Alright! i have wanted to share my inq for a while naow and i’m lazy so i will share them AAALL AT ONCE! So theese are my fave derps in the world!
Left to right.. to down i guess x)
Dis is gonna be a long one! Dx

Name: James Trevelyan!
Age: 23
Class: Dual dagger rogue.
Spec: Artificer.
Bio: He is the biggest goody two shoes to ever walk thedas, rescuing kittens from trees, helping the elderly with their bags and smithing evil doers, he has done it all! he has his snarky sarcastic moments but it is usually followed by an apology. He has one brother named Julian… also helped trix find his way back to his clan ( short info about that might come up later)

Name: Julian Trevelyan!
Age: 20
Class: Dual dagger rogue.
Spec: Tempest
Bio: Julian can be summed up in one word… A huuuge slut, might even be a bigger slut than Zevran! Or as he likes to call himself, a tourist attraction! He enjoys the company of men and women alike, elves, dwarfs it don’t matter, if your willing hell bang ya! Most often sarcastic or flirting, can get angry when his manhood is made fun off. Younger brother of James.
also helped trix find his way back to his clan ( short info about that might come up later)

Name: Bard cadash!
Age: 21
Class: Bow and arrow rogue.
Spec: Assassin
Bio: First time meeting Bard shell most likely smack you right in the mouth, either for looking at her wrong or because you might look like someone who owe her money. She is not a people person and is mostly hostile. But once one get to know her better and when she feels more comfortable with someone she loosens up and can be really fun to be around. She was Trix’s girlfriend for awhile but they eventually broke up. 
also helped trix find his way back to his clan ( short info about that might come up later)
Romance: Iron Bull

Name: Trix Lavellan
Age: 20
Class: Mage.
Spec: Knight enchanter.
Bio: Trix spent most of his life exploring old caves, napping in the woods or pranking his fellow clan members. He is a very skilled mage focused in fire spells. He have the potential to be a really powerful mage if he only choose to study instead of sleeping and goofing of. He never cared for the ways of the dalish much and wanted to travel the world and go on  grand adventures. He is Almost always sarcastic and smug. He is very lazy and clumsy often falling on his face or running into trees thus his constantly broken nose and scars.
Romance: cassandra.
I have uploaded som pics of Trix before but was never really happy how he turned out so had to restart x)

Soo… yeah there you have it! Sorry for the bad pics playing on Sbone :3 Might upload some of their adventures together at some point but not naow! :)
and for some resone tTumblr only show their foreheads.. stupid tumblr :(