WHAAT, Mistrel finally drew NYSM fanart? OзO ABOUT FUCKING TIME :D

Should’ve done it, like, two weeks ago, but uni had other plans for me :c

On the other hand, long breaks seem to have a good influence cuz I somehow improved my painting and finally figured out how to do proper lighting XD 

Henley looks like Natasha here and totally not like Henley .__. And Alma looks eeevil >:з (love their coats btw <3)

((Oh, and am I the only one who was kinda confused and dissappointed by Michael Caine’s character’s sudden dissappearance from the storyline?))


Earlier this month, Lionsgate confirmed that Now You See Me 2, a follow-up to this summer’s Now You See Me, is currently in development for a 2014 release, although at the time it wasn’t known if director Louis Leterrier was coming back to direct. But in an interview with MovieWeb.com he confirmed that he is coming back for this follow-up. Here is what Louis Leterrier had to say about the development process; “We’re actively working on the sequel to Now You See Me, so that is happening. We’re writing it, and it’s pretty fun. We had such a great time doing that and we loved the characters. Our biggest problem now is that we have too many great ideas. We’re sort of saying, ‘What if he would do that? That would be amazing, I want to see this, I want to see that.’ We want it to be intense and as twisty as the first one, but also learn more about the characters and go deeper, what a great sequel should do”

Personally I hope they use the same cast has i thought they had great chemistry as a team. I loved the first film so I cant wait for the sequel.


Real World: Portland (Opening)


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