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giclee stump print in monarch grey by lightandinkstudio

this seller’s stump prints are created much how you’d think; salvaged timber is carefully prepped, rolled with ink, then hand-pressed into paper. so awesome. i love the grey hue of this print — organic and modern at the same time.

Did a Gamma Ray Burst Irradiate Earth in the 8th Century?

In 2012 scientist Fusa Miyake announced the detection of high levels of the isotopes Carbon-14 and Beryllium-10 in tree rings formed in 775 CE, suggesting that a burst of radiation struck the Earth in the year 774 or 775. These isotopes form when radiation from space collides with nitrogen atoms, which then decay into these heavier forms of carbon and beryllium.

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Most of us know that by counting the rings inside cross-cuttings of trees, we can obtain an age for a tree. However, the childhood practice of counting rings is just the start. Dendrochronology and its sub-varieties have garnered a great deal of respect in the scientific community for going above and beyond simply looking at age. Dendrochronology is the all-encompassing term for the study of tree rings and their structure to interpret information of historical events and processes, but is now accompanied by many branches (ba-dum-tsh!) like dendroclimatology, dendroarchaeology, dendrovolcanology, dendrochemistry, dendrogeomorphology, and the list goes on! It’s all from those itty bitty rings we used to count as children. As of now, dendrochronology gives us an unbroken tree-ring record of 11,000 years into the past (1), so the “dendro” sciences are certainly a force to be respected! 

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