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bonnie is at dinner but knowing bonnie’s dinners, they’re probably still hunting the alligator in preparation

omg Shelly.  Come visit me.  I want you to meet all my redneck relatives and sass them.

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"Bl; …it’s COOL, Mossy, haven’t you ever heard of being COOL"

-puts his hand on Trevor’s head- “Feels warm enough.”

Free Dad jokes, never used.

Rooster Tail’s samorchard shared this comic today.  The holidays can definitely be a challenging time period for LGBTQ people, and there is a lot of great advice in here.

If you need a little extra boost or someone to talk to there is also the December Project,  There is also the Trans Lifeline, the Trevor Project (if you are 13-24), and other great options out there for help.  I am more than happy to respond to/communicate with people as well.  Just know that you are not alone.

Hope you all have a great holiday season, and take care of yourselves!



Description from the video:

"Goldieblox is out to get girls building! We need more girls in engineering and STEM fields…GoldieBlox creates toys and media that inspires girls to do just that. By tapping into girls’ strong verbal skills, their story + construction set bolsters confidence in spatial skills while giving young inventors the tools they need to build and create amazing things.

It’s rare for a small start-up to branch out into animation, but with a mission that matters, this tiny, wildly passionate creative team pulled it off! Our girls are so important and they need heroes and stories that show them they can do anything.

In the world premier of GoldieBlox’s first ever animated music video we show that it’s okay to fail, and that failure is a huge part of any great success.

The video was directed and animated by Lynn Wang and Ed Skudder (Solstice, Dick Figures, Dogsnack, Disney TVA) with art direction by Andrea Fernandez and Trevor Spencer (Paramount, Disney, Titmouse) with additional backgrounds by Angelo Vilar. Head of IP Development, Megan Lacera (My Little Pony, Care Bears, Sushi Pack). Goldieblox is created by Debbie Sterling.

The original song “Lightning Strikes” is written and performed by Emily Haines of Metric (which is now up on Spotify!).”

"Lightning Strikes" by GoldieBlox (feat. Emily Haines) | OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO


Happy 1 year anniversary Our2ndLife! - August 13th 2012

"The Our Second Life channel is a collab channel between five of my friends and I, and we range from ages 15-21. We met over Twitter, and then we met at VidCon last year, and then we just decided to do a channel together. Even though we were all living in different states, we all started hanging out and flying to meet each other. Now we’re the most subscribed collab channel that’s ever been on Youtube." -Connor Franta

"I don’t know who brought up the idea, but we all were friends and knew we wanted to do a channel together…it took hours to think of the name, but Our2ndLife kinda was originated from the idea that this would be kind of like ‘our 2nd life.’" -Jc Caylen