering wheel tight. I know he is taking this hard, if swear he was sent to her to protect her and now he can’t. He loves Chelsea, like really loves her, he keeps a small picture of her in his wallet. It hurts almost that he loves her more than he does me. I mean we are all friends it should be equal right? I guess not… I love Marcus I keep a picture of him in my wallet. I know Chelsea is missing and that’s my sissy, but maybe Marcus will find comfort in me. I reach over and rub Chris’s back

“She will turn up Marcus thing in me is telling me she is safe." Marcus looks over at me and back at the road.

"I won’t feel right until she calls and I hear her voice.”

I look at him and shake my head turning to look back out the window, I don’t know how to feel right now. I don’t know if I want Chelsea gone because I want Marcus to myself, that would be fucked up. Or if I want her back so Marcus can be happy again.

C H E L S E A  T R A N

Finally waking up I turn my phone back on, leaving it on the table I go into the bathroom freshening up, coming back out seeing my clothes are folded on the edge of my bed. I smiled thinking that Mr. Steele didn’t have to, but he did I find something basic to wear: Boyfriend jeans and a loose white tee, and a pair of white vans. I go back to my phone and look at the many missed calls and text from both Marcus and Jenny, shit speaking of Jenny she is calling. I put my phone down letting it ring, she is going to talk my ear off so I turned my phone back off. I finally have peace and her and Marcus’s worrying isn’t going to keep me at Zen I guess I can explain tomorrow. The time read 4:00 pm on the wall so I decided to go downstairs and eat since my stomach was rumbling, when my foot his the wood floor after the last step Mr. Steele was walking in… with Sasha sucking her face off I froze and scrunched up my face. Pervert… I cleared my throat getting their attention both wiped their mouths from their saliva,

“Chelsea, you are up?”

I roll my eyes making my way to the kitchen. I’ll pack my bags and just leave after I eat. That’s gross he fucks his students. Aint Sasha like a fucking sophomore? double ew.




They say time flies when you’re having fun, but my time went faster so my new saying goes, times flies when you’re having fun and in love.
I stared into her eyes, still feeling the luck I have when it comes to her.
Lord knows we’ve had our share of ups and downs.
But through it all, I have a wonderful daughter, who is a spitting image of her mother with the same attitude.

“Trey?” My name bringing me out my thoughts.

I tilted my head up and looked at her.
“You just seemed lost in thought.” She told me, then sipping her drink.

“Lost in you. A year came and went Key.” I smiled, reaching out and holding her hand on the table.

“I know. I never thought I’d marry you.”

“Real Kianna?”

“But I’m glad I did.” She smiled at me, lifting our hands and kissed mine. The waiter came and took our plates.
“Ready for your first anniversary gift?”

“Yes Tremaine.” She cheered.
“Alright lets go on balcony, close your eyes.” I walked around and behind her, wrapping a blindfold on her.


Clichê, but the man of my dreams and the father of my daughter, I married. That’s one thing I’m truly proud of saying.

“A blindfold? Really?”

“So I can walk you into a wall.”
I stopped abruptly.
“Trey stop playing!” I said louder than I wanted to.
“Relax Key aha..” he chuckled, but I wasn’t moving.

“Either you move or I’ll carry you.”
What?! I still don’t know where I’m going, so my ass is staying right here.
“No. Either you take this blindfold off or I’m staying right here.”

“Stubborn ass.” He gritted, applied enough pressure on my hips to make me whimper, but I liked it.
“Trey…” I mumbled his name.
“Don’t be having my name roll off yo tongue when you being stubborn.” He picked me up, bridal style and I wrapped my arms around his neck.

“Well yo ass bet not drop me!” He shook acting as if he was going to drop me and I held him tighter.
“Damn, baby…” he whined. “Alright I’m putting you down.” He lowered me down and held my waist to keep my balance. Then his hands left my waist and I felt something softly lay on chest like a necklace.
“Ok, take the blindfold off.” I lifted the blindfold off my eyes and over my head, raising my hand to my chest. I looked down and it was I miniature message in a bottle. I titled the bottle and the mini paper had the date of when we first met and our wedding date.

