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Stop Racist, Sexist and Homophobic Comments on the Official Star Trek Facebook Page


For over a year I’ve been noticing and sometimes documenting the kinds of sexist, racist and homophobic comments that proliferate on the official Star Trek Facebook page (more examples of posts here).

And I kept hearing from followers: this is a serious issue and it needs to be addressed in an organized campaign.

Thanks to testimonials sent by many of you, and incredible help from some other Tumblr connections to screencap even more egregious examples (collected at this link), we’re ready to go.

Please click here to sign the petition to CBS and, calling on them to work together to implement a comments policy that:

  • Clearly bans hate speech, rape jokes, and referring to women as a group by derogatory terms (e.g. “sluts”). As well, the policy should ban comments referring to groups of people by racial, homophobic, transphobic, or ableist slurs;
  • Disallows personal attacks against other commenters; and
  • Bans aggressive negative commenting on the personal appearance of other commenters and the posts’ subjects.

See here for additional supporting documents:

Thanks everyone for your support and help getting this campaign together!

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[People who say that the Cardassian Union (C.U.) didn’t NEED to annex Bajor don’t know much about that time in Trek lore. Because the C.U. was starved for resources, and Bajor was the only accessible planet in the area. They had little worth trading, and if they didn’t act immediately their people were going to continue starving. Bajor knew this because the C.U. had spent the last 30 years on their planet assisting them when they asked for it, but they didn’t offer help back it was needed.]