Adam shows up at Ronan’s doorstep Saturday night crying

that he can’t do this anymore

that he’s too tired, always too fuckin’ tired

and Ronan takes his face in his hands

(doesn’t bother telling him he knows exactly what that feels like)

and kisses him on his doorstep

and he’s surprised Adam doesn’t pull away from the burn of scotch on his tongue.

All the whimsy of Dollar City was ruined. As Gansey led the way out, Noah said to Ronan, “I know why you’re mad.”
Ronan sneered at him, but his pulse heaved. “Tell me then, Prophet.”
Noah said, “It’s not my job to tell other people’s secrets.”

idk probably the reason he’s been throwing a fit since literally the beginning of trb, bc adam isn’t dating him yet. and then noah started going to church because he has to sit around and hear all of their dirty thoughts

GUYS help!

I bought tickets in the first row of section 111 which shows up as pink/vip+, but on my ticket it doesn’t say anything???

Am I not vip+ or do all the vip+ tickets have nothing written on it?

Please help? I hope I didn’t get scammed or smthng

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Very true. I couldn’t figure that out either and why he kept pushing her to kiss him when she said no, but I guess that plays into his self esteem issues. I LOVE the Adam at the end of TDT. Even more than I already loved him.

yeah and like …i mean obviously i’m pynch trash for life but adam and blue were actually really adorable together right up until the point that they weren’t. like they were always just casually resting their legs against each other or their hands and it was awkward but cute and at the end of trb when he shows up at her house and lays his head in her lap i almost died like that is My Thing so much. but then for some reason she won’t tell him WHY she won’t kiss him and then also yeah like you said, self esteem issues, so he won’t just accept it without a reason and kind of flips out. sigh. and again not that i’m complaining, because pynch, but i did like them together at first

These are the final designs for the TRB in LA + NY hand banners that we will be giving out for free before their respective concerts! 

We wanted to create unique designs for each of the venues in order to make each show more special for both the ARMYs in attendance and also the members of Bangtan. 

Our graphic designer, Angie, put in a lot of time and effort into creating these 2 designs, so we hope you guys like the designs as much as we do!

Honestly until the end of the 1989 tour if I see any posts of people posting before their show that they’re going to be there in hopes of Taylor noticing it
I’m rooting for everyone here to be able to meet Taylor
And I hope that all of you will be able to!

[Guide] Everything you need to know for buying BTS tickets.

As many of you know, BTS is having their first U.S. tour this summer and let’s be honest, we all want to go. So, here is some important info you need to know for buying tickets.

Tickets go on sale Saturday, April 25th at 10AM local time. This means that they will be on sale at 10AM, in the time zone of the venue. (i.e Club Nokia (California) will go on sale at 10AM PST which would be 12PM CST/1PM EST)

You will want to get your tickets as soon as they go on sale, because we predict this showcase to sell out asap.

Concert dates/cities.

BTS will be hitting up these lucky cities below.

New York City, New York. (7/16 - Thursday) Best Buy Theater.

Dallas, Texas. (7/18 - Saturday) Verizon Theatre.

Chicago, Illinois. (7/24 - Friday) Rosemont Theatre.

Los Angeles, California. (7/26 - Sunday) Club Nokia.

Seating charts are available for all venues. (New York City, Dallas, Chicago & Los Angeles)

Pricing/ticket options.

Here is a list of which ticket tiers are available and what they include.

VIP+ - $205

  • -Guaranteed Hi-Touch
  • -Random chance to win exclusive BTS autographed TRBinUSA Tour item*
  • -Random chance to win exclusive TRBinUSA Tour T-Shirt
  • -Early entry for VIP+ (LA & NY only – GA Standing)

VIP - $155

  • -Random chance to win Hi-Touch pass (100 per city)
  • -Random chance to win exclusive BTS autographed TRBinUSA Tour item*
  • -Random chance to win exclusive TRBinUSA Tour T-Shirt

*VIP+ & VIP random exclusive BTS autographed TRBinUSA Tour item is TBD.

**$105 (Dallas and Chicago only)

What’s a ‘Hi-Touch’?

A hi-touch is when you get to touch hands (a high-five, essentially) with your favorite idols.

Where will tickets will be sold?

Tickets will be sold online through the listed sites below. Tickets will also be sold through box office, though it is highly recommended that you purchase them online when they go on-sale for the best chances to acquire tickets.

New York City, New York:

Dallas, Texas:

Chicago, Illinois:

Los Angeles, California:

Facebook event pages. 

Not only can you let your friends know you’ll be attending one of the hottest concerts this summer, but you can also chat and get excited for the shows, with other ARMYs! Each stop has it’s own event page!

New York City: #TRBinNYC

Dallas, Texas: #TRBinDALLAS

Chicago, Illinois: #TRBinCHICAGO

Los Angeles, California: #TRBinLA

A full concert FAQ, by SubKulture Entertainment, can be found here.

Stay updated with SubKulture Entertainment, on their social media, listed below!


Comment below, which city you will be attending!