“First anniversary requires a gift of paper.” Trey kissed my jawline.
“So keeping my life adventurous, I give you a message in a bottle with my love.”
I turned around and faced him.
“Trey, this is beautiful.” Smiling looking up from my necklace.

“I thought you’d like it.” He smiled like a child.
“Aww look at you getting giddy like a little boy.”
He licked his lips and wrapped me in a hug.
“Thank you baby, I love it.” Smiling into his chest.

“Your welcome, baby. Your my world and I don’t ever wanna let you go.”

“My own poet if I must say so.” Now that brings me to your gift. Wait here.“ I disappeared back into the room and came out with a gift bag.


Kianna reappeared and came back to the balcony with a bag.
"Now this took some thought because you have almost everything.”

“Whatever it is, I’ll cherish it forever.”

“Don’t get corny on me Trey, but here. The man that makes my heart sing.” She said to me and handed me the bag.

I opened the bag, and pulled out a journal, homemade, with pictures of us.
“Your very own song journal, to write sweet nothings about me.” She laughed lightly.

“I really like this, and I will write only about you.”
She came forward and hugged my waist, I looked down and kissed her forehead. She stood on her toes, bringing herself to my lips. Swear her lips are the softest, sweetest lips I’ve ever had and will have.

“Mhm. How do you think our first anniversary went?” She asked after the kiss.

“Being that this is my first, this was the best.”

“Saying it like you’ve had anniversaries before.”
I laughed, but its time for a little seriousness.
“Now c'mon so you can get this trigga.”

“Ohh, you giving it out?” She rose her eyebrow.

“And your my receiver.” I winked.
“Golden dick and I’m the trophy wife.” She slipped a finger in my collar and lead me back into the room.

“Trey, we have to stop this,” I mumbled against his lips. He ignored me, giving my lips the satisfaction they yearned for. He sat down on the bed and tried to pull me down with him, but I stopped his movements. “I’m serious, Tremaine!  It doesn’t sit right with me anymore. I’m wearing her robe for fuck’s sake!”

Grabbing me by my waist, he pulled me between his legs then looked up at me while licking over his bottom lip. I shivered. “You look good as fuck in it too.” He simply chuckled when I punched his shoulder. “Look, G. Ion’t care ‘bout none of that shit, because despite the circumstances, what we got is special. You are special to me, shawty. That’s all that matters, right?” I couldn’t help smiling at his words and the sincerity in his piercing gaze. The feelings we had for one another were exclusively between us. There was no justifying it, it just was.

“Right, but what if we get caught?” We were treading dangerously with our carelessness. Like the other day when Aiden asked about the condoms he bought. I told him he was tripping when in all honesty, Trey had used them. All twelve of them. 

He grinned at me mischievously before flipping me onto the bed and climbing on top of me. He pecked my lips tenderly before looking into my eyes and whispering, “It’s worth the risk.”


Taking the steps two at a time I made my way to the 3rd floor, clenching my jaw hard as I balled up my fist and started to bang on the door so hard the door shook a bit.

“Ravyn open the gotdamn door right muthafuckin now!” I yelled not caring if her neighbors heard me or not.  I didn’t get a response but I could hear the cries of my daughter through the door which only made my anger turn to rage. I stepped back a bit then started to kick at the door until the lock eventually broke giving me access to her house. I walked inside and looked around for Ravyn, scanning the apartment I made my way into her bedroom, she wasn’t in the bed so I went to the bathroom and found her laying on the tile floor passed out with a needle lying next to her. I shook my head then as disappointment coursed through me along with rage.

I walked over to her and squatted down touching her neck, I felt a pulse. I stood up and turned on the sink and grabbed the cup she kept her toothbrush in, took the toothbrush out and filled the cup with cold water then tossed it on her face.

“Get the fuck up!” I yelled at her then rolled her on her back with my foot. She started to groan and mumble, her eyes fluttered open and she looked around before they landed on me and she had a confused expression on her face until it turned to fear when she realized who I was.

“The hell are you throwing water on me for?” She said with irritation, her words slurred from the heroin she injected into her system. She struggled trying to stand up but managed. She looked at me with low red eyes, dried crusted lips, hair all wild and all over her face, her eyes where sunken in and had bags under them, the clothes she was wearing where to big and hanging off her body. Her once beautiful smooth skin was now filled with scratches and pimples. I looked down at her arms and saw the tracks marks on both arms, legs and she even had some on her hands and feet. I just shook my head as I looked at her. At one point in time this woman was beautiful, full of life and joy, took care of herself and always looked out for other people. She was my wife, now she’s my crack head ex-wife.

“You made a promise that after Royalty was born that you would get clean! Its been 9 fuckin months Ravyn and I hear about you fucking these cracker White Knights muthafuckas for drugs! The fuck is wrong with you! I should beat the fuck out of you right now! You fucking know we at war with them redneck muthafuckas and you wanna go and fuck em for some gotdamn drugs! You know how that shit makes me looks?! My ex-wife and the mother of my first born fucking and sucking my enemy for a hit! You out of yo rabbit ass mind!” I got in her face yelling at the top of my lungs as I clenched my fist to keep from putting my hands on her.

I was coming over here to get my daughter so I can go to my dad’s for Sunday dinner. On the way I got a call from one of our prospects named Jay, they were dropping off the body of the man we tortured when they saw Ravyn leaving the club house fixing up her clothes and one of the members smirking as he zipped up his pants, they told me she was clutching a tiny bag of H. Soon as I heard that shit sped over here, trying to beat her here but failed due to traffic, I was in my Range Rover so I couldn’t maneuver like I would if I was on my bike.

Ravyn just looked down at the floor while playing with her hands. I continued to tower over her tiny frame, glaring down at her.

“So you ain’t got shit to say about that huh?! Out here hoeing yo self out for some fucking drugs! Leaving my fucking daughter here by herself! Anything could have happened to Royalty! THINK ABOUT YO FUCKING CHILD CAUSE YOU DAMN SURE AIN’T THINKING ABOUT YO SELF!”

IM SORRY!” she screamed out as she squatted down on the floor covering her ears, tears rolling down her face as her body shook from her crying.

“Fuck yo sorry, ain’t no mufuckin sorry bitch! They could have easily sent some niggas here to kill our daughter while you was on yo fucking back letting some white nigga get balls deep in yo pussy for drugs! Would yo sorry have helped her then?!” I squatted down getting in her faced.

“No the fuck it wouldn’t! it wouldn’t have done shit! Better be glad ain’t nobody called fucking child services on yo junkie ass! Im taking my daughter. You obviously don’t care enough about her to fucking take care of her and watch her. So im taking her with me and you won’ be allowed to see her until you get yo act together. I refuse to allow my daughter to grow up seeing her mother destroy herself and defile herself for drugs, see her mother weak and selling her body for drugs I refuse to let me daughter see her mother be a fucking statistic.” I stood up giving her a disgusted look before walking out the bathroom and going into Royalty’s room. Ravyn got up and followed me.

“You’re not taking her from me! Im not letting you take my baby!” She ran to me and started to hit and punch my back.

“She’s all I have left! She’s the only good thing about my life! You can’t take her! I won’t let you!”

She kept hitting and pushing me away from Royalty’s room. I turned around and grabbed her wrist in a tight grip as I looked down at her.

Im taking her! You are not fit to take care of yo fucking self! How the fuck are you going to take care of a child! Get the fuck on somewhere!” I roughly pushed her into the hallway wall making her fall on the floor. She started to cry, and I mean straight boohooing, that ugly shit while lying on the floor in a fetal position.

I walked into my daughter’s room finding her standing in her crib crying her little eyes out and screaming at the top of her lungs. I walked over picking her up and held her close to me, rocking her a bit.

“Shh shh, its ok baby girl daddy is here. You’re too pretty to b crying princess.” Her tears eventually stopped and went from loud screams to soft sniffles. Once I had her calmed down I went to the changing table and changed her diaper and put her on some new clothes, grabbed her diaper bag and another bag and started to gather all her clothes and whatnot. Once I was finished I strapped her in her car seat and tossed the bags over my shoulder then picked up the car seat and headed to the front door, not even bothering to look at Ravyn.

