continuouslyclaire said:

You are so talented it's not even funny. Even though you said you didn't really like the chapter from peters pov I thought that was such on-point characterization! I'm so addicted. Jai Courtney and Miles Teller caused me to become petris and (ertris? tric?) fans so your fic is like Christmas Day for me!! :D I'm considering making a fanfic account just so I can favorite Playing Along. So just keep doing what you're doing because it's awesome

Thank You continueouslyclaire from your message! I’m so happy that you’ve enjoyed Playing Along!  I’m not sure if there is a set name for the eric/tris pairing but I like to say Treric, just for fun. :) 

Day 254 11th September 2014

I had a naff sleep last night, I was knackered so I crashed out pretty early and then I woke up at half past 5 and the toilet in this caravan is so tiny it’s impossible when you’re trying to change to your lady toiletries, had to do it outside using my iPod for light. Luckily I only needed to put a body form on. I spent the next hour and a bit putting my pictures from yesterday on tumblr. Then I was like you know what I’m really quite tired so I’m going to try and go back to sleep and I did and I then woke up at 20 to 8. I didn’t know where we were going this morning when we left but it was Trerice. I love scenic routes as much as the next person and twisty country roads are great fun. But this route the satnav took us was ridiculously scenic and it was pretty narrow to begin with but then we get to this road that’s sign posted as not suitable for motors and they were not kidding, either our car was getting huge or the road was drastically narrowing. The latter is what happened and the tree branches were hitting the car and it was horrible I thought we were going to get to a point where we’d get stuck. But we did it though and eventually we reached our destination. A national trust house in trerice. There was this chalkboard type thing and it had slapcock on back lawn and nan found it very funny she was like what’s that does it involve willies by which point I was off laughing, grandad had to explain to her it was a game. The house wasn’t open till 11 so we went to the cafe first and I had a hot chocolate and a caramel slice which was very nice. We sat outside and it was just really quite sweet. There wasn’t many rooms to look around in, but there was one and grandad read this thing that said can you guess the oldest piece of furniture and grandad is pretty sale and he guessed right. There was no prize though other than the knowledge of knowing he was right. After trerice we went to port Isaac. We parked in this big car park after a kaffufle of trying to find a space. It then said it was 725 metres to the town. It was mostly all downhill with some up hill the journey to the town. But then we got to the high street bit if you will and it was a very steep downhill and I was like I’m not going to like coming up this. We saw the house where they filmed doc Martin. I also had my first Cornish pasty a chicken and bacon one, I thought hm this should only have chicken and bacon in but it had green stuff in, it was still nice though. Getting back to car nearly killed me like Jesus fucking Christ I am 18 years old I had youth on my side but these hills are pretty much vertical and I have a dodgy left knee after my ice skating accident 8 years ago where I fell funny. After that we headed back to Penzance to see aunty Joan and we walked along the promenade again and went to the cafe we went to Tuesday. I had a hot chocolate this time because it was a bit nippy. We headed to aunty Joan’s after that and she was in the conservatory room with Margery. So we told them about our day and grandad told them about him guessing the oldest piece of furniture and we had giggles about other things. We then went back to aunty Joan’s flat and talked to her some more we also had pictures taken with her so I’ll have to get nan to send those to me. Then we went to weatherspoons for dinner, I had lasagne which was nice, it was a good portion size actually sometimes you can get a really big lasagne, but it was nice. Headed back to the caravan and now here I am. That’s all for my Thursday. Till tomorrow (: