141121 Jimin's blog post - Japan Trip

Wow everyone… I must be really bad at using the computer wanted to upload photos but it took me an hour…

Even so, for everyone, I enjoyed uploading the photos hahahaha

Okay okay, let’s immediately get started with the Japan Trip

However, take note that there aren’t much besides eating kekeke

First of all, let’s go

Yeap, as soon as we arrived at Japan, we go looking for food while in a bloated condition. Kya kya. (t/n: he’s saying his face is bloated)

My favorite Donkatseu~~~

Ahehehe delicious~~~

Next, we head to the hotel. Suddenly felt sleepy so I slept for around 2 hours?

And then I woke up! After rehearsals for Kobe’s first concert, a day or work, ends!

Next day, since morning, we head to the concert venue and look for food first~~ Pigs. Oink oink oink kekeke


Here is where 2500 people are gonna enter!!!!


And I will be standing here like thiiiis~ to sing

For dinner, after the concert ended, we had meat meat meat for supper!!! One serving of meat, one serving of soba noodles aaahh

Oh, right, my roommate is Jin-hyung

It’s not specially arranged that way keke If we share the same carrier we’ll naturally be sharing one room

I wonder who will I be sharing the next room with

Anyways, today’s work is also, done!!

The morning is bright, and we look for food first~~ Bab ba ra bab ba ra bab bab bab (t/n: it’s the sound of trumpets playing but he added “bab” which means rice)

We performed twice in Kobe. Like this, we ended the concert well because we prepared well for it

Ah, the photo came out well (t/n: in a Busan accent)

Oh right~I haven’t showed you how our hotel looks like right? Our hotel looks something like this?

The night view is also something like this? keke

While having a cup of Cola with TaeTae, we talked about going on a trip together and made a friendship promise. After that, I lied down on my bed


Okay!!! Today we are heading to Tokyoooo

Let’s go!!!!

Before that, we grab some ramyun~~

Oink oink oink oink. Becoming pigs

Ah, so full, stops eating!! Heads to the airport!!!

Eeho…. I thought I had lost my tickets and got so scared ㅜㅜ

The airport staff picked it up and gave it to me…

Kkuk-ah, hyung almost had a heart attack ㅠㅠㅠㅠ Ouh…..

Dinner is the delicious chicken~~~ Jeongguk-ah, hyung likes chicken, no? So give me a piece

kekekekeke Don’t tease me with the chicken, you punk!!!

After dinner, had nothing to do so I worked out. A day’s work, ends!!

The next morning, we had breakfast before leaving. It was the 33rd floor or something kekekeke

Not kidding right? keke Early in the morning, we had breakfast at the majestic 33rd floor keke

okay okay, now we have to head to our concert. Tokyo concert go go go 

During the tokyo concert, I came down after using my well-prepared Japanese well. Very happy. Proud proud hoot.

However, that’s not the important part..

Our Kkuk-ie said he’ll help me take a picture

The photo came out…. Stop interfering me, these humans!

Okay okay, we end today with korean food kekeke

Ah… We only eat rice… The next picture is also food kekekeke

Our pig eats very well, no?

Look at that, our ARMYs would misunderstand… Before we return, if there wasn’t a picture of what I’m eating… It looks like(the picture) is coming out…

Anyways, today’s position isn’t anything else, just that you can see the Tokyo Tower

Cool right? keke I want to go up there and take a look~

For our last day’s schedule, we have interviews all day…

Since the morning, all day… Ha… I’m worried…


Interview, let’s go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bbwaiting!!!!



Done… It’s already dark outside… I fell like 5 days of schedule is finished in 1 day… I’d better hurry up and go to sleep, whatever it is, rice or anything, I’d better go to sleep today kekeke

The round sun has risen~~~Ting ting ting My face is bloated~ I mean like, y’all are familiar with this anyways right? keke

A new day starts~~

Went to a record shop. Not sure who it is but that person there is so cool. Wah, I’d want to follow what he does keke

wheeeee!!!! My autograph too!!!

Also, Skytree~~ That I’ve always wanted to go to~~ Wow!!!! Bangtan was at Skytree…

The height of 634M…!!

I’m afraid of heights though….

We were only allowed to enter the height of 451M. It’s interesting here

I feel like the buildings all look like toys from here kekeke

I’ll crush them all

Right here was a little scary… Suddenly got scared there. Aigo…. There you have it

I guess we can’t leave out food kekeke Takoyaki~~~!!!!!!!!!!

keeeeeeeeeeeeuuu It was delicious keke

The last day’s schedule ended like this and we are off to Korea again.

Was so tired I rested on the way back to Korea. I’m not exaggerating ㅜㅜ

I’m sorry~~

This picture was the one I posted on Twitter. Arrived home!!!!!!!!

Picture was taken after I’ve reached home

It felt like a really long week…


Okay okay, why do I feel like this Japan trip was only all about eating? (Pretty sure we ate a whole goat)

First of all, we ended the Tokyo concert well. Came home after completing our schedules enjoyably~

It seemed like you were all wondering if we were doing well, so I once again, uploaded the photos to tell you all we’re back after doing well hohoho

Actually, the previous time was the first time I uploaded (the photos) and since you all liked it.. This time I took the photos enjoyably again.

If you like it too this time, Next time I’ll have to take more photos~~

Today I’ll end it here. Bye!!!!! ^^

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