crashinglotus said:

Have you ever considered that because tattoo artists who work in shops get the majority of the income for the industry, and internships are difficult to find and keep, that some beginning artists have to start doing tattoo work in-home? Last night my friend had a freelance artist come to her home, and he was organized, equipped, sterile, and talented. He tattooed me only after I realized he was nothing like the artists you so negatively portray on this blog, and did a very impressive job.

We know tattoo apprenticeships are hard to find. But think about it this way. Tattoo shops will take on apprentices if you’re good enough to do it, at my local shop, they have three apprentices right now because they were of such a good caliber.

Often, if your portfolio isn’t good enough, they will tell you to go away and work on it. 

There is no way to be 100% sterile at home. Unless the ‘artist’ scrubbed down everything with a hibiscrub style wash, there were no carpets, soft furnishings etc that couldn’t be sterilised (it’s a home, I can almost guarantee there was), then he’s not a sterile artist. 

I will never respect an artist who doesn’t work in a shop, no matter how good they are. It may be prejudiced. But, ask yourself this. If they aren’t good enough to get an apprenticeship, Why would you let them tattooed unsupervised in a non sterile environment?

I’d seriously be interested in seeing his work, as if he’s that ‘talented’, he’d be in a shop with an apprenticeship.

I’m well aware that some amazing artists started out by tattooing at home, but, I’d never, ever have visited them whilst tattooing from a non sterile environment.

The end.

crashinglotus said:

I think you're beautiful. So beautiful, in fact, that I am willing to watch the level of collagen in your skin decrease to the point where your face becomes a saggy and melted blob. So beautiful that I can't wait to watch your hair follicles quit producing pigment. So beautiful that I can't wait to be there when you wake up from your hip replacement surgery. That beautiful.

crashinglotus said:

If no one has responded to your gif in the sidebar problem, there is no limit to gifs you post on your profile so long as they aren't hosted by Tumblr. From what I've judging, you've already got it figured out.

Oh! Okay, thanks!

I was just making sure there’s no KB limit on a sidebar image :)

crashinglotus said:

Thanks for actually saying something about it haha. Initially the disproportion was supposed to make it seem uncomfortable, but now it's just displeasing to look at. I will probably make a smaller, more "plump" mouth.

Or, if you’re going with her face sort of disapearing, you can take some of the mouth away with it and shift it over while still keeping the disproportionate size if that’s something you were really trying to get at!