Day 332: Broadway

I’m forever and always obsessed with Broadway. NOTHING will ever change that. There’s such a magic on Broadway. I get such chills when I’m even near the theatre district. When I listen to such pure goodness of music. There’s a feeling I get when I listen to a play or the music or even sing/act it. It’s a feeling of belonging. A sense of completeness. I’m at home with Broadway & I can never really explain to anyone properly how much I love Broadway. But I guess it’s obvious that I love it LOL <3



Day 24: Broadway

I love Broadway & everything about it. I love the vibe I get when I’m walking in the theatre district. Everyone’s so happy, everyone’s singing, I’m in heaven. The sound quality of the music is amazing. It stimulates my senses. My heart beats with the drums. My hearts vibrates with the strings. My heart soars as the orchestra/pit flies through the music.

I love the feeling it gives me. I love how I always feel at home. I love the adrenaline rush. Everything about Broadway & its shows just amazes me. I’m in awe & I have nothing but respect & admiration for the performers/musicians/cast members/staff/technicians. All of them.

I’d love to dream that one day I’d be on the stage or even in the pit. But for now I’ll settle for my seat. I’ll wallow in all the joy it brings me. The inspiration it gives me. The motivation. <3


Day 5: what you think when you hear the words “be yourself”

When someone tells me to just “be yourself” I think of just being my natural self without concerns of other people’s thoughts and opinions. That requires being comfortable with strangers like you are comfortable with family and friends. It means being real, genuine & honest, cause when you start off like that, you save yourself so much trouble. Being myself means being happy.

An example: From like day one I was myself with this chick. Weirdness, Obnoxious & all. Aheeeeh! & Now she’s obsessed with me! LOL JK. were good friends now & were just ourselves with each other. no fakeness, all real. Thats the best friendship, when it’s real from the start. Theres no tension, no walls, none of that bs.



Day 17: Meryl Streep

I love Meryl Streep! She really is something else. She is so elegant & very talented. I love how she just completely immerses herself into every role she plays. She’s so down to earth & even though she’s “old”, she’s still beautiful, she’s still classy. I admire that woman!



Day 1102:

Third wheeling my parents this morning!

and tonight… sister bonding!!!

& 14 years later … Here we are! I don’t have to say much for you to know how dear I hold you to my heart. But I’ll write it in your card anyway. Haha I love you & I hope you have an amazing birthday! May your 21st bring you many joys & a lot of good luck! From OLS to SFX to PHS & now to MSV! Here we go for our 4th graduation! Through thick & thin baby girl! Remember im always here for you 😘



Day 1048:

Happy 7 years to my best friend & better half ❤️@jessica_costa_x I honestly don’t know where I’d be or who I’d be without you. You make me a better person every day & you support me 230% with everything I do. & you’re my #1 fan. You pick me up when I’m done then take me to chipotle or bww. & you put a smile on my face even when I don’t want to. I thank God everyday that you haven’t given me strep from the many times you’ve locked my face. Lmao but seriously thank you for always being the person I can run to & run with. & thank you for being the Meredith to my Cristina ☺️❤️. I can’t wait to be in-laws LOL



Day 1033:

Trip to Lake George!!!! Fried snickers & the Adirondacker: a weiner so long they had to guy it into 5ths ! For the record it’s a foot long. & then we went on a boat ride & went around the lake. mwahhaa


Day 105: Summer

I just need this summer to be amazing. Right now i just feel like it’s a womp womp. Only cause of summer classes and im constantly stressed & constantly studying. -sigh-



Day 28: Views on gay marriage

My thoughts? My thought is that it should be legalized EVERYWHERE. Gay/Bi/Lesbian all coincidentally to be the most amazing people I met. Like they’re all awesome & the fact that their sexual orientation is not straight just makes them a lot more amazing. I’m not lesbian or bi or anything but I have friends who are, and they really are amazing people if you even give them the chance.

Everyone cries at the sappy, mushy chick flick movies, where the girl or the guy is like “the heart wants what the heart wants”. We all melt at those stupid lines. “I can’t live without you” “You’re the reason I live” “I can’t love anyone because no one is like you” & all that crap. But do we love it cause it’s between a boy & a girl, or do we love it cause it’s the sweetest words anyone can say to another with genuine affection?

You learn in movies like “She’s the Man” & “Twelfth Night” that people don’t fall in love the gender, but the personality.


If they’re in love, they’re in love. I don’t give a crap if your religion is against it. If it is, then  don’t be gay/lesbian/bi whatever. If you are trapped in those homohating homophobic religions & you are gay or whatever, then change religions. I know it’s not simple as that. But you gotta keep religion out of the state laws. Legalize it. 

Love is love. It doesn’t matter the race, the religion, the age, the orientation, the health/wealth status. Whatever. Love is love. Love conquers all.

Yeah sure the bible says its against same sex ish, but it also says not to do a lot of things like shaving and shit.

We are in the 21st century. We’ve come so far with civil rights, & the rights should not only be limited to straight people. ALL PEOPLE ARE CREATED EQUALLY. give EVERYONE their freaking rights.

I hate seeing injustice.

People are dying. Specially young kids because they are struggling with their orientations, they’re being bullied cause their a little different. Society disgusts me.

Save lives. Give Rights. Equality for ALL.


Day 8: Two Really Great People

My sunshine, my rain, my sleet, my snow. My everyday & get me through the day. They’re always there, no matter the time of day, no matter what the sitch is. Crap. This is starting to sound like the Kim Possible theme song lol.  But tis true.

I don’t have to try hard to make these two laugh. or to make them like me. I really don’t have to do much but be myself. & that’s all anyone ever asks for right? To just be themselves with their friends? Yea. Idk but you but I think it’s important to feel safe with your friends. I do feel safe with them, as if I’m in the right place, at the right time with the right people. Were comfortable, which to a certain extent, can be bad lol well it can look as bad to others, but to us it’s just funny. lolol. The things we tell each other.

I do have to pat myself on the back though cause I have managed to successfully weasel myself into their lives as I originally planned when I met them. LOL MWAHAHAHA. Conniving huh? :D I’m good lol.

I get bored easily which I guess explains why I always have a constant change in friends but everyday is an adventure with them. It’s hard to get bored because they’re so entertaining & they can be unpredictable. It’s already hard to go through the day without talking or seeing them. They’re a part of my daily routine. lolol.

My best college moments (well most of them) are with them. What can I say? I <3 them. & I’ll always be here for these dweebs lol.



Day 1160: 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MI AMOR! MI CORAZON! MI VIDA! MI COMIDA!!! Thank you for being such an amazing friend always & for having my back! You know I’m always here for you no matter what! Have an amazing day! Turn up!!

First Wanna Canta Rehearsal! It was awesome!!! I love the jam sessions!

These guys are CRAZY talented & truly amazing people! I’m honored to be surrounded by such great talent! This is gonna be a hard competition!

After! I took Christian & Camille to Max Brenners & Mitsuwa! We were cherry poppin for Camille hahahaha