Lingerie Market A/W 2015: 4 Major Trends

Trend: Blue/Black Lingerie

Designer Credits:

  • Top 2 - Angela Friedman
  • Second Row - KissKill, Fantasie
  • Third Row - Mimi Holliday, Huit
  • Fourth Row - Amoena, Simone Perele
  • Bottom Photo - Simone Perele

Edit: I think I misnumbered my rows here…? Ah well, I’m just gonna go with it.


By Rachael Lim 

You might have seen or at least heard of the latest spooky trend called #CharlieCharlieChallenge. People have been posting short clips of them participating in this challenge with the videos of moving pencils on the yes or no board. Spooky that the pencil moves by itself isn’t it but have you ever wondered what it is? Read on to find out more. 

Charlie, Charlie originated from Mexico and more known as a Mexican ritual whereby where players, usually children, are said to be able to contact the spirit of a child named Charlie. 

As mentioned in an article published by pencils.com , to play the game you have to have 6 unsharpened pencils and a partner. 

Even with the explanations to the execution of “game”, I am still lost. But quoting from pencils.com, here is the instructions. 

If you think the instructions and whatever will happen is creepy, that is just the start. The spirit, Charlie, might not want to stop even when you have had enough. Warning! Do not freak out and run away. Continuing going along with the directions and try asking if you can stop again after a while. Read @GeosConda tweet below to find out more. 

If this isn’t enough to scare you off, check out the Charlie Charlie Pencil Game Challenge Compilation below. Or simply searching through #CharlieCharlieChallenge on Instagram. 

Quick Note

The trend photos I’m posting are for A/W 2015 (as listed in the title). That means they’re not in stores/available to buy yet. Some things (definitely not all) will start shipping in July or thereabouts, but if you go looking for this stuff now, you won’t find it. Right now is still S/S 2015.


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