The Physics of Space Battles

This week I strapped on my helmet, jumped in my handy starfighter, and used up It’s Okay to be Smart’s entire special effects budget so we could take a look at some of the physics at play when it comes to space battles.

How would spacecraft maneuver without terrestrial aerodynamics? In a zero-g environment devoid of atmosphere, what kinds of weapons might they use? And how do we overcome the fact that space is really, really, REALLY big? Join in the comments on the YouTube page and let me know if you think any of your favorite science fiction gets it right (or wrong).

Join me and Obi-Wan Newton to discover the Physics of Space Battles! Watch here: 

It was obvious the moment he started assembling his army of Cumberbitches.

5 Famous Movies With Political Agendas You Didn’t Notice

#5. Star Trek Into Darkness is 9/11 Conspiracy Theory Propaganda

Before we get into the details, keep this in mind: this movie — which is about a space terrorist being used as an excuse to further a secret space military agenda (in space) — was co-written by Roberto Orci, who’s espoused Truther sentiments on Twitter, the official platform for legitimate political debate, as well as on Star Trek message boards, the second-most-official platform for legitimate political debate. How these conspiracy theory ramblings managed to manifest themselves as a Star Trek motion picture and not just a convoluted blog post, well … that’s the magic of Hollywood. Did we mention that in the credits, the film was dedicated to “Post-9/11 Veterans?” A nice sentiment, but a little out of left field, right?

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