trek nation

Trek Nation

(2011) Not Rated - 1hr 27m

This documentary follows Eugene Roddenberry, son of “Star Trek” creator Gene, as he tries to figure out why his father’s show has become such a success. Speaking to fans and colleagues, Eugene learns why “Star Trek” has touched the lives of so many.

8.2/10 - IMDB

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Sir Patrick Stewart shares his thoughts about Star Trek: The Next Generation and his first convention appearance. (I always love it when he tells this particular story.)


Gene Roddenberry on Star WarsI like Star Wars. It was young King Arthur growing up, slay-slaying the evil emperor finally. There’s nothing wrong with that kind of entertainment - Everything doesn’t have to create a philosophy for you - for your whole life. You can also have fun” - Gene Roddenberry footage from the documentary Trek Nation.

Prescott & Arizona! It will be great seeing you this weekend at the Prescott Film Festival Sci-Fi Mini-Series. Trek Nation will be screening at 6:30pm Saturday night at Yavapai College Performing Arts Center, and I’m looking forward to the live Q&A afterward. This link has the details (all proceeds go to supporting Prescott Film Festival) and there are lots of great Festival events happening all weekend.

See you there! 

— Rod Roddenberry

Cynically, you could say that it is a naive, sort of pollyannish way of looking at things, y'know. But it isn’t naive to say that the only way we’re going to survive is through collaboration, is through mutual respect and understanding and the sense of ‘it doesn’t matter what you look like, it doesn’t matter where you come from, that you can be part of that family’ and that is a hugely powerful thing.

J. J. Abrams on Star Trek in “Trek Nation” (2010)

I watched the documentary Trek Nation today.

And I gotta say I really enjoyed it its really interesting and I feel like I learned even more about Star Trek. The most interesting part of the documentary was everything to me but what I found most interesting was the part about how Martin Luther King Jr. made Nichelle Nichols stay on Star Trek: TOS when she was gonna leave after the first season.


Well they (the fans) were bagging on Wesley. But at know…I was 14, I figure that they were bagging on me. And your dad was like, "You shut up!” “I love Wesley and I made Wesley out of me and it’s my show and if you got a problem with it, go watch something else” And I was like, wow! Your dad stood up for me“ - Wil Wheaton tells Rod Roddenberry how Gene defended him during a convention. Featured on TrekNation.

So I just watched the documentary Trek Nation ( which I highly recommend if you like Star Trek) on Netflix and wow I have so much more respect for Gene Roddenberry and what he did to create this wonderful universe.

While watching the documentary, I also realized that the people that we as society idolize, they are all human too even though we may not like to admit it. They have their faults same as we do.

Maybe without intending it to happen, Gene Roddenberry and his idea of a more peaceful future really did inspire people to go be scientists or to go out into the world and be more tolerant and open towards others.(I am one of those kids who grew up watching Star Trek who was then inspired to go into science.) I agree with one of the statements so much that Star Trek should be sort of what society tries to get to, a place where humans aren’t fighting other humans, where we are all accepting of each others differences.

I loved Roddenberry and Star Trek before, but I love them even more now.

So I watched Trek Nation today.

The film does a great job explaining the history of Star Trek and gradually building my understanding of Gene Roddenberry’s vision.

It’s beautiful!


But it ends with an interview with… JJ Abrams.

Rod Roddenberry: I want to show, well if you don’t mind, something that’s actually kind of fantastic.This is one of the main reasons why we want to interview you.

JJ Abrams: *accepts tablet from Rod to watch video*

Gene Roddenberry: I would have thought that having reached this point it would be fun to go back to the years in which Kirk first got the Enterprise, and met these people. Nothing would please me more than to have Star Trek come back years in the future, and bright young people and new stars and so on really make it something, and have them say ’ that’s better than Roddenberry’s. I’d like that.





Me: Ouch.

Me: Star Trek 2009 must have been absolutely heartbreaking for Rod after this interview.