September Duties (Open RP)

September was breezy and filled with the oncomings of the cold. That’s why it was one of Amy’s favorite months.

The rosette had adorned herself with comfy clothes for the trip she was about to make. Her home was deep in the greenery north of Station Square. Rolling grass hills and groups of trees that shielded other houses as well. She was content with where she lived, but the only downside was the treachorous walk she had to make to get to the closest part of the city.

She huffed and wrapped her red scarf around her neck before locking her house door. She grabbed her woven shopping bags and began to walk down the windy path from her home.

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Ending the season in style with the digital re-release of this great classic, don’t miss the chance to see it on the big screen. With its grand tale of space stations, prehistoric apes and a treachorous mission to Jupiter, viewers may just feel dissapointed that the real 2001 wasn’t like this;  but with its revolutionary use of music, special effects and its epic story, spanning millions of years and light-years, Stanley Kubrick’s mind-bending epic continues to influence sci-fi movies, and fascinate audiences.

UK/US. 1968. Dir: Stanley Kubrick. 135 mins

I so hope to become more at peace. I really do. I hope to come to terms with myself. I hope to endure the struggle, but see the positive side of things. I hope to see everything from all angles. Analytical beyond comprehension. Unending scenarios within the mind, I seek knowledge and lessons. For in everyday life I see to the treachorous paths that must be dealt with. Intending for an entirely different expectation will only bring more negative emotions to flow against. I will attain the sustainable, within my life I shall seek the incomprehensible to most. Here lies my paths.