An in-process page from the NEW Trekker story I am nearing the finish line on. “The Train to Avalon Bay” will see the light of day once the existing stories are all up on the website!

I’ve printed out the penciled page in blueline, and have found– to my surprise and joy– that the same goofy markers that I used to ink most of the original stories lo these many years ago, “Penstix” still seem to feel the best for Trekker stories. Like visiting old friends….

Weekend TREKKER art: Dave Dorman’s breathtaking painting of Trekker from the original series issue 6. Couldn’t let the opportunity to share this slip by since is currently posting Dave’s rare black-and-white guest art for the short interlude story “Chinks”. Dave’s a fine artist and a fine friend. I was lucky to meet him back at the Kubert School a million years ago or so.

Once Dave’s story finishes its run at the end of the month, my own art returns–along with some news about developments with Trekker that have me pretty excited!