“Until you get clean, you will never see her again.” I didn’t say anything else after that. I just walked out the house and headed to my truck.

“Foods done! Come get yo plates!” I yelled out to the living room where Egypt, Reign, Cairo, CJ, and Dynasty where sitting at. I heard the chatter and the sound of feet hitting my hardwood floor signaling that they were walking in. I placed the plates on the counter then turned the stove tops on low before moving out the way Egypt fat ass got in line first and I popped him in the back of the head.

“You know betta boi! Ladies first.” He sucked his teeth then moved out the way letting Reign and Isis start making their plates first.

“Keep sucking yo teeth and ima knock em out yo mouth. You know the rules lil nigga.”

Egypt muttered something under his breath probably cursing me out. Cairo slid in front of Egypt and behind the girls, jumping Egypt in line.

“aye nigga get yo ass to the back of the line.” Egypt said to him

“One im older then you and two I have a hungry child to feed nigga. You’ll be aight.” Cairo said laughing as he moved up the line.

“Let me get my nephew, I’ll feed him Cai.” Isis said as she took CJ out of Cai’s arms and sat at the table with him and her food. Cai made 2 plates and sat down handing the plate with less food to Isis so she can feed CJ.

I took a seat at the table and pulled out my phone checking the time.

“Where is Osiris? I asked as I looked around at all my kids. They all shrugged and said they didn’t know.

“He better not miss this dinner. Especially with this news of our guns missing.” I spoke sternly and right after I heard Osiris walking through the front door. He walked in the kitchen holding a car seat.

“Wassup.” He nodded his head as he went around dapping the guys and hugging the ladies. He sat down the car seat and got my granddaughter out.

“You’re late.” I got up walking over taking Ro from him and holding her, smiling at her.

“Yeah I know had some shit with Ravyn. Come to find out she been fucking a Knight to get some H. left Ro alone at home. Found her passed out on her bathroom floor. I took Ro and told her that until she get clean she won’t see our daughter.” He said as he made his plate then took a seat.

I shook my head as I held Ro and made my own plate.

“The hell is wrong wit that girl? I know her parents passing fucked her up but damn? Fucking for drugs and leaving yo infant daughter home alone? That’s fucked up son. Im glad you got her away from that woman. She needs to get clean If she wants to be in Ro’s life. I don’t know why you had a baby with t6hat girl.” I shook my head as I sat down with Ro in my lap. I never liked Ravyn, from the moment he brought her here I knew she wasn’t good enough for him. Hell no girl is ever good enough my boys, I only accept Reign because she’s damn near like a daughter to me. She grew up right across the street, her parents moved her from Barbados. They had a hard time adjusting so I offered them spots as prospects for the club. Surprisingly her father said no but the mom said yes. Mama Michaels as the club members call her is damn near a mama to all of us. Hell she even be talking to me like im her kid and I brought her in. So it was no surprise when Reign joined and no surprise when she and Egypt started dating.

“I know dad. But at the time she was there for me and she was down for me.”

Yeah well not every female that claims to be a ride or die really is. You married her after 4 months of dating and got a divorce a year later, kept fucking the bitch after the divorce and found out she was on drugs. But by the time you found out she was a junkie she was already pregnant cause yo pull out game weak as fuck. Then to make matters worse she fucking OD’s while she was pregnant and had to have an emergency C section to save the baby, causing her to be born 3 months early. She put on a fucking emotional roller coaster that whole time because you didn’t know if the baby would even live. And NOW you decide to cut her off after you found out she fucking the enemy for a hit. Nigga you should have been cut her ass off when she was taking drugs while fucking pregnant. But like all these other niggas you was too damn pussy whipped and lonely to do it. You got yo daughter now so you have someone to hold onto at night, you have someone else to keep yo attention instead of pussy. But im glad you finally grew some balls and took yo daughter.” Reign stated very calmly as she ate her food.

We all sat there and looked at her before everyone busted out laughing except for Osiris of course. That’s another reason I liked Reign, she was never afraid to speak her mind and most of the time she was right.

“Damn nigga she just read yo whole life!” Cai loud ass said as he slapped his hand down on the table still laughing.

“Man shut the fuck up 5 head.” Osiris mumbled as he picked at his food.

“Don’t get mad at my baby cause she right nigga.” Egypt spoke, holding his stomach while laughing. Reign reached over and thumped Osiris in the neck.

“Fuck up! My baby love my forehead and that’s all that matters. You just hating cause you ain’t got no bae. Fuck nigga.” She stuck her tongue out at him and Egypt leaned over and kissed her cheek.

They continued their banter back and forth while I sat by holding Royalty, eating and watching. This is what its all about. Even though my family ain’t shit sometimes, I wouldn’t trade my kids for the world. This is why I have Sunday dinners, so that once a week its not just about club business, but its about family and spending time together. Cause at the end of the day family is all you have.

“aight so the Native Americans are willing to meet up and give us some more gun parts. But they want double the profit for the inconvenience. The Mexicans wanna meet up as well. They’re not happy about not getting their guns on time, they also wanted to discuss us running their drugs out of our club. I personally don’t think we….” I was cut off by my dad.

“I think it’s a good idea. Running drugs out of the club is perfect. People come to club high anyways or are already doing drugs, why not be the ones to sell it to them and make money off it. But we need to get at least 40 percent of the profit. Nothing less. Running drugs out of the club puts us at a bigger risk to get in trouble with the feds, the Knights and any other local gangs or big time drug dealers. We need the Mexicans to have our backs if shit hits the fan.” I looked at my dad with a slightly irritated expression.

“I don’t know pop. We’ve never been involved with drugs. This is LA there are so many other drug dealers around here, will we even make any profit? Are we really willing to risk going to war with all these other drug dealers? We can easily take the money out of the savings account and give it to them.” I wasn’t with us getting involved with drugs. We have always dealt with guns and that has been profitable to us because we are the only people in LA who deal guns. Everyone gets their guns from us.

“He does have a point. All these gang members, drug dealers and shit get their weapons from us. We start getting involved with drugs we’re gonna start some shit that we might not be able to finish. We gone step on some toes and invade some territories of people we already do business with.” Egypt said, I looked at him and gave him a nod for having my back on this.

“Maaaaan fuck all that shit yall talking about. I say we do it. Anybody got a problem with it they can get dealt with the way Pharaoh’s have always dealt with muthafuckas.” Cairo pulled out his gun placing it on the table after he finished talking. “That’s more money for us. I got a kid to feed and you do too O.”

I looked at Cairo and shook my head. “iono bruh I just don’t have a good feeling about it.”

Isis looked at me and titled her head a bit. With us being twins we had this weird connection. We could always feel when the other was upset or angry, we always knew when something was wrong with each other and we could never go to long without speaking to each other. She could probably feel what I am, this weird tingling in my stomach whenever a bad decision was about to get made.

“I agree with O. something isn’t right about this.” I smiled at her, I knew she would have my back.

As usual Dynasty didn’t say anything when it came to making club decisions he rarely had an opinion since he wasn’t really involved with the club and he really didn’t care what we did as long as he was informed on what was going on.

Pops clenched his jaw as he looked around the table. The one thing I could say about my dad is that he was money hungry. Even though he is not president of the club anymore he still makes decisions like he is. I know part of it is because his hospital bills are getting more and more expensive. The chemo, the medicine, the constant hospital visits. That shit adds up. When we found out he had cancer it hit us all hard especially the Pharaohs. Smoke was like a hero to them. Founded a historically black biker club, opened 2 business and took care of everyone that was a member. It was hard for him to adjust to the change, not being able to be president and run the club. Most of the time I let it go and let him do him. But this time I just couldn’t let him run this.

“I am the president and I think we shouldn’t do it. We need to have a formal meeting with the rest of the exec board anyways so we can have every ones vote.” I said looking around at every one at the table.

“on don’t be stupid. Really think about this. Think about the money we could make from this. The Mexicans have some of the purest cocaine I have ever seen, they get their weed straight from Amsterdam and they also have pills, DMT, LSD. All the fucking party drugs. We could make a killing off this.” Pops spoke glaring at me.

“Dad if you haven’t noticed its not like we’re struggling here. We whipping lambos, beamers, Porsche’s, BMW’s, and Range Rovers, living in big ass houses, nice ass condos and lofts. The club is doing well every weekend and the tattoo shop stays busy. We don’t need more money. You just want more money.” I spoke sternly.  Pops and I had a stare down before he clenched his jaw and looked back down at Ro continuing to feed her.

I let out a deep sigh as different thoughts ran through my mind. Trying to figure out a way to make this work so both me and pops will be satisfied. I rubbed my jaw as I thought about what else could make us money other than drugs. Then it came to me, pussy.

“What else makes more money than drugs and guns huh? Pussy, dick, sex. What if we sell sex?  And im not talking about like selling woman like Isis does. Im talking about porn. What if we start a porn company? We could even hit up some of the strippers at the club and see if they would be down. Its another business and it’ll bring us just as much money as drugs would.” It was quiet for a bit, I scanned the table looking at everyone’s faces before I landed on pops. He looked back at me, eyes squinted low as he thought about my proposal then after a few seconds he nodded his head.

“I like it. Good thinking son. But we’re gonna have to get another building, equipment, crew workers and someone to edit the films and we’re gonna need a website.” He said with a smile on his face.

“Well one of the girls that works at the club is actually a porn star. I think her name is Sin. But hit her up im sure she can help you guys out with all this.” Reign said.

“I know who you’re talking about. I’ll hit her up when I leave here.” Isis spoke as she finished her plate

“Aight I’ll schedule a meeting with the exec and once we decide we can start making moves. As far as the Mexicans. We can just take the extra money out the savings account.” I stood up and went to make a second plate.

“Ayo O let me holla at you for a second.” Dynasty finally spoke as he got up and followed me into the kitchen.

Whats good fam?” I started making my plate.

“So umm theres this new store next door to the tattoo shop. Its like a jewelry and fashion store.”

I nodded my head as I leaned against the counter and started to eat “Yeah I saw that when I was leaving the shop earlier. Didn’t get to meet the owner tho.”

He chuckled nervously then shook his head a bit as he started to make a second plate of his own. “Oh we both know the owners, we know them real well too.”

I scrunched up my face as I chewed my food and swallowed it down. “What you mean by that?” I asked with slight irritation.

“The owners are Tanaya and Dream bruh. They back in town.” He didn’t look at me as he said it but continued to look down at his plate of food.

I froze right in the middle of bringing my fork to my mouth.

“Wait wait wait. The fuck you mean Dream is back in town? Don’t be fucking playing with me Dynasty.” I told him as I roughly placed my pate on the counter, losing my appetite.

“Im not playing. I had a whole conversation with Nays earlier today when I went by the store Then I saw Dream for like 5 seconds. They didn’t know the store was going to be right next to our shop.”

I looked at him then looked down at the floor, glaring hard at it as I clenched my jaw. Memories of Dream filled my head, the good, the bad and the ugly. I stood there starring at the floor for who knows how long. Last time I heard from Dream was when she sent me a text message saying she was leaving LA for good and that the lifestyle I lived being in the club was going to get me killed and she couldn’t stand by and watch. It was the same day I was in the hospital from a gunshot wound to the head. Imagine waking up out of a coma at 19, all you wanted to do was see yo girl. But instead you wake up to a fucking goodbye text message. I gripped the counter tightly until my knuckles turned white.

I lifted my head high and walked out the kitchen into the dining room.

“call the rest of the exec, tell them to meet me at the shop in an hour for this emergency meeting. “I said to Egypt, Cairo and Reign. I went to my dad and took Royalty from him and began to strap her in her car seat.

Isis walked up to me and put her hand on my shoulder. Her touch calmed me down a bit.

“You’ve been on edge all day. I don’t know what going on but something pissed you off earlier today and now something else just pissed you off. Whatever your thinking about doing please think logically Osiris.” I took in her words and stood up holding Ro’s car seat as I looked down at her.

“I will. I’ll call you later aight.” I kissed her forehead.

“I’ll see yall later.” I dapped up pops and Dynasty not bothering to do the same with everyone else since I’ll see them later on. I headed out to my car and put Ro in the back, gave her one of her baby toys to play with and smiled at her as she started to babble and coo. I closed the door and got in the driver’s seat then pulled off heading to the shop.

XLVII. Love Visits.


“Come out when you’re finished.”
I called out to Kaitie who was behind the changing wall, trying on some of the finished prototypes. I laid out another outfit set only with some accessory bracelets and combat boots, draped with chains.

“Alright, here I come.” She came out wearing the white/burgandy swirled tie dye skinny jeans, and a white short tunic shirt, the end of shirt cut into strips, the ends beaded with 2 metal black beads.
“How do you like it? I thinks its amazing!” I smiled at my work on her.

“Its beyond great! I love the colors!” She cheered.

“Are you comfortable with the tunic that high?” I asked, just to make sure.

“Yeah its perfect.”
I nodded and walked around her to see the back, then coming back around. I pulled the waist band of the jeans.
“Ok, so I’ll take this in just a little and think that’ll do.”
I smiled. “Alright try this outfit on.” A pair of a white and pink zig zag leggings, layered tank tops and a letterman.
She went back with the next outfit, as she changed she handed me the previous outfit. My phone rang.


“Hi Mommy!” Its Tiara, it was a little after noon meaning she was ready for destruction.
“Hi babygirl!” I smiled into the phone. “What you doing?”

“Nothing! Daddy said I could call you!” I knew she was smiling.

“He did? Did you eat breakfast?”

“Yeah, I ate pancakes.”

“Oohh that sounds good, but Mommy has to get back to work. I’ll call you later.”

“Ok, love you Mommy!”

“Love you too Tt.”

I hung up and Kaitie was waiting for me.
“I didn’t know you had a daughter.”

“Yeah my pride and joy.”

“You probably spoil her huh?” She laughed.

“Not exactly, but her father does.” I figured since we’ve known eachother for a while and we’ll be around eachother a lot, I should tell her.

“Daddy’s little girl.” Kaitie smiled.

“That she is. But you remember that picture going around about someone’s daughter?” Trying to be nonchalant about it.

“Uuhhh…yeah the little girl was allegedly Trey Songz.”

“Well that’s my daughter.”

“That little lady is yours?” She smiled questioning.
“Then why was she with Trey Songz!?”

“Yeah she’s mine and he’s her father.” She was like mind blown at the fact that she was so close to someone who knows Trey.

“Oh my god!! You know Trey Songz!!?!?!”

“Mhmm” I nodded, smiling.

“Wow! I have to tell someone!”

“No!! Please don’t do that, we just barely got Tiara out the spotlight, so please don’t do that.”

“Oh..ok. Well do you think I can meet him?!” She asked eagerly

“Umm, aside from being daddy. He’s real busy with his album, but if an opportunity comes up ill take it and see if he can.”

“Thank you Kianna” she came up and hugged me tight.


“Ok, Love you Mommy.” Tiara said and started playing a game on it.
“What Mommy say?”

“She had to go back to work.”

“Alright.” I rapidly tapped the screen of my phone.

“Daddy!” She laughed.
“Hey Tiara you wanna go see Mommy at work?”

“Yess!!” She hopped of the couch and ran to get ready.

“Woah! Woah! Come back here.”
She came back slowly.
“Yes Daddy?” She rocked back and forth on her toes.
“Can Daddy have his phone back?” She looked down at her hand, realizing she still had it.

“Ooh. Here.”

“Thank you. Can you get dress by yourself?”

“Mhmm” she nodded and went off to get dress. As Tiara went off to get ready, I went to do the same. I put on a simply black shirt & jeans and some J’s, did my hygiene thing and went to check on Tiara.

“Tiara you re—” but she wasn’t in her room.

“Tiara?” I called out turning around and she jumped out infront of me.
“I’m ready!”

“Where were you?”

“Brushing my teeth.” She grinned.
“Alright lets go.” I smiled and she ran to the front door, her dress flowing.


I carried Tiara as we walked inside the building. There was two woman at the reception desk. One with thick black wavy hair and another who was a blonde.
“Here to see my Mommy.” Tiara stated.
“Hold on babygirl.” I told Tiara who was very anxious. Then the woman with wavy hair looked up.

“Thought I recognized that little voice. Hi Tiara how are you?”
Kianna must of brought Tiara to work before.

“Michelle!” Tiara cheered.
She laughed. “Hey sweetie, you wanna see your mommy?”

“Yess.” Tiara smiled.

“Alright right this way” she said to Tiara. “And who might you be?” Directed to me.

“While I’m Tremaine, Tiara’s Dad and Kianna’s boyfriend.” I answered back as we walked down the hall.

“So you gave Kianna this blessing right here.” She tickled Tiara making her laugh and squirm in my arms.

“I did, and she is.” I smiled kissing Tiara on her forehead.

“Ok, hold on.” She knocked on a door than opened it. “Kianna you have vistor.”

“Hey Michelle, a vistor? Who?”
I heard Key question.

“Would you like me to let them in?”


“Hey Kaitie, ok come in.” Michelle said.
Kaitie, that name sounds familiar, then it hit me. That’s the girl Kianna told me about.
I walked in her office, Tiara still in my arms. On the way here Tiara and I planned to yell surprise. So when we walked in,
“Surprise Mommy!!” Tiara shouted over me.

“Tt! Hi baby.” Key gasped at our presences. “Come here baby.” I handed Tiara over to her and they hugged and kissed.
“My baby girl."she cooed, letting her down. "Go sit at Mommy’s desk, and get your markers and paper out.” She did as told.

“Now my big baby.” She came towards me, lacing her arms around my neck and mine around her waist.
“Hey baby, miss me?” I asked brushing my lips across hers.
“You should know.” And she kissed me deeply. “Mhmm ok! Go sit down you getting me hot and I need to work.” She pushed me away. I winked and squeezed her ass, than sat down.

“Ok, Kianna was that the last outfit?” Guess that was Kaitie.

“Yeah that was it, I wanna show you something after your dressed.” Kianna told her, than looked at me, putting a finger over her lips. I shook my head smiling, Key was always up to something.

“Alright now what do you wanna show me?” Kaitie asked, then Key gestured in my direction, then she saw me.
She let out the loudest scream that I’ve possibly heard in my whole career.
She ran to me and hugged me. I smiled.
“Kianna said you wanted to do a song with me?” I said to her.

“Kianna you knew Trey when I told you that?!”
Key nodded yes.
“So do you?” I asked her.
“Yes! Yes! Yes!” She smiled widely.
“Ok we’ll see what we can do.”

“Kaitie your manager is here.”

“Aww I don’t wanna leave, well can I get a picture Trey?”

“Yeah. Yeah come on.” She pulled out her phone and took a couple pictures of us, said goodbyes and left.


My babies came to visit me, I’m so happy. Tiara was at my desk, drawing and Trey was sitting in the other chair, I walked over and sat on his lap.
“If you really missed me, you’d show me tonight.” He whispered in my ear.

“Well only time will tell.” I said, coming in then biting and sucking on his bottom lip. Then leaving to play with Tiara.

“Key baby..” He groaned excited for tonight.

“Tt, baby what you drawing?”

“A dress I wanna make.”

“Really? Then we’ll have to make it.” I picked her up planted kisses all over face.“

"Aha Mommy!” She laughed trying she shield her face.
“Mommy loves you.” Planting more kisses in her.

“I love you too!” She said and I finally freed her.
“Alright come on let’s go home.” I grabbed her hand helping her out the chair and we walked out my office, Trey behind us. He trailed his hand down my spine that just made me whimper under his touch.