Lambo Mercy

Deen gets a lot of his fashion inspiration from people-watching, blogs, and fashion feeds. He says, “There’s a lot to learn from foreign and female fashion as well.” He also really likes how prints have been incorporated into fashion a lot more lately, and he’s been doing a lot of online shopping at Zara, Uniqlo, and Topman.

Get a similar look: Sunglasses and Shirt, H&M. Trousers, Zara. Shoes, Vans. 

Sentimental Business

Nikki says her inspiration comes from her mother; she taught her how to
dress femininely with skirts and heels while still keeping it very modest. She adores her black watch with a blue mosaic design and roman numerals. She says, “My grandparents passed down their matching watches to
my mother, who passed it down to me”. She also loves her bracelets that have
bible verses that her mom gives to her on her birthday ever year. With all the detail of this outfit, rocking the Rainbows outside the office is well deserved.

Get a similar look: Skirt, Forever 21. Blazer, Papaya.

Dark Spring

We often associate this season with bright colors; however Tiffany gives her a look a dark twist by pairing a girly floral skirt with a much palette. Like her cat-eared hat, much of her outfits are animal themed and resemble her favorite animal…cats!

Get the look: Hat, Shirt, Forever 21. Skirt, Shoes, Guess. Bag, Macy’s.

Blue Leather

Raymart says that he has no specific fashion inspiration; he just really likes
button-up shirts. His favorite article of clothing to wear is his blue
leather jacket. He wishes he could bring back the trend of leather and
denim jackets in general. Button-ups and leather jackets? We agree with those male apparel staples.

Get the look: Pants and shoes, Naval base. Jacket, Wilson’s Leather at UTC. Backpack, Sun Diego.

Rough Around the Edges

Vanessa describes her style as “comfortable and casual with a little bit of edge.” We are loving how she coordinated the minimalistic print on her pants with an acid wash tank and knit cardigan, creating a look that’s classy yet not formal. She tells us that she likes to shop at a boutique in the Bay area called Therapy.

Get the look: Shirt and Cardigan, Urban Outfitters. Pants, Gap. Shoes, Therapy.

Back to Classic

We love the faded detailing on Anna’s denim jacket. Some of her favorite stores include Buffalo Exchange, H&M, and HauteLook. She loves getting fashion inspiration from Audrey Hepburn and Jennifer Lawrence. She said, “I love how these celebrities are…classic and timeless.”

Get a similar look: Denim jacket, Guess. Polo shirt, Belt, Forever 21. Jeans, Charlotte Russe. Shoes, Charlotte Russe.

Street Smart

Ed loves shopping in his hometown of San Francisco, California. His
favorite place is Topman, but the boutiques back in SF have it all. He
says his fashion inspiration comes from Tumblr, and he would describe his
fashion as clean, modern, unique, and flashy.

Get the look: Shoes, Clark Store. Jeans, Uniqlo. Shirt, Topman. Hat, Supreme x Commes des Garcons. Watch, Zumiez.

International Treasure

Risa loves color and vibrant patterns. She tells us, “I like things that look like they would clash, but you can make them pop.” Her bracelets are really unique too. Each one is from a different place in the world, from Senegal to Mexico. She shares, “It’s a collection of things from places I’ve been and from people I love.”

Get the look: Shirt, Thrift Store. Jeans, American Eagle. Shoes, Converse.

Red Solo Cups
Keegan (@fuckeegendoe), Rodrigo (@stayclassyrod), and Michael (@mcarl_jr) are rocking their group costume. They tell us, “It was just an idea that someone had, and and we decided to roll with it. There are like six of us